Inventory of St. Mary's Cemetery, Ogdensburg, Oswegatchie, NY - Only Partially Complete

In August/September/October of 2003 I visited St. Mary's Cemetery on Rt 812 just east of Rt 37 in Ogdesnburg. St. Mary's is the last cemetery on the right that is passed when leaving Ogdensburg. To the left will be the Ogdensburg Airport. This is a large cemetery and I've still got a bit left to go. Currently, I have about 95% inventoried and online. I hope to finish the inventory in the Spring of 2004. I couldn't find section markers so I am making up my own to help give an idea where the various stones are located. The only section I have not completed is a portion of what I call Section 9, which is one of the newer sections of the cemetery.

Here is a link to a really rough sketch of the layout of the cemetery showing how I've labelled the sections:
Map of Cemetery

There was a significant amount of vandalism at this cemetery so there were some stones I just couldn't read because they were toppled and upside down (and were too large to lift/turn). Also, some stones along the back edge against the river either were also vandalized or fell on their own and portions were down the bank towards the river where I couldn't get at them.

I took photos of the stones and documented the inscriptions. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture.

1. The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found.
2. Information shown in Bold is from other records of this cemetery or from St. Mary's Church
3. Be sure to check out the "Unknowns" at the bottom of the list and let me know if you can identify any of them.

All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, August 2003. Updated September 2003 - January 2004.

Related Files:
Early Index of Cemetery (from 1920's) from Jim Bertrand
Records of Burials from St. Mary's Church also from Jim Bertrand

Because of the size of this cemetery, the inventory has been broken into the following files:

General Views of the cemetery, Listing of Priests/Nuns sections, Last names starting with A-B
Last names starting with C-E
Last names starting with F-J
Last names starting with K-L
Last names starting with M
Last names starting with N-R
Last names starting with S-Z and Unreadable/Unknown stones


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