Note:  The following file and photos were graciously provided to me by Theron and Jean Given who performed a detailed inventory of this cemetery during the last summer and fall of 2003.  Pictures are provided for most of the stones and are referred to by a Section letter (A, B, or C) and a number.  Clicking on the picture number will cause the photograph to be displayed.  All questions and comments on this inventory should be addressed to the Givens at [email protected].

A. Cady – December 2003.


Russell Village Cemetery ,

also known as Balsam Cemetery.    






to the memory of

all unreturned

soldiers and sailors

of the late war


may 36, 1888



fallen heros





This is an old cemetery in Russell Village, Russell-Pyrites-Road, next to former Knox Memorial School.  Many stones are illegible, tipped over or even  missing.  We have included all the legible information as in some cases these may be the only existing records on these people.  Many of these families are mentioned in Evert’s “History of St. Lawrence County, New York,” published in 1878, as first settlers, pioneers, town officials, and business men, some with pictures and biographical sketches.  There are veterans of The Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War and World Wars I and II.


For this inventory, the cemetery was broken down into three Sections labeled A-C.  Below are pictures of each section and a brief description of its location.


Section A from left fence to left road


Section B between the two roads (PICTURE)

Section C from right road to right fence (PICTURE)




Chrilla D. Adams 1868-1919

(Section B) B1


Charles ALDOUS   Co. K 60th NY Vol. 1840-1926 (Veteran 61-65)

Susanna his wife 1847-1921

back: Their Children Margaret 1882-1882

                                 Fred        1885-1885

(Section B)B2  B2-1


Stephen E. ALDOUS (veteran)

New York Pvt. 153 Depot Brigade WWI

Nov. 1879 - March 5, 1951

(Section B) B3


Lavina wife of Caleb ALDRICH died June 16, 1869 in her 53 yr.

(Section B) B4


Ellen L. Wife of B.D. ALLAN died July 9, 1879 Aged 22 yrs.

(Section C) C1


Dewayne ALLEN and Mary ALLEN see Russell T. SMITH

(Section C)


Richard ALLEN died July 10, 1872 AE 71 yrs.

(Section B) B5

wife of Richard ALLEN

 born in Germany June 19, 1815, died in Russell Jan. 1l, 1866

(Section B) B6


Freeman ASHLEY died Jan. 18, 1832 aged 88 yrs.

Elizabeth wife of Freeman ASHLEY died Sept. 15, 1828 aged 82 yrs

(Section C). C3


Sophie wife of Dr. Reuben ASHLEY d. 1868 (or 69) May 4

Benjamin H. Son of Reuben & Sophia ASHLEY died June 3, 1830, age 1

Broken stone “Reuben” next to this stone

(Section C) C4  C4-1  C4-2


Armina J. Wife of C.A. BACKUS

died Nov. 5, 1856

(Section A) A1


Edgar E. BACKUS 1875-1940

Daisy CASWELL his wife 1880-1936

(Section B) B7


BACKUS Lot Stone

Erastus BACKUS 1795-1860 Father

Silas W. 1844-1872

Foster L. 1848-1907

same lot, individual stones:

Erastus P. 1843-1918 Veteran 61-65

Sophrona                      Mother

(Section C) C5 C5-1 C5-2 C5-3 C5-4 C5-5



Top of stone BAINBRIDGE

Putnam 1816-1896

Nancy his wife 1819-___

side: Oscar their son 1847-1856

 back illegible


(Section A) A2-1  A2


Hannah G. Wife of Rev. L.S. BAKER died Aug. 8, 1887 in her 74 yr.

(Section C) C6


Rv. L.S. BAKER died Jan. 9, 1897 AE 86 yrs.

(Section C) C7



Roger J. BAKER DIED Feb. 6, 1882 AE 27 yrs.

Vincy A. Wife of R.J. BAKER died Aug. 5, 1878 AE 25 yrs.

Vincent D. Son of R.J. and Vincy BAKER died Oct. 3, 1878 AE 10 wks.

(Section C)  C-8     C8-1


Selena G.  wife of Frank S. BAKER

died June 26, 1862 AE 31 yrs, 2 mos.

side: Bezaleel BAKER d May 10, 1865

Catharine E. his wife d Aug. 16, 1867, age 80 yrs

(Section A) A3  A3-1


Minnie daughter of E. & J.M. BARLOW

died May 10, 1883   Age 20

(Section C) C10


Polly wife of N.O. BARKER died Nov. 13, 1861 aged 65 years

(Section C) C9


Polly BARNES see William STEWART (Section C)


Alanson G. (Could be C) BARTHOLOMEW 1853-1905

Sarah A. His wife 1858-1917

Guy E. 1883-1886

Roscoe C. 1879-1886

Ellis O. 1877-1886

(Section C) C11


Irving W. BARTHOLOMEW 1871-1913

Lucy M. His wife 1879-1933

(Section B) B8


Justis BARTHOLOMEW 1840- no date

Judith his wife 1840 - no date

(Section B) B9


Samuel BARTHOLOMEW died Dec. 17, 1879, AE 66yrs

(Section B). B10


Charles D. BARTLETT 1846-1909

Jannnett J. his wife 1848-1933

(Section A) A4


Hiram BARTLETT Jan 1, 1821   March 2, 1891

Elvira his wife Jul 27, 1824 Mar. 19, 1897

(Section C) C12


Prudence D. wife of Horace BARTLETT

born Nov. 20, 1818, died Sept. 19, 1882

(Section A) A5


Horace BARTLETT died Jan 3, 1871

at 63 yrs, 8 mos., 21 days

inscription at bottom illegible

(Section A) A6


Levi BARTLETT 1783-1872

(Veteran’s flag here, could be War of 1812)

Phoebe his wife 1785-1850

(Section A) A7


Walter M. BENNETT son of James & Mary BENNETT

died May 23, 1883 AE 11 yrs, 9 mos

stones for Mother & Father, no other information

(Section B) B11


Mary wife of F.A. BEVITT

died Jan 20, 1866, AE 50 years

(Section A) A8


William BEVITT died Apr. 8, 1879 AE 80 yrs & 8 mos

Sarah Ann wife of William BEVITT died June 6, 1877 AE 78 yrs, 8 mos.

(Section C) C13 C13-1  C13-2


BLACKMORE (lot stone )

behind this marker:

Cora J. wife of Alonzo 1864-1917

(Section A) A9  A9-1


Luther BLANCHARD died Mar. 15, 1859 AE 40 yrs. (broken)

(Section C) C14


D. Boyden BLANDON died Jan. 11, 1879 in his 52 yrs.

Melisa his wife died Jan. 14, 1878 in her 49th year

(Section C) C15


Deborah A. Wife of William E. BOYD died Jan. 29.1892 AE 54 years

William E. BOYD died May 15, 1888 AE 64 y’s

Ann S. wife of W.E. BOYD died May 7, 1863 in her 32 yr.

(Section C) C16 C16-1  C16-2


In memory of Elizabeth M. daughter of John & Jane BOYD

who died June 15, 1849 age 11 yrs, 4 mos, 12 days

(Section C) C17


John F. Son of A &  S.M. BOYD died Sept. 10, 1851 AE1 yr, 9 mos.

