Inventory of Old Pioneer Cemetery, DeKalb, NY

In June 2008, I visited Old Pioneer Cemetery Cemetery in DeKalb. The cemetery is located on the east side of the Oswegatchie River and there is a rough driving path up to it off route 17, just east of the river. IAfter turning onto route 17 from Route 812, a sign for the cemetery will be on your left just before the bridge. It is possible to drive up this path to close to the cemetery, but the last 50 feet or so can only be walked.

The cemetery is extremely overgrown and if visiting it, long pants and bug spray are a must. I did my best to photograph the stones I found and they are shown below. I also have some additional information on this cemetery that I received from Gerald Martin, that hope to get scanned in before much longer.

NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2008.

Other views of Cemetery
Sign on Rt 17 for cemetery
Actual Cemetery entrance
Overgrown Markers

Ruth Farr, wife of Elijah Farr, died 1840 aged 60 yrs, 15 dys; "When those we love are called away, our hearts remorseful tribute pay".

Dwight Spaulding, son of Curtis & Phila Spaulding, d. April 2, 1837 Aged 16 yrs, 2 mos, 20 dys
Sarah Spaulding, wife of E. Spaulding, d. Feb 26, 1842 in her 33 yr

To the memory of Capt. Asa Sprague, departed his life, Feb 2, 1830, Aged 82 yrs; "in peace he left this world"
Aurilla, daughter of Asa & Rhoda Sprague, who died April 14, 1840; Aged 19 yrs, 5 mos, 1 dy
In memory of Martha Sprague,wife of Capt. Asa Sprague, who died May 15, 1814 Age 66 yrs; "In heaven we surely trust her soul has gone to rest"
Onias Sprague, son of Hon. Asa & Rhoda Sprage, who died May 7, 1844 Aged 24 yrs, 9 mos; "Death loves a shining mark that early promise cheer us here below. Death cruel shaft can lay the brightest low"
Smith Sprague, son of Asa & Rhoda Sprague, departed this life, Oct 6, 1838, Aged 16 yrs, 5 mos, 15 dys


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