St. Lawrence Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery, Ogdensburg, NY

In September of 2003 I visited the St. Lawrence County Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery off Route 37 on the north side of Ogdensburg. There are no tombstones in this cemetery. Instead, each plot is identified by a marker with a number. The cemetery is well cared for and in excellent condition. A memorial has been placed at the front indicating the history of the cemetery. A plaque included in the memorial reads:

This cemetery was used for burials by St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center from 1890 to 1995, when the cemetery was permanently closed. During this time, 3741 persons were laid to rest.

To maintain confidentiality, numbers were used to mark the graves. The actual names of the deceased are referenced on a master list maintained by the hospital and available to family members.


Below are some photos that I took during this visit:

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Created by Anne M. Cady, September 2003.

Other views of Cemetery
Memorial at entrance
Cemetery Sign
Close-up of a grave marker
Cemetery Grounds, building, and memorial
Cemetery Grounds
Cemetery Grounds

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