(Section C) C18



Lida M. Dau. of W.E. & D.A. BOYD died Aor. 2, 1871 AE 2 yrs, 6 mos,23 days

(Section C) C19


Clarissa A. wife of Moses BRADLEY died Mar. 13, 1851 in her 67 yrs.

(Section C) C20


Virginia M. Dau. Of  Wm H. And Alice M. BRADLEY

Feb 10, 1924 - April 14, 1924

(Section A) A10


Wm.  H. BRADLEY 1898-1957

(Section A) A11


Phoebe BROCKWAY HIS WIFE 1789-1863, Wed April 14, 1808

See GRANDY B47-1

(Section B)


S. F. BROMLEY 1836-1899 (Veteran 61-65)

Samantha his wife 1839-1917

(Section C) C21


Abbie J. BROWN 1866-1903

(Section B) B13


Albert E. BROWN 1870-1952

Linda M.  his wife 1865-1946

back: Francis M. CURTIS 1835-1910

Mary L. His wife 1844-1921

Middie L. Their daughter 1872-1931

(Section C) C22 C22-1


Celia F. BROWN see GIBBONS BROWN Section C

David A. BROWN see GIBBONS-BROWN  Section C


Etta BROWN 1867-1960 (Section B) B14

Eliza Beth wife of HENRY H. BROWN

Died June 23, 1843 in her 23 years of her age

inscription at the bottom illegiblle

(Section A) A12


James O. BROWN died Sept. 22, 1872, 43 yrs. 6 mos.


(Section C) C23


John F. BROWN 1859- _____

Myrtle M. his wife 1875-1906

(Section B) B15


L.A. BROWN 1824-1896

Mary Ann his wife 1826-1909

(Section B) B16


Leta BROWN see Frank JENNE (Section A)


Charles son of _R & E.T. BROWN died Mar. 5, 1864 AE 1 yr, 5 mos.

(Section C) C24


Jennie BUCKLEY see SHAW lot Section C


Alanson BURLINGAME d Sept. 24, 1887, AE 67 yrs.

Caroline his wife died July 8, 1889, AE 63 yrs.

back: Lewis BURLINGAME d Jan 1, 1890, AE 41 yrs.

(Section B) B17, B17-1


Cyrus L. BURLINGAME (Veteran)

Member Co. I, 9th NY Cth NY

Son of Alfred and Mary died March 1, 1865, age 15 years

(Section A) A13


Wm. I. BURLINGAME d July 25, 1895, AE 58 yrs.

Harriet A. his wife d Sept. 18, 1893, AE 54 yrs.

side: Eliza J. Wife of M.F. ROACH d Mar. 29, 1894, AE 28 yrs.

Eliza their dau. Died April 25, 1874, AE 5 mos.

(Section B) B18  B18-1


David BURT born  June 18, 1820

Laura E. WOOD born Feb. 25, 1821

side:   Mary E. died Aug. 9, 1857 AE 7 yrs.

         Jennie died June 2, 1873 AE 14 yrs.

Back: John S.  AE 23 yrs

          Silas W. Died Mar. 9, 1865 AE 21 yrs.

          Elmer P. Died Apr. 30, 1864 AE 18 yrs.

3 Veteran flags next to this stone 61-65, must be John, Silas and Elmer

Next to this stone:

Mary E. Daughter of David BURT died  July 11, 1857 age 6yrs, 8 mos, 13 days

 (the other stone says 7 yrs.)

(Section C) C25 C25-1  C25-2  C25-3


George M. BURT 1877-1961

Shirley F., his wife 1878-1944

Infant daughter 1904-1904

Gerald W. 1899-1918 (Veteran)

 Co. 566 U.S. Navy

(Section A) A14


BURT, George W. (Veteran)

  Co. E 14 N.Y.H.A.  1848-1923

Anna HILL his wife 1842-1924

(Section A)   A15


G.W. and Anna BURT

 ______died Aug. 10, 1875 AE__ (front

Our Baby DIED Nov. 8, 1873 (side)

(Wonder if these are other  children of Mr. And Mrs. Burt    see their stone Section A)

(Section C) C26



Wilton D. BURT   1878_____

Florence his wife 1885-1908 only child of Mr. And Mrs. L.W.  FENTON

(Section C) C27


In memory of Cyntha wife of Simeon BUSH

who died June 20, 1816   Age 41years, 2 mos.

(Section B) B19


Millie A. BUSHEY, see Hubbard E. LAW (Section A)


Randall CARNCROSE 1848-1927

Asenath A. His wife1860-1937

Harold F. their son 1898

(Section B) B20


Carrie M. Daughter of M.O. and M.F. CARR (broken, illegible)

(Section B) B21


Eleazer CARR 8/24/1829 - 5/7/1908

Julia M. His wife 6/28/1831 - 7/18/1906

(Section C) C28


P.G. CARR 1842-1918

Marion his wife 1845-1928

infant daughter 1881-1881

(Section C) C29


Melissa P. Wife of Marcus CARR (broken, missing parts)

(Section B) B23


Rhoda CARR see Wheeler DAVIS (Section B)


William CARR died Aug. 12, 1870 in his 86 yrs.

(Section B) B24

Lucy wife of William CARR died May 23 (or 25)

(Section B) B25


Carrie CASWELL Gibbons see Forrest GIBBONS Section C




Daisy CASWELL see Edgar E. BACKUS (Section B)


Dorothy CASWELL Kinnie see Forrest Gibbons Section C


Esther CASWELL McManus see GIBBONS Section C


Herbert C. CASWELL 1847-1924

Martha F. his wife 1853-1909

broken, illegible stone just to the right

(Section C) C30


Mary J. CHADWICK see Malcolm C. ROW (Section C)


Temperance CHALKER see back of Samuel C. HATCH (Section B)


Helene CHAPIN wife of _____

(Located between wife of D.W. SPRAGUE and wife of J.L. WAUGH

 broken in several pieces)

(Section C) C31


H. Edward CHURCH Nov. 28, 1834   July 4, 1910

Rosabell LAW his wife July 25, 1844   May 1, 1932

Ida B. CHURCH    June 16, 1869   July 21, 1873

(Section B) B26


Hephzibah CLARK died Apr. 16, 1851 AE 91 yrs & 6 mos.

(Section C) C32


Hiram S. CLARK 1833-1917

Laura H. LAW his wife 1834-1908

(Section A) A16


In Memory of James CLARK who died Apr. 16, __30, Age 17 (or 47) yrs. 5 mos, 21 das.

(Section C) C34


In Memory of Samuel CLARK who died Aug. 25, 1848 Age 64 yrs, 8 mos, 24 days

(Section C) C35


Daniel COLTON 1830-1919

His wife Susan A. 1831-1885

Abbie B. 1837-1915

back: Arthur 1858-1860

         Hattie C. 1862-1874

(Section C) C36   C36-1


Jennie COLTON  see COWAN Section C


Lelia E. COLTON see also Harry F. PALMER (Section B)


Joseph COLWELL born Aug. 12, 1800 died Oct. 18, 1880

Sylvia his wife born Feb. 12, 1814 died Oct. 12, 1883

(Section B) B27


Stephen R. COMSTOCK (Veteran 61-65)

killed by the fall of a tree Nov. 25, 1869, age 32 yrs.

