Inventory of Skate Creek (Walts) Cemetery, Fine, NY

In summer 2009, I visited Skate Creek (AKA Walts) Cemetery in the town of Fine. Skate Creek Cemetery (also known as Walt's Cemetery) is located 1.1 miles down Skate Creek Road off of Route 27A in Fine NY. Skate Creek Road is a dirt road, and the cemetery is back in a heavily wooded areaI photographed and recorded all the markers I could find within the cemetery. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady,

Created by Anne M. Cady, October 2009.

Fletcher Austin, 1824-1887 Close-up
Amy B Austin, Wife of Fletcher, 1826-1905 Close-up
Laura Maud Austin, 1871-1885
Bertha Austin, 1856-1862, dau of Fletcher and Amy
Nancy A Austin, 1853-1856, dau of Fletcher and Amy
Ella Austin, 1860-1888, dau of Fletcher and Amy

Benjamin Beebe, d. Sept 4, 1855, in his 38 yr

Waren J Briggs, Da uf JB & LE Briggs, d. July 24, 1871 AE 11 mos Close-up
Lois Loiza Briggs, Dau of JB & LE Briggs, d. June 30, 1875 Close-up

Mary Briggs, Wife of Darius Briggs, d. Oct 18, 1863 Aged 56 yrs Close-up
Viola Briggs, Dau of A & M.A. Briggs, d. July 22, 1876 AE * yrs, 9 mos, 20 dys Close-up

Lydia Brown, Wife of Daniel B. Brown, d. Nov 20, 18**, Aged 30 yrs

Edwin C Durham, 1876-1955
Mary Durham, 1879-1907
Harriet Durham, 1888-1952
Libbie Durham
James D Durham, 1898-1966
Sarah M Durham, 1902-1978

Fairman Children's Monument
Aldon L Fairman, Son of H & * Fairman, d. July 30, 1862AE 1 yr, 3 mos, 10 dys
Sarah M Fairman, d. July 19, 1854 AE 10 mos, 10 dys
Letson Fairman, d. Oct 22, 1862 AE 2mos, 12 dys
Eliza Fairman

Byron W Ford, 1851-1926
Sylvia Ford, Wife of Byron, 1856-

Sally French, Wife of Abial French, d. July 14, 1869 AE 70 yrs Close-up

Labadee Monument
Joseph Labadee, 1873-1907, Age 34 yrs
Mary Labadee, Sister of Joseph, 1871-1900; age 29 yrs
Katie Labadee, 1880-1884, Age 4 yrs

Lansing Monument
Richard Lansing, 1833-1909
Naomi Lansing, Wife of Richard, 1843-1926
John H Lansing, 1876-1916

Mary Lansing, Wife of Isaac Lansing, d. Oct 18, 1899 Aged 62 yrs
Isaac Lansing, 1834-1920

Mary Ann Marsh, Dau of C & E Marsh, d. Nov 24, 1863 AE 1 yr, 8 mos Close-up
Ira S Marsh, Son of Charles & Emaline Marsh, d. Oct 14, 1870 Aged 10 mos Close-up

John Phillips, d. * 25, 1864 AE 48 yrs Close-up

Sayer Monument
Della M Sayer, d. Feb 15, 1884; Aged 27 yrs, 6 mos, 8 dys

Sayer Monument
Thomas Sayer, d. Feb 28, 1887 AE 72 yrs
Abigal Sayer, Wife of Thomas, d. June 1881 AE 59 yrs

Schuyler Monument
Samuel Schuyler, 1826-1875
Roxy Schuyler, Wife of Samuel, 1829-1891
Hiram E Schuyler, Son of Samuel & Roxy, 1868-1873
Lottie Johnson Schuyler, 1863-1889

Caroline E Scott, Wife of Cha's Scott, d. May 4, 1866 AE 61 yrs
Caroline E Scott, dau of C & CE Scott, d. Dec 1858 AE 10 yrs
Scott Monument
Charles Scott, d. July 30, 1882 Aged 87 yrs

Silsby Monument
Walter H Silsby, Nov 13, 18** - May 7, 18**

Orin W Stephens, 1841-1907
Phebe W Stephens, Wife of Orin, 1836-1902

Julian Stephens, Son of C.W. & Phebe Stephens, d. Sept 23, 1871 AE 5 yrs Close-up
Julia Stephens, Dau of C.W. & Phebe Stephens, d. Aug 24, 1873 AE 3 yrs
Freelove Stephens, Mother, Dec 12, 1806 - Apr 5, 1892
Aaron Stephens, d. April 23, 1855 in his 16 year; son of W & F Stephens
William Stephens, d. April 23, 1855 Aged 48 yrs Close-up

Charles L Stowell, Son of S & P A Stowell, d. Apr 11, 1858 Close-up

Louisa Walts, Daut of Charles & Eliza Walts, d. May 1, 1847 AE 26 days Close-up

John H Ward, 1833-1908
Rhoda A Ward, 1837-1876

Rhoda Ward, Wife of John Ward, d. May 17, 1876 in her 40 yr
John K Ward, d. Dec 28, 1852, in his 49 yr

Mary Ann White, 1833-1919
Samuel White, d. Aug 24, 1873 Aged 72 yrs Close-up
Ann White, Wife of Samuel, d. May 28, 1891 Aged 81 yrs Close-up
Unknown White
Sarah J White, d. April 19, 1882 Aged 36 yrs

Wright Monument, CIM_5238.JPG>Close-up of Base
Mary A Soper, d. May18, 1880 AE 28 yrs (On Wright stone)
James Wright, d. June 20, 1880; AE 70 yrs

Benjamin Unknown Close-up
Eli W Unknown


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