Inventory of Pitcairn Cemetery - Pitcairn, NY

In the Summer of 2011, I visited Pitcairn Cemetery in the village of Pitcairn in St. Lawrence county. The cemetery is located on the west side of Route 3 in the middle of the village. The GPS Coordinates are: Latitude: 44.18220, Longitude: -75.27750.

I photographed and recorded the tombstones within the cemetery as well as I could. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed toAnne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2011.

Edward C Ackerman, 1837-1914;Close-up
Emma E Ackerman, Wife of Edward, 1843-1923;Close-up

Robert W Aldous, 1888-1960
Iva E Aldous, Wife of Robert, 1894-1969

John L Allen, 1926-1990
M Jean Allen, Sister of John Allen, 1928-1992

Olive Bacon, Wife of Charles, 1847-1939
Charles P Bacon, 1848-1917

Henry Wallace Bancroft, 1907-1973
George Ernest Bancroft, 1906-1934
Wallace E Bancroft, 1873-1927
Earl C Bancroft, Son of WE & RA Bancroft, d. Sept 25, 1909 AE 5 mos, 23 dys
Richard G Bancroft, New York SP4 US Army, Vietnam; June 21, 1941 - Feb 8, 1973
George E Bancroft, April 26, 1939 - Feb 2, 1992

Beauregard(See also: Hosmer)

Winnifred Ford Belcher, Wife of Lewis, 1895-1943
Lewis Belcher, 1900-1971

Ernest Berry, 1878-1954
Martha M Berry, 1894-1987
Alfred R Berry, 1914-1920
Agnes M Berry, 1915-1915
Clifford W Berry, 1916-1919

Charles N Bowhall, April 1, 1887 - June 17, 1955
Eva May Bowhall, Wife of Charles, April 15, 1888 - Sept 21, 1946

Brainard(See also: Brainard)

Burgess-Lay Boiult Monument
Charles L Burgess, 1923-2006
Mildred E Burgess, 1925-1998
Michael C Lay Boult, 1985-1989;Temporary marker
George Lay Boult, 1881-1951;Temporary marker

Georgia Burgess, 1947-1960;Temporary Marker

Catlin(See also: Moore)

Mabel Thomas Cartter, Wife of Nathan, 1871-1941
Nathan H Cartter, 1866-1960
Georgia Thomas Cartter, Wife of Lemuel, 1862-1928
Lemuel H Cartter, 1860-1941

Melissa B Cartter, Wife of Volney Cartter, d. Oct 24, 1886 AE 57yrs;Close-up
Volney Cartter, Co 60, 1829-1895
Volney M Cartter, Son of VM & Melissa Cartter, d. Jan 1867 AE 2 mos, 21 dys;Close-up
Cornelia M Cartter, Dau of VM & Melissa Cartter, d. Feb 16, 1856 AE 1 yr, 10 mos, 15 dys;Close-up
Nathan A Cartter, d. April 27, 1876 AE 72 yrs, 9 mos, 3 dys
Hannah W Cartter, Wife of Nathan, d. Mar 9, 1878 AE 76 yrs, 7 mos

Martha Cartter, d. May 3, 1884 Aged 76 yrs;Close-up

Clark(See also: Shipman)

Leslie Cook, 1898-1965

Denesha/Denecia(See also: Luther)
Boyd C Denesha, 1913-1956
Boyd C Denesha Jr, Son, -1940-

Wayne B Denesha, Son of Edward and Cora, d. Oct 9, 1909 Aged 2 mos, 15 dys;Second Marker
Cora A Denesha, Wife of Edward, 1874-1954
Edward W Denesha, 1876-1952

Ralph H Dibble, 1917-1965

Ilah Fenton, Wife of Wilfred, 1916-1981;Close-up
Wilfred D Fenton, 1913-1997;Close-up

Margaret Fenton Graham, Wife of Lynn, 1915-1990
Lynn V Graham, 1914-2005
Ephraim N Fenton, 1880-1969

Amelia M Fenton, 1851-1934, wife of Homer;Close-up
Homer J Fenton, 1856-1927;Close-up
Vida L Fenton, 1888-1906, Dau of Homer & Amelia;Close-up