(Section B) B28


Son of S.H. & L.A. COMSTOCK died May 18, 1870, age 7 mos.

(Section B) B29


Hannah wife of Miles COOK died Nov. 20, 1848, AE 28 yrs

(Section C) C38


James Henry COOK

Born Sodus, NY August 11, 1855

Died Richville, NY December 4, 1928

son of John Chapin COOK 1813-1891Born Lyme, NH



 and his wife Sarah Ann WELLS 1828-1871 Born DeKalb, NY

“On his last long trail”

(Natural stone with metal plaque )

(Section A) A17


Alice COON see Rolla EARLE Section C


Laura COOLEY see Ichabod PALMER Section B


Jennie COLTON wife of M.D. COWAN died Nov. 5, 1878, age 19 years, 11 mos, 15 dys.

(Section C) C37


Elmira wife of Thomas COYER April 11, 1849, April 16, 1901

(Section B) B30


Eliza Jane daughter of J.W. and Katie CRAWFORD died Dec. 27, 1876, Age 26 years

(Perhaps belongs with Joseph W. and the “Katie” stone

(Section C) C39


Fannie CRAWFORD 2-10-1900 - 10-9-1918

(additional inscription illegible)

(Section A) A18


George CRAWFORD died May 9, 1888 AE 39 yrs.

(Section C) C40


James W. CRAWFORD 1829-1906

Betsey his wife 1825-1907

(Section C) C41


Hanna wife of Johiel CRAWFORD died Nov. 26, 1876 aged 33 yrs, 6 mos.

There is a broken stone between Hannah and Joseph  “Katie”

(Section C) C42 C42-1


Joseph W. CRAWFORD died Jan. 5, 1875 AE 76 yrs.

(Section C) C43


Cyrus L. CURTIS born Jan. 1, 1847

Lucy A. his wife May 13, 1866, died Dec. 29, 1892

side: Lois 1908-1915

(Section C) C44  C44-1


Ashbel CURTIS 1805-1894

Jane his wife 1809-1886

(Section C) C45


CURTIS (lot stone )

Head stones:

Ellis J.,  Father 1872-1936    

Gertrude, Mother 1876-1943   

(Section A) A19 A19-1


Francis M. CURTIS see Albert E. BROWN Section C


Cassen DANA see Freddie and G.B. HARRIS Section B


Ida DANA  See Charles H. DEWEY (Section A)



Lottie B. DANA see Sidney D. HAMILTON (Section C)


Peter son of Daniel & Abigail DANFORTH b. July 23__, d.____, broken

(Section C) C46


Jennie DANIELS, see SIBBITTS lot (Section A)


Sarah DART see Benjamin SMITH Section B


Wheeler DAVIS 1827-1907

Rhoda CARR his wife 1828-1907

(Section B) B31


Orrin DAVIS 1871-1940

Libbie his wife 1859-1926

(Section B) B32


DEETTE (nothing more)

(Section C) C47


Earl DERBY 1855-1921

Nettie J.  his wife 1856-1929

(Section C) C48

Mary dau. of E. & N.J. DERBY died Sept. 6, 1893

(Section C) C49


Hiry Stanley DERBY 1857-1922

 (Section A) A20


Washington L. DERBY d. Sept. 9, 1872, Aged 32yrs, 10mo., 23 days

Martha his wife d. Oct. 21, 1890 AE 54 yrs., 11 mos., 1 day

side: Hiry DERBY Late Capt. Of Co. L 9th NY Vol. Cav. (Veteran)

died Jan 31, 1884 aged 66years, 1 mo and 19 days

Ann D. H is wife d. Nov. 6, 1893 AE 73 yrs, ll mos., 22 days

second side: Dewitt C. d. July 16, 1860 aged 18 yrs., 1 mo., 2 days

Benjamin F. d July 7, 1865 aged 11 yrs., 9 mo., 23 days

Children of Hiry and Ann D. DERBY

another side: Edmond died June 26, 1875 aged 15 yrs., 2 mos., 19 days

E. Eugene d. May 26, 1845 aged 9 mos., 26 days

(Section A) A21  A21-1  A21-2  A21-3 A21-4


Charles H. DEWEY 1844-1925

Ida DANA Dewey 1862-1941

(Section A) A22  A22-1



In Memory of

George G. DODDS 1865-1911

Wife Ella HEATON ___ -1894 (date s/b 1891)

Wife Sarah THRASHER 1864-1928

Granddaughter Dora 1920

(Section A) A23


DOOLITTLE (lot stone)

Nelson DOOLITTLE  died Aug. 18, 1866 AE 59 yrs.

(Section B) B33 B33-1


Philanda M. Wife of Wm. W. DOUD diedApril 1, 1870 at 20 yrs., 10 mos., 15 days

(Section B) B34


James B. DOWNER,  NY Pvt. TC, World War II (Veteran)

November 1, 1905 - Sept. 2, 1953 (see also Benjamin DOWNER)

(Section B) B35


Benjamin R. DOWNER1838-1909

Margaret his wife 1833-1904

side: James B. 1905-1953

back :George W. 1864-1906

Rettie E. 1868-1948

William 1872-1951

(Section B) B36 B36-1 B36-2


Tarshus DOWNER born Aug. 27, 1812, died Feb. 28, 1905

(this stone appears fairly new, may have been replaced, badly damaged,

illegible stone actually touching it)

(Section B) B37


Rolla W. EARLE 1861-1931

Alice COON 1868-1922

(Section C) C50


Warren EARLE 1835-1890

Amorett RANGER his wife 1837-1910

(Section C) C51


Eliza D. EGGLESON, see Harley A. Perry (Section A)


Jemina ELLIS wife of  Charles ELLIS died July 20, 1853 AE 41 yrs.

Veteran’s flag here, Perhaps husband’s stone missing

(Section C) C52


HARRY ELLIS (broken, fallen) located between Rhoda E. SCOTT And Susan V. FULLER

( Section C)  C53

Sally J. Wife of A. J. ELLIS died July 31, 1853

(Section C) C54


Amanda dau. Of Lucian & Charlon ELLSWORTH DIED May 23, 1863

fallen and broken stone

(Section C) C55


Edgar M. son of Lucian & Charlon ELLSWORTH died July 27, 1862 AE 26 yrs. (Veteran 61-65)

Section C) C56


Emma WESTON wife of Orange ELLSWORTH died Oct. 10, 1874 in her 45 yr.

(Section C) C195


Lucian E. And Lucy E. died Apr. 14, 1866 AE 3 wks.

Twins of E.S. and L.E. ELLSWORTH

(Section C) C57


FAIRBANKS LeRoy D. 1877-1935

Ethel HUGHES his wife 1886-1964

(Section A) A24


Almira wife of Charles FANNING died Sept. 9, 1899 age 90 yrs.

