Graves in Higley Flow State Park



Inventory of graves in Higley Flow State Park, town of Colton:

Provided by J Wm “Holland” Howells (



These stones are located in Higley Flow State Park (Entrance at 442 Cold Brook Drive, Colton, NY).  They are believed to be the graves of the original landowners of the park prior to the park purchasing the land for the park.  They are laid flat in the ground in cement and are generally well cared for otherwise.  The single stone is located within the area used for camping and therefore is roped off so people don’t constantly walk around on the stone.  The double stones are a couple feet off the main road headed to the beach, they are not roped off.  Unknown whether more stones are located within the park.


Stone Engravings:


Single Stone:

Sarah Ann Wood, Died Oct *2, 1863 Aged 76 yrs



Double Stones:

Martha, wife of Abijah Russell, died Dec 22, 1874 AE 82 yrs

Abijah Russell, died Nov 30, 1887 AE 92 yrs