G Alfred Fenton, 1854-1919
Maryette Fenton, Wife of G. Alfred, 1855-1933

Maude Morehouse Fenton, Wife of Ephraim, 1885-1982

Ferguson(See also: Peabody)

Ford(See also: Belcher)

Gotham(See also: Tiffany)
Bessie Gotham, Wife of Claude R. Gotham, 1883-1914
Erma Gotham, Wife of Claude, 1880-1905
Angeline Gotham, 1831-1877
Enoch Gotham, 1836-1904

Gouder(See also: Shipman)

Graham(See also: Fenton, Miller)
Cecil H Graham, 1908-2003
Leah V Graham, 1912-2004
Graham Monument
Harry G Graham, 1882-1961
Ethel Graham, 1883-1975
Laura J Graham, Dau of Harry & Ethel, -1916-

Brian Michael Hance, 1973-1973

Lydia Ett Harrington, 1853-1934;Second Marker
Robert Harrington, Son of L.E. & V.B. Harrington, d. June 20, 1897 Age 5 years, 5 mos, 5 dys;Second Marker
Arthur W Harrington, Son, 1889-1962;Close-up
Volney B Harrington, 1859-1934;Close-up

Fred Hazelton, 1871-1933;Close-up
Blanche Hazelton, Wife of Fred, 1872-1904;Close-up

Hewitt(See also: Phelps)

Holliday(See also: Phelps)

Laura L Tiffany Hooper, 1844-1926
Henry Hooper, 1834-1919

Norman J Hosmer, 1835-1915;Close-up
Lovisa Hosmer, Wife of Norman, 1851-;Close-up
George N Hosmer, Son of Norman & Lovia, 1880-;Close-up
Alice L Hosmer, Wife of George, 1886-1917;Close-up

Martha J Hosmer, Wife of Ralph, 1856-1923
Ralph L Hosmer, 1858-1946
Jane A Hosmer, Dau of Ralph & Martha, 1886-1904
Frank Hosmer, 1861-1929
Howard L Hosmer, 1910-1942
Lumas Hosmer, Co D 1 NY Art, 1827-1864

Aaron Hosmer, 1807-1901;Close-up
Martha Hosmer, d. Dec 10, 1878; AE 70 yrs;Close-up

Ralph M Hosmer, 1896-1990
Edna S Hosmer, 1903-1988

Clara Beauregard Hosmer, 1880-1969, Wife of Luman
Luman Hosmer, 1870-1962
Robert L Hosmer, Son of Luman & Clara, 1918-1919
Harvey Hosmer, no dates

Hosmer Monument
Carl J Hosmer, 1893-1942
Clara B Hosmer, Wife of Carl, 1898-1972
Alden F Hosmer, Son of Carl & Clara, 1920-1924
Harold J Hosmer, Son of Carl & Clara, -1927-

Lemuel W Hubbard, 1839-1922
Lydia A Hubbard, Wife of Lemuel, 1843-1917
Ira W Hubbard, 1865-1942
Della Hubbard, Wife of Ira, 1866-1934

John F Irish, 1864-1927;Close-up
Cora A Irish, Wife of John, 1867-1937;Close-up
Minnie D Irish, Wife of John, 1872-1898;Close-up

Leon J Irish, 1894-1976
Florence M Irish, 1898-1985,
Mary Francis Irish, Only daughter, -1935-

Denice Ann Jackson, 1960-1960
Lloyd E Jackson, 1936-1937

LaCross(See also: Silvernell)
Harry LaCross, 1886-1947;Wide Shot
Ruth LaCross, 1888-1975;Wide Shot

Lay-Boult(See also: Burgess)

William F Luther, 1912-1945

Cora E Luther, 1907-1995
Theodore R Luther, 1910-1954
Cora Denica Luther, 1880-1947
Oliver H Luther, 1873-1937

Manchester(See also: Phelps)
Nyle G Manchester, 1923-1997

Loyal R Manchester, 1911-1996
Rena R Manchester, 1915-1992

Wyman W Manchester, 1928-2000;Close-up
Karen Joyce Manchester, 1960-1966;Close-up