At Rest

(Section B) B135


Andrew J. FANNING 1843-1909

Anna his wife 1844-1924

Caleb FANNING 1807-1897

Jane his wife 1817-1898

on back:

Mamie 1871-1886

Merion 1882-1886

Children of Andrew and Anna FANNING

 (Section C) C 58, C58-1


Ezra C. FANNING 1840-1904

Almeda his wife 1853-1945

(Section C) C59


Samuel J. FANNING 1848-1911

(Section C) C60


Vaniah B. FANNING (Veteran 61-65)

Bat. D 1stNY Light Art GAR


(Section B) B40


Florence  FENTON see Wilton D. BURT (Section C)




______lia (could be Delia) ____ WILLIAM FERRIS

 died Dec. 16, (illegible), in her 28 (illegible)

fallen, broken stone

(Section C) C61


Harriet wife of William FERRIS died Oct. 7, 1872

fallen stone

(Section C) C62


William FERRIS died Nov. 20, (illegible) 2_ yrs, 8 mos.

Fallen-broken stone

(Section C) C63


Katherine FIFIELD 1872-19-__

Leo J. 1911-1925

Sherman 1918-1925

(Section C) C64


James FORBES 1901-1981

Ethel his wife 1895-1957

Jean 1936

Maefred 1939-1944

Their Children

(Section B) B41


James FOSTER died Sept. 17, 1886 age 56

(Section C) C65


Dora dau J.H. & M. FOSTER

 died  Mar. 20, 1883, AE 5 yrs., 7 mos.

(Section B) B42


Susan V. Dau. Of D & E. FULLER died Sept. 9, 1863 AE 9 yrs

(Section C) C66


Arba GATES 1830-1925

His wives: Minerva 1843-1879

                 Sarah A. 1850-1908

Carl B. 1889-1891

(Section B) B43


Elsie E. Dau. of John and Laura GATES

died Dec. 3, 1905, age 11 mos. 13 days

(Section B) B44


Eva Mae daughter of Thomas and Myrtle GATES

died Jan. 15, 1902, age 5 mos, 17 days

(Section B) B45


Freddie A. Son of A.F. & E.A. GATES died April 1, 1887   Age 1 yr, 15 da.

(Section C) C67


Harry Nelson GATES 1890-1918

(Section B) B46




Wm. F. GEROU March 3, 1842 - March 7, 1876

Lusylvia M. His wife May 26, 1839 - Jan. 17, 1908

Viola C. (Or G) GEROU Oct. 3, 1874 - June 29, 1876

(Section C) C68


Benjamin GIBBONS died Sept. 21, 1853 AE 67 yrs, 9 mos.

Clarissa STILES wife of  Benjamin GIBBONS May 1, 1793 - Mar. 16, 188 (Broken

Banjamin F. Died March 13, 1826 AE 13 yrs.

Charles died Aug. 13, 1823

Mary died Mar. 19, 1832

Children of Benjamin and Clarissa GIBBONS

(Section C) C69 C69-1 C69-2


Chauncy C. Gibbons  born Nov. 27 1829, died April 28, 1890

side: Susan V. Wife of C.C,. GIBBONS, born Dec. 7, 1825

side: Mary A. Dau. Of C.C. & S.V. GIBBONS and wife of O.V. MURRAY

        born July 15, 1856 died Apr. 1, 1888

side: Cora E. Dau. Of C.C. & S.V. GIBBONS and wife of Victor HATCH born Aug. 7, 1866 died Aug. 3, 1886

Head stone for Victor appears to be in this lot (no other information)

(Section C) C70   C70-1  C70-2     C70-3    C70-4    C70-5


Clinton GIBBONS 1831-1917 (Veteran)

(Section A) A25



head stones, left to right:

Esher CASWELL MCMANUS 1877- 19__

A.. Bernice KELLY his wife 1886-1959

Forrest Herbert GIBBONS 1872-1947

Carrie CASWELL his wife 1875-1929

Dorothy CASWELL KINNIE 1894-1928

(Section C) C71 C71-1  C71-2  C71-3   C71-4  C71-5


Joseph H. GIBBONS, MD.  Born Nov. 28, 1815 Died Sept. 14, 1877

side: Emeline S.Willson, a friend, 1811-1869

Jennett E. dau. Of J.H. & J.H. GIBBONS 1864-1925

back: Joseph H. Son of J.H. & J.H. GIBBONS  Oct. 4, 1865 died Aug. 31, 1867

side: Jennett H. Wife of J.H. GIBBONS born Dec. 4, 1830 died Sept. 26, 1872

        Also an infant son born Sept. 24, 1872 died Nov. 3, 1872

(Section C) C72   C72-1   C72-3   C72-4    C72-5


In Memory of Joseph K. GIBBONS who departed this life April 30th, 1825 AE 43 yrs, 11 mos, 11das.

(Section C) C73

Sarah wife of Joseph K.GIBBONS born

 Oct. 9, 1778 died Apr. 15, 1833 Age 51 yrs.

(Section C) C74



J. S. GIBBONS 1827-1910   Father

Drusilla O. 1831-1904           Mother

Edith D. 1867 age 7 mos.

(Section C) C75   C75-1   C75-2

David A. BROWN 1857-1911

Celia F. BROWN 1864-1917

(Section C) C76  C76-1, C76-2


Orie D. GIBBONS died Sept. 2, 1851 AE 33 yrs.

______ (could be Clarissa) wife of O. GIBBONS died Apr. 9, 1853 AE 35 yrs.

Tilden son of O & C GIBBONS died Oct. 26, 1843 AE 4    ___

(Section C) C77


Next to O & C GIBBONS

Reuben A.  died Jan. 25___

Charles  May 22


(Section C) C78



Sylvester GIBBONS died July 28, 1825 in the 29th year of his age

(Section C) C79


GIBBONS lot stone

William Benjamin GIBBONS 1842-1916

Mina LUMLEY his wife 1848-1880

infant daugher of W.B. & M.H. GIBBONS 1890-1890

Margaret HATCH his wife 1849-1918

(Section C) C80-1, C80-2, C80-3, C80-4


William G. GIBBONS 1819-1874

Mother Mary L. Wife of W.G. GIBBONS died Aug. 1870 ( maybe be Aug. 13)

George H. Son of Wm. G. & Mary L. GIBBONS died May 19, 1855 AE 5 mos., 15 days

Noble S. Son of Wm. G. & Mary L. GIBBONS died Aug. 31, 1847 (may be 1842) AE 3 yrs

Lucy L. Daughter of Wm. G. & Mary L. GIBBONS died Sept. 14, 1854 AE 8 yrs, 9 mos.

James F. Son of Wm. G. & Mary L. GIBBONS shot the 11th, died the 12th of Oct. 1864, AE 13 yrs.

  (Young but could have been a drummer boy, no flag)

(Section C) C81  C81-1  C81-2  C81-3   C81-5


Thomas GIBBS died Apr. 15, 1867 at 81 yrs, 2 mos.

(Section C) C82


Sherman GILMORE(broken stone) d. Dec 1, 186? (Think 1863) At 30 years



     Calvin son S & H GILMORE d. May 23, 1859 E 10 mos. 3 days

     Also an infant son E. 8 days

     (Section A) A26


GLADLE Charles E. 1855-1941

Mary H. 1859-1948

(Section A) A27


Mary J. Wife of Henry GOODALE died Aug. 10, 1874 AE 18 yrs.

