Inventory of Livingston Cemetery- Lisbon, NY

In October 2008, I visited Livingston Cemetery in the town of Lisbon, NY. The cemetery is located in front of a barn on the East side of Route 37, north of Red Mills. The GPS coordinates are: Latitude: 44.77080, Longitude: -75.36640

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Created by Anne M. Cady, October 2008.

Mary Ann Livingston Balentine, died Feb 21, 1839

Livingston (See also: Balentine, Tyler)
Robert & Jane Livingston Markers
Robert Livingston, died Nov 23, 1858 in his 90th year
Jane Agnes Livingston, wife of Robert Livingston, d. Aug 15, 1856 in her 83 yr
Samuel Livingston, Son of Robert & Jane Livingston, died Oct 20, 1852 in the 57 year of his age; Close-up
Elizabeth Livingston, daughter of Robert and Jane Livingston, d. Sept 5, 1839 in the 12 year of her age; Close-up

Nancy O'Neill Livingston, wife of John Livingston, died June 8, 1835 in the 31st year of her age; Close-up

Edmund P. Tyler, d. Nov 22, 1853, age 32 yrs
Rachael Livingston, wife of Doct Albert Tyler, d. Sept 29, 1830 in the 27 year of her age; Close-up


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