Doris H Manchester, Wife of Lyle, 1922-1986
Lyle H Manchester, 1923-2002
Beverly A Manchester, Daughter, -1942-

Wayne Manchester, 1932-2002;Close-up

Elmer Manchester, 1881-1960
Hazel Manchester, Wife of Elmer, 1891-1972
Earl G Manchester, Son of Elmer & Hazel, 1924-1925

McAllister(See also: Secor)
Isaac McAllister, 1808-1898
Elizabeth McAllister, Wife of Isaac, 1808-1896

Jesse McAllister, Co D 60 Reg NYV, 1840-1911;Close-up
Martha McAllister, Wife of Jesse, 1841-1915;Close-up

Fred McAllister, 1874-1934
Bessie McAllister, Wife of Fred, 1878-1951
Floyd M McAllister, Son of Fred & Bessie, 1898-1906

Mary McDoniels, Wife of J.W., 1832-1913
J W McDoniels, 1846-1925
Ivan McDoniels, Son of Rev. J. W. & Pearl A. McDoniels; July 1, 1902 - June 7, 1905
H Truth McDoniels, Child of Rev. J.W. & Pearl A. McDoniels, May 19 - Sept 28, 1910

William H Miller, 1846-1864
Jane Miller, Wife of John Miller, d. Mar 4, 1894 AE 90 yrs, 5 mos
John Miller, d. Nov 8, 1877 AE 80 yrs, 5 mos, 7 dys
Miller Monuments

Gertrude Graham Miller, 1918-2005, wife of Gerald;Close-up
Richard A Miller, 1943-1962, so of Gerald & Gertrude;Second Marker
Gerald L Miller, SGT US Army Air Forces, World War II; June 3, 1913 - Oct 28, 2004;Military Marker

Warren Miller, 1847-1929
Nettie Miller Robinson, 1877-1965

Annitah M Catlin Moore, Wife of Floyd, 1898-1987;Close-up
Floyd T Moore, 1893-1934;Second Marker

Harold C Moore, Oct 19, 1921 - April 18, 1995
Ella L Moore Law, April 13, 1926 - Aug 5, 2009

Morehouse(See also: Fenton)

Sarah Fern Nikisher, 1977-2006

E A Parish, 1841-;Close-up
Anna Parish, 1860-;Close-up
Margaret Parish, 1840-1881;Second Stone
Lucinda Parish, Dau of E.A. & Margaret, 1862-1884
Alvin Parish, Son of E.A. & Margaret, 1865-1886

Peabody Monument
Goldie Zeller Peabody, Wife of Howard, 1910-1972;Close-up
Howard Elton Peabody, New York PVT SVC Co G5 Infantry, World War I, Dec 13, 1901 - May 14, 1966;Military Marker
Norman J Peabody, Brother of Howard, 1888-1970;Close-up

Harvey L Peabody, 1886-1969;Second Marker
Florence Peabody, Wife of Harvey, 1890-1908
Ida F Peabody, 1896-1927
Hazel G Peabody, 1901-1991

Helen M Ferguson Peabody, 1930-2005

Ella C Peabody, 1858-1926

Henry C Pearson, 1829-1904
Lucy A Pearson, Wife of Henry, 1836-1876
Melissa Pearson, Wife of Henry, 1840-1915
Nancy J Pearson, Wife of Henry, 1845-1881
Andrew J Pearson, 1866-1950
Nancy J Pearson, 1876-1876
John A Pearson, 1880-1880

Perry(See also: Rose)

Lewis D Phelps, 1900-1955
Nellie A Manchester Phelps, Wife of Elmer, 1874-1933
Elmer B Phelps, 1870-1913
Infant Son Phelps, Infant Son of Elmer & Nellie, d. Oct 16, 1894
Dora E Phelps, 1901-1902
Marshall J Phelps, 1905-1905
Phelps-Holliday Markers,
David H Holliday, 1901-1981
Dora E Holliday, Wife of David, 1906-1967
Harold Ezra Phelps, PFC US Army, World War I; Aug 29, 1896 - June 22, 1978;Military Marker
Hilda M Phelps, Wife of Harold, 1901-1973
Richard F Phelps, US Army, Korea; 1931-1993