(Section C) C83


Gertie Bell dau. of J.  & O.J. GORE died Nov. 15, 1866 age 10 yrs., 7 mos.

(Section C) C84


James GORE 1844-19__

Olive J. HOSFORD his wife 1847-1928


(Section C) C85


Charles GOTHAM 1823-1883

Angeline his wife 1824-1907

Frank E. 1855-1857

Jane A. 1851-1864

(Section C) C86


Frank E. Son of Charles & Angeline GOTHAM died Sept. 23, 1857 AE 2 yrs, 7 mos. 9 da..(duplication)

(Section C) C87


Jane A. daughter of C & A GOTHAM died Aug. 21, 1864 AE 13 yrs 2 mos.(duplication)

(Section C) C88


Samuel GRANDY , Jr. April 27, 1786   Oct. 26, 1858

beside S. GRANDY, Jr.:  Phoebe BROCKWAY his wife 1789-1863 Wed April 14, 1808 (see BROCKWAY)

(Section B) B47  B47-1


Sophia Scouten GRANT see James SCOUGHTON (Section C)



T. J. GRAVES 1828-1897

Caroline his wife 1831 (no other date)

Alice J. 1853-1863

Abbie M. 1859-1859

Helen A. 1861-1863

(Section A) A28


Justine KNOX GRAY   see KNOX-GRAY (Section C)


GUTHRIE (lot stone)

Head stones:

Rhoda December 1841 (no other date)

Michael July 4, 1927- November 23, 1911

(Section A) A29, A29-1, A29-2


Elizabeth wife of Consider HALE died Aug. 26, 1827 in her 35th yr

(Section B). B48


Isaac HAMILTON (broken stone, parts missing)

(Section B) B49

Mahala wife of Isiah HAMILTON died Mar. 18, 1854

(Section B) B50


Judson HAMILTON died Oct. 9, 1896 Aged 76 yrs, 7 mos, 17 days

Charlotte HIGGINS his wife died Feb. 6, 1888 Aged 72 yrs, 1 mo, 25 days

Erwin died Dec. 7, 1863, Age 14 yrs.

(Section B) B51    B51-2


Nathan W. HAMILTON 1826-1908

Elmira J. His wife 1833-1911

(Section B) B52


Sidney HAMILTON 1856-1910

Lottie B. DANA his wife 1860-1923

back: Emily HAMILTON WILLIAMS 1846-1923

(Section C) C89   C89-1


W.B. HAMILTON 1823-1903

Lucinda his wife 1826-1897

(Section C) C90


Freddie Eugene son of G.B. & C.P. HARRIS died Jan. 26, 1874 in his 12th yr

side: G.B. HARRIS 1828-1906

Cassendana his wife 1828-1910 (could be Cassen DANA)

(Section B) B53  B53-1



Dr. A. HATCH 1861-1899

 Fannie his wife 1866-1899

infant son 1887

(Section C) C91


Franc____ dau. Of S&S HATCH died Sept. 26, 1854 AE 2yrs.

Darius_______died Nov. 30, 1851 in his 87 year (leans on this stone)

(Section C) C92


Doc. Henry S. HATCH died May 4, 1867 in his 55 yrs.

(Section B) B54


Herbert son of S.C. & F.A. HATCH died Aug. 22, 1873, Age 4yrs. (Duplication)

(Separate stone, see family of Samuel C. HATCH) Section B, B55


Lucas HATCH 1804-1844

His Children: Arvilla 1838-1840

                     Lucas F. 1841-1863

side: Children of C.W. and Maria HILL

                     Sarah A. 1866-1869

                     Franklin 1878-1882

back:Gillbert STEWART 1820-1863

        Sarah A. His wife 1820-1905

        Alfred their son 1855-1856

(Section B) B56  B56-1



Luria HATCH died May 20, 1871 Aged 53

Sylvenis died Jan. 20, 1869 Aged 87(?)

(Section B) B57


Margaret HATCH GIBBONS   SEE William Banjamin GIBBONS (Section C)


Minnie E. Dau of S.C. and F.A. HATCH died July 8, 1884 Age 20 yrs, 10 mos

(separate stone, see family of  Samuel C. HATCH) Section B. B58


Samuel C. HATCH 1826-1918

Frances Ann IVES his wife 1833-1909

Minnie 1863-1884

George W. 1865-1889

Herbert 1869-1873

back: Temperance Chalker wife of Dr. William HATCH 1785-1854

(Section B) B59


Temperance wife of Wm. HATCH, age 79

(see also back of Samuel C. hatch STONE) Section B

(Section B) B60  B60-1

Victor HATCH see Chauncey GIBBONS Section C

Cora GIBBONS HATCH see Chauncey GIBBONS Section C


Gustave HEDLUND 1919-1996 (Veteran WWII)


Mavis L. Nee SHAW 1920-

(Section C) C93


Ella HEATON see George G. DODDS (Section A)


Ira L. Died June 18, 1865 age 19 yrs.    Veterans?

Alfred B.died April 18, 1868   age 28 yrs

 military information illegible, possibly 2 veterans 1861-65

Sons of Richard and Maria HEATON

(Section C) C94


Large HEATON stone fallen on the face (Veteran 1861-65)

(Section C) C95


HICKOK, Elmer C. (Or G) 1875-1962

Cora, his wife, 1873 (no other date)

Goldie Fern 1904-1919

(no date of death for Cora but there is a headstone)

(Section A) A30


Charlotte HIGGINS see Judson HAMILTON Section B


Nathaniel HIGGINS DIED Nov. 25, 1843, aged 72 yrs.

Mary wife of Nathaniel HIGGINS died Dec. 14, 1838 Age 63 yrs, 3 mos. 29 days

Rowena HIGGINS died Nov. 18, 1879 in her 78 year

(Section B) B61  B61-1    B61-2


William L. Son of Nathaniel and Mary HIGGINS

died Sept. 6, 1839 Aged 29 years, 4 mos 12 days

(Section B) B62


Rufus B. HIGGINS died Jan. 27, 1850 AE 23 yrs.

(Section B) B63


Anna HILL, see George W. Burt (Section A)


C.W. and Maria HILL children see Lucas HATCH Section B


George W. HILL (Veteran 61-65)

Co. K 11 NY Cav was lost at sea in the foundering of the USS Steamer North America

off the coast of Florida, Dec. 26, 1864 AE 30 yrs.

(Section C) C96

James L. HILL 1875-1925

Leon H. HILL 1901-1920

Marion R. Hill 1903-1918

(Section A) A31


Lester K. HILL died Aug. 6, 1872 AE 63 yrs, 7 mos, 15 days

(Section C) C97


L.K. HILL died Aug. 6, 1872 Age 63 yrs.

Emily M. His wife died  Apr. 2, 1896 Age 73 yrs.

side: Welthy K. first wife died Mar. 16, 1839 age 30 yrs.

         Almira second wife died Mar. 1, 1854 aged 43 yrs.

(Section C) C98C98-1


Mother Maria HILL 1845-1919

Very small stone left of  Lucas Hatch but not close

(Section B) B64


Aaron HOSFORD died Feb. 20, 1850 aged 79 years (Veteran probably 1812)

Olive his wife died Feb. 21, 1846 age 75 years

(Section C) C99


Bell M. wife of W.A. HOSFORD died Dec. 30, 1877 AE 28 yrs

(Section C) C100 

W.A. HOSFORD died Oct. 22, 1881 aged 32 years

(Section C) C101


Geo.L. HOSFORD died Sept. 24, 1878 age 81 yrs, 8 mos. (Veteran 61-65)

side: Oromel M. died May 3, 1863 aged 21 yrs

        John W. died Jan. 23, 1863 aged 22 yrs.

        Sons of G.L. & L.H. HOSFORD

side: Louvisa wife of George HOSFORD died Nov. 17, 1885 age 77 yrs.

(Section C) C102   C102-1 C102-2  C102-3



Johnnie and Willie listed there could be Main or Hosford

(Section B) B65


Olive J.  HOSFORD see James GORE (Section C)



(Section B)



(Section B)



(Section B)


Lovina wife of John HOWLAND died Sep. 28, 1855, against back fence

(Section B) B138


Ethel HUGHES, see LeRoy D. FAIRBANKS (Section A)


HUGHES William 1855-1920

Emma HURLBUT 1860-1932

Edward his uncle 1831-1911

(Section A) A32


Charles HUNKINS  1854- ___

Rhoda his wife 1852-1883

(Section C) C103


Horace HUNKINS 1826-1896

Sally C. His wife 1828-1906

(Section C) C104


Esther HULL see Chester KNOX Section C


Johnson HUTCHINSON 1861-1891

 Estella S. his wife 1866-1954

duplicate stones for Johnson & Estella

(Section C) C105  C105-1


Mabel HUTCHINSON wife of  Arba V. GATES 1886-1974

(Section C) C106


Mildred HUTCHINSON dau, of D.A. & L.A. Hutchinson

died May 3, 1889, age 4 yrs., 9 mos.

(Section B) B66


Albert S. INGALLS 1822-1895

(Section B) B67

Teressa L. Wife of Albert INGALLS 1835-1911

(Section B) B68


Eliza H. IVES died Nov. 27, 1897, AE 62 yrs.

(Section B) B69


Justice IVES died Feb. 11, 1851 in his 68 yr.

(Section B) B70


Frank JENNE 1880-1959

Charlotte WILLIAMS his wife 1884-1915

Leta BROWN his wife 1894-1949

(Section A) A33


J.A. JENNE 1843-1880

Anna A. his wife 1846-1925

Evelyn 1882-1899

Kittty 1876-1880

Their children

also a small stone, duplicate for Kitty dau. Of J.A.& A. JENNIE (note change in spelling)

died Aug. 12, 1880 AE 4 yrs,3 mos, 2 das

(Section C) C107  C107-1


Theodore JOHNSON d. Mar. 17, 1891 in his 28 yr.

Alice A. d. Nov. 17, 1891 age 18 yrs.

Children of T.P. and H.L. JOHNSON

(Section C) C108


In front of Theodore and Alice:

Roy W. JOHNSON 1880-1969 

Thomas P. JOHNSON 1831-1899

Harriet his wife 1834-1899

Alice A. their daughter1873-1891

Theodore their son 1863-1891 (duplicate)

illegible stone 

Alice & Theodore duplicates

(Section C) C109  C110  C110-1   C110-2   C110-2


A. Bernice KELLY see Forrest Gibbons Section C


Martha Lamb KERR see Martha LAMB (Section C)


Betsey wife of James T. KING died Feb. 3, 1838 in her 40th year

(Mother on top)

(Section C) C111


Zenus, Rosamond, Lafayette KING see Maine-Hosford (Section B)


John KINNEY, Jr. Died Apr. 10, 1886 aged 69 yrs., 5 mos.

(Section C) C112


Dorothy Caswell KINNIE see Forrest GIBBONS (Section C)



Calvin H. KNOX 1824-1891

Priscilla his wife 1830-1864

Lucinda his wife 1831-1892

Justine KNOX 1861-1886 WIFE OF Fred GRAY

(Section C) C113


Chauncy KNOX died Feb. 28, 1863 aged 27 years (Broken stone)

Section C) C114


Chester KNOX died Apr. 15, 1872 AE his 73 yrs.

Sophia C. Wife of Chester KNOX died Sept. 4, 1884 AE 87 yrs.


(Section C) C115  C115-1


Chester KNOX 1860-1923

Esther HULL 1863-1934

(Section C) C116


Elsey KNOX died Sept. 12, 1855 age 21 yrs, 3 mos. 15 da.

(Section C) C117


Eri KNOX died Aug. 20, 1874 AE 65 yrs.

Mary A. VANORNUM wife of  Eri KNOX died Apr. 22, 1893 in her 93rd year

(Section C) C118  C118-1


G.C. KNOX 1828-no date

Lucy his wife 1884-1897

(Section C) C119


KNOX lot stone

Harry E. KNOX 1822-1900

Sarah L. REED his wife1831-1900

(Section C) C120  C120-1   C120-2


Mother Mariam wife of Gerry KNOX died Aug. 5, 1872 in her 80 year

broken stone here, Mr. Knox? See C232 among Missing and Illegible

(Section C) C121


Henry R. KNOX 1830-1897

Paulina A. his wife 1833-1911

(Section B) B71


Elsey S.  Dau. Of  C.C. & L.A. KNOX died July 20, 1860 AE 3 yrs, 4 mos.

(Secion C) C122


KNOX lot stone

Father James H. KNOX Nov. 21, 1834 - Mar. 12, 1894

Mother Jane E. KNOX Feb. 19, 1837 - Jan. 27, 1891

(Section C) C123   C123-1    C123-2  


James KNOX (Veteran 1812)

Feb. 10, 1865 Aged 76 years

Betsey wife of James KNOX died Mar. 8, 1854 age 60 yrs.

(Section C) C124  C124-1


James son of James & Betsey KNOX died (illegible)

(Section C) C125


John KNOX A soldier of the Revolution    Veteran

(The flag holder says War of 1812. 



       died Oct. 13, 1847 in his 89 year

       Side:   Anna wife of John KNOX died Sept. 2, 1829 in her 70 year

       Side:   Harriet wife of Harvey KNOX died Jan.  20, 1833 in her  25 yrs.

      (Section C) C126  C126-1   C126-2   C126-3


Nathan KNOX (Veteran War of 1812)

settled in Russell in 1806

died July 26, 1870 in his 83 r.

side:   Tryphena wife of N. KNOX died Apr. 22, 1823 in her 40 yr.

back: Laura H. KNOX DIED Dec. 22, 1889 AE 73 yrs.

side: Damaris wife of N. KNOX died Sept. 28, 1886 in her 93 yrs.

(Top tipped up beside the stone, can’t get picture of Damaris)

(Section C C127  C127-1   C127-2  C127-3  


Russell KNOX born in  Blanford, Mass.