Frank L Phelps, 1876-1955
Carrie M Phelps, Wife of Frank, 1878-1963
Jesse M Phelps, Son of Frank & Carrie, 1898-1917
Leta Phelps Brainard, 1900-1937
Floyd F Phelps, 1907-1966
Nial Phelps, 1920-1990

Mayfred V Hewitt Phelps, Wife of Marshall, 1911-2001
Marshall J Phelps, 1909-1982, Father

James Stuart Phelps, 1956-1973
David Robert Phelps, New York, A3C 60 COMM SQ AF, April 4, 1934 - July 10, 1966;Military Marker

Charles Reacor, 1855-1900;Close-up
Josephine Reacor, 1858-1887;Close-up
Ernest Reacor, 1878-1901
Wallace Reacor, 1884-1894

Nettie C Remington, 1865-1930
Arthur G Remington, 1884-1925
Charles F Remington, 1891-1975

Riley(See also: Rose)
Thomas R Riley, 1847-1930
Ella A Riley, Wife of Thomas, 1864-1945

Robinson(See also: Miller)

Stasia Riley Rose, 1894-1971
Max E Rose, 1889-1969
Gerald K Rose, Son of Max & Stasia; 1916

Joyce Perry Rose, Wife of Keven, 1930-1974;Close-up
Keven Harold Rose, PFC US Army, Mar 5, 1934 - July 12, 1974;Military Marker

Otto Ernest Schwarz, 1886-1964

Secor(See also: Silver)
Edna McAllister Secor, Died Dec 16, 1925
John Morton Secor, Died May 11, 1924

Annie E Shaffer, Wife of William, 1848-
William Shaffer, 1849-1923

Sanford Shaver, Co D 16 Reg NY Vols, 1827-1911
Almira Shaver, Wife of Sanford, 1832-1912

S Eva Shipman Clark, Daughter of A. George & Mary Shipman, 1853-1918
A George Shipman, 1823-1910
Mary R Shipman, Wife of A. George Shipman, 1829-1901

Katherine Gouder Shipman, Wife of Jarvin, 1859-;Close-up
Jarvis Shipman, 1859-1919;Close-up

Merrill Roy Shipman, New York SEA USNRF, World War I; Aug 11, 1894 - Oct 17, 1953

C C Shipman, 1859-1935
Cynthia A Shipman, Wife of C.C. Shipman, 1868-1942

Baby Alfred Silver, no dates

Clara Secor Silver, 1872-1935
George Silver, 1864-1955

Frances E LaCross Silvernell, 1924-2010
Charles W Silvernell, 1905-1981

Walter P Solon, 1882-1963;Close-up
Beatrice M Solon, 1888-1963;Close-up
Hazel E Solon, 1926-1930
George J Solon, 1928-1930

Frank Stiller, 1898-1984

Thomas(See also: Cartter)

Joseph Thompson, d. Sept 15, 1890 AE 60 yrs;Close-up
Mary Thompson, Wife of Joseph Thompson, d. May 23, 1888 AE 60 yrs
Joseph Thompson, Son of Joseph & Mary Thompson, d. Aug 13, 1861 AE 1 yr, 6 mos, 22 dys
Anna B Thompson, Dau of Joseph & Mary Thompson, d. Dec 19, 1866 AE 1 yrs, 1 mo, 4 dys
James Thompson, 1862-1936

Tiffany(See also: Hooper)
Levi Tiffany, 1850-1915;Close-up

Carl Eldon Tiffany, Son of Eli & Viola M Tiffany, 1899-1902;Top of Stone
Mary Viola Gotham Tiffany, Wife of Eli, 1860-1924
Eli Tiffany, 1855-1927

Charles E Tompkins, 1868-
Cora B Tompkins, Wife of Charles, 1874-
Evelyn A Tompkins, Dau of Charles and Cora, 1907-1909

William P Watters, SR US Navy, Korea; Oct 7, 1931 - May 1, 2009;Military Marker

Mary Belle Weaver, 1882-1973

Lois A Wilcox, 1833-1919

Zeller(See also: Peabody)


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