Sept. 12, 1796 died Sept. 3, 1872 at 76 yrs.

(Section B) B72

Anna L. Wife of Russell KNOX died  June 28, 1877 AE 82 yrs.

(Section B) B73


Sarah Jane wife of G.H. KNOX died Sept. 19, 1874 AE 35 yrs, 3 mos.

Freddie C. Infant son of G.H. & S.J. KNOX died Nov. 17, 1874 Age 2 mos. 11 das.

(Section C) C128


William KNOX died Dec. 5, 1848 Age 36 yrs. 

(Section C) C129


Son of H. and R. LAMB (Squires on top of stone) died April 9, 1863, AE 19 yrs.

(Section B) B112


Martha LAMB wife of Charles W. KERR 1861-1885

(Section C) C130


John LAMSON died Aug. 1843 AE 57 yrs.

Kezia his wife died June 10, 1828 AE 41 yrs.

A stone near this one reads: Father, no name, died Aug. 2, 1876 age 82 yrs.

(Section C) C131


Franklin E. LASSELL 1848-1829

 Elizabeth his wife 1847-1923

 side:Robbie son of F.E. & E. LASSELL d. Nov. 11, 1887 AE 8 yrs, 10 mos, 12 days

(Section C) C132    C132-1


LAW (lot stone)

Albert 1807-1874

Hulda his wife 1816-1894

(Section B) B74  B74-1


Charles V. LAW 1865-___

Helen  His wife 1871-___

Stephen Albert their son 1901-1909

(Section A) A34


LAW Hubbard E. 1863-1909

Millie A. BUSHEY his wife 1879-1943

(Section A) A35


Laura H. LAW  see Hiram S. CLARK(Section A)


Mahala LAW wife of A.P. LEWIS

died April 13, 1892

 AE 37 yrs.

(Section B) B75


Martha A. Daughter of E.L. and E.E. LAW died Mar. 21, 1872

AE 13 yrs, 6 mos. 8 days

(Section B) B76


Rosabell LAW see H. Edward Church (Section B)


Stephen O. LAW 1853-____

Juliett his wife 1853-1906

(Section B) B77


Addie dau. of H.L. & D.A. LEWIS died Jan. 16, 1879   Age 6 mos.

(Section B) B78


Mahala Law LEWIS see Mahala LAW (Section B)


Amos LOCKE died May 16, 1850 AE 74 yrs.

Polly his wife died May 28, 182_   AE 65 yrs.

(Section C) C133


David M.LOOP 1850-1923

(Section B) B79

Fred D. LOOP 1873 (no other date)

Effie A. His wife 1878 (no other date)

Their Children Merton J. 1895-1899

                       Mildred H. 1897

(Section B) B80


Jeremiah LOOP died Oct. 29, 1866 Aged 55 yrs.

John A. LOOP, Co. K, l06 Regt. NY V (Veteran 61-65)

died at New Creek, Va., Oct. 12 1862 aged 20 yrs,  4 mos

(Section B) B81


Shirley M. LOOP


(inscription on back: From Harriett Brown)

(Section A) A36


Mina LUMLEY GIBBONS see William Benjamin GIBBONS (Section C)





Rev. H. MAIN

Mother and Father

Pile of broken stones, nothing more legible

(Section B) B82



I.H. MAIN 1834-1909

Nancy M.K. his wife 1836-1902

Ida W. HOSFORD 1856-1939

Johnnie 1880-1892

Willie 1881-1901

back: Zenus KING 1801-1863

Rosamond F. His wife 1801-1876

Lafayette 1842-1863

(Section B.) B83 B83-1, B83-2


James H. Matthews see SCOTT HOUGH MATTHEWS Section B




Charlotte PALMER MCALISTAR see Ichabod PALMER Section B





on the back:

Spencer 1798-1865

Chloe his wife 1800-1886

Harvey B. 1822-1905

Harriet F. his wife 1827-1871

Hiram A. 1851-1884

J. Seymour 1853-1908

Emogene G. (or C) 1859-1866

M. Lovina 1856-1919

(Section A) A37  A37-1


Father Harvey MILES     No dates

Mother Louisa his wife died Sept. 6, 1891 AE 77 yrs.

(Section C) C134


Laura MILES SEE James R. Smith Section C.


Stephen S.K. MILES Co. A 14 Reg.  NY H Art.   (Veteran 61-65)

died July 12, 1892, aged 50 years

Adelia D. PALMER his wife died Apr. 19, 1903 Age 63 yrs.

 (Section C) C135   C135-1  C135-2  C135-3


Thurstin MILES or Miles THURSTIN see THURSTIN section C184


Charlie infant son of W.A. MILLAR

died Sept. 29, 1871 at (could be 14 days)

(Section B) B84


Mary MINER 1895-1920 (on the face)

On the top is “Florence”

(Section C) C136


Adolphus MITCHELL died Mar. 23, 1857 AE 46 yrs.

(Section C) C137


MOORE Chauncy L. 1852-1934

Attie E. His wife 1856-1916

(Section A) A38


Mary L.  Mother, wife of Alfred MOORE died Oct. 9, 1890 (maybe 1880) aged 55 years

(Section C) C227


Albert MORGAN died 1-5-1884 at 71 yrs.

Amanda his wife died 4-6-1886 at 69 yrs.

(Section A) A39


Clarissa wife of Elihu MORGAN died June 6, 1830 in her 44 year

Rachel wife of Elihu MORGAN died Apr. 27, 1849 in her 54 yr.

Also Portia his daughter died Apr. 1, 1830

(Base similar to these and just to the right, could be Mr. Morgan)

(Section B) B85




Mary A. MOSHER see David ROULSTON Section C


Samuel MOTT died March 3, 1869, aged 41 yrs.

(Section B) B86


Alice wife of R.V. MOUTHORP died Oct. 7, 1879 at 32 yrs, 6 mos, 19 days

1.         (Section B) B87


C. M. MURPHY   no dates

Ella E. His wife died Nov. 14, 1899, aged 26 yrs.

(Section B) B88


Mary GIBBONS MURRAY see Chauncy GIBBONS (Section C)


Artie, Our Darling

on the back::

Son of E.D. and H.E. NORTH

d 8-4-1870 at 8 mos., 25 days

(Section A) A40


Hattie E. wife of E.D. NORTH d. ??-15-18?6

In her 44th year (date could be 1876)

(Section A) A41


OWEN (Lot stone)

one blank foot stone

Blanche L. Wife of Jerm B. OWEN 5-23-1883 - 9-12-1906

(Section C) C138   C138-1


Adelaid PALMER see Stephen S.K. Miles Section C


Harry F. PALMER died Oct. 20, 1891 in his 37 year

Lelia E. COLTON wife of H.  F. PALMER died April 17, 1883, Age 29 yrs.

Stones for Howard and James E. (No other information)

Appear to be with this lot (broken, may not belong here)

(Section B) B89 B89-1 B89-2


Ichabod PALMER died Apr. 1, 1866 AE 69 yrs.

Side: Lura COOLEY wife of Ichabod Palmer died Feb. 4, 1875 AE 76 yrs.

Side: Charlotte C. PALMER wife of Cha’S McALISTERr died Jan. 9, 1887 AE 30 yrs.

(Section B) B90   B90-1  B90-2


Julius M. PALMER Dec. 11, 1830, Nov. 10, 1920

Mary Z. VANORNUM his wife Dec. 12, 1832, Nov. 15, 1919

back: Harry F. PALMER 1855-1891

Celia Z. PALMER 1875-1861

Morty S. PALMER 1865-1865

Grace D. PALMER 1889-1896

Next to this ROLLA no other information

(Section B) B91  B91-2  B91-3 B91-4 B91-5 B91-6


duplicates in PALMER plot:

Grace Dorit  July 15, 1889-Mar. 27, 1896


Celia died Nov. 1861

(Section B)



son of Rev. D,D, and E.T. PARKER 1863

(Section A) A42




Edward G. Son of Nehemiah and Mary PAYN died Sept. 7, 1852

(Section B) B92


Benjamin S. son of Leonard & Mary PEABODY d. Oct. 1, 1842 in his 2nd year

(Section C) C139


Effie S. wife of Frank L. PELTON see Darius B. WETHERELL

 (Section C) 


PERRY, Harley A.  1864-1940 (Veteran)

Eliza D. EGGLESON, his wife 1869-1922

These graves are set off to the side in what  once was a plot separate from the Russell Cemetery, in the left front next to fence)

Section A) A43


John PERRY 1812-1905

Susan his wife 1839-19-__

(Section B) B93


Elihu PHELPS, Esq. Died Dec. 20, 1860 Age 76

(Section C) C141, C141-1


Lovisa A. Wife of Elihu PHELPS, Esq., died Nov.30, 1872 at 62 yrs.

(Section B) B94


Minnie C. PIERCE born Apr. 15, 1871 died May 24, 1883 (could be an 8)

(Section B) B95


Laura wife of S.P. PIPER died July 10, 188__ (illegible)

(Section B) B96


Oscar S. Son of L.B. and E. PIPER Age 5 yrs. 3 mos

(Section B). B97


POTTER (lot stone)

Nancy G. Wife of Elisha POTTER 1833-1913

Patia P. wife of Luther POTTER 1792-1852 (could it be 1752-1852?)

Elisha A. POTTER 1826-1895

(Section B) B98  B98-1  B98-2   B98-3


Benjamin POWER 1817-1905

Mahala A.  his wife 1824-1893

Jennie A. Their daughter 1861-1881

(Section C) C142


Cameron PRICE 1868-1928

Lila his wife 1861-1953

(Section C) C143


Frank PRICE, no other information, against back fence

(Section B) B99



Children of Brigham and Alice PUTMAN

Daniel died April 3, 1871

Elida died Feb. 5, 1872

(Section B) B100


Top of Stone:


Moses PUTNAM d Mar. 19, 1869 Age 80 yrs.

Lavina his wife d. Nov. 6, 1882 age 91 yrs.

Head stone BRIGHAM

                 PUTNAM (no other information)

could be illegible information on two more sides

(Section A) A44


Willard A. RANDALL died Feb. 26, 1877 in his 66 yr.

(Section C)  C144


Amorett RANGER see Warren EARLE (Section C)


Battese RANGER died Mar. 27, 1880 AE 83 yrs.

Sarah his wife died Apr. 18, 1883 AE 76 yrs.

(Section C) C145   C145-1


Hannah E. RASBECK 1860-1944

George F. RASBECK 1853-1937


(Section A) A45


Harrison RASBECK 1842-1914

(Section C) C146


Jane RASBECK wife of William RASBECK

died Jan. 10, 1885   AE 64 yrs, 10 mos, 2 das

(Section C) C147


William RASBECK died Oct. 11, 1886 AE 75 yrs.

(Section C) C148


William H. RASBECK 1840-1918

(Section C) C149


Top of stone: Louise

Front face: Elizabeth daug.F .L. and M.E RASBECK


(Section A) A46, A46-1


Frank Eugene REED 1852-19__

Ella STEWART his wife 1853-1925

(Section B) B101


Sarah REED see Harvey KNOX Section C)


Iva E. wife of M.A. RHODES 1885-1914

(Section C) C150


Eliza J. ROACH, dau. Eliza see side of William I. BURLINGAME

(Section B) B102


Emily wife of J.B.G.  ROBINSON

d. Apr.12, 1850

in her _________

(Section A) A47


Laura M. Daughter of Wm. B. & Caroline ROSE died Sept. 19, 1849 AE 1 yr, 12 das

(Section C) C151



ROULSTON lot stone

David ROULSTON died May 9, 1863 in his 54 year of his age

Mary A. MOSHER daughter of  David and Priscilla ROULSTON

 Passed into spirit life May 31, 1897 in her 62 yr.

(Section C) C152   C152-1  C152-2


Elizabeth ROULSTON 1783-1864

(Section C) C153



Charles E. ROW died Oct. 22, 1881 aged 7 mos. 20 days

side: Mary CHADWICK wife of Malcolm C. ROW

died Aug. 15, 1888, AE 39 yrs, 9 mos., 8 days

(Broken stone could be Malcolm C. ROW)

(Section C) C154  C154-1


James RYDER 1840-1906

Maria WEST his wife1846-1904

(Section B)B103


Blanche A. SCOTT   Born 1888   Died 1899

(Section C) C155


Harvey SCOTT died Dec. 2, 1860 Age 63

(Section C) C156


Helen M. Wife of R. SCOTT 1858-1919

(Section C) C157



SCOTT   HOUGH   MATTEWS (lot stone)

individual stones:

Loren E. SCOTT 1857-1938

Susie E. his wife 1863-1935

Una SCOTT MATTHEWS 1880-1972

James H. MATTHEWS 1880-1956

Edward O. HOUGH 1879-1935 (veteran WWI)

Bessie SCOTT his wife 1884-1956

Wallace E. (Bud) HOUGH 1923-1945 (veteran WWII)

(Section B) B104 B104-1    B104-2   B104-3  B104-4 B104-5  B104-6   B104-7


Lennie son of E. & R.S. SCOTT died June 15, 1885 11 yrs, 3 mos.

(Section C) C158


Reuben D. SCOTT born May 24, 1861   died Sept. 27, 1897

(Section C) C159


Rhoda E. Dau. of E. & A. SCOTT died Sept. 12, 1898 AE 1 yr, 9 mos, 2 das.

(Section C) C160


Rhoda E. wife of Ethiel SCOTT died Mar. 31, 1878   AE 40 yrs.

(Section C) C161


Geo. H. SCOUGHTON died Aug. 30, 1876 Aged 42 yrs


(Section C) C162


James SCOUGHTON 1778-1866

Mary his wife 1790-1857

George SCHOUGHTON 1834-1876

Sophia GRANT his wife 1840-1911

Mary SCOUGHTON 1857-1863

(Section C) C163


SHAW (lot stone)

head stones:

Jennie BUCKLEY 1861-1921

Flora G is wife. 1857-1920

Charles SHAW 1844-1927

(Section C) C164   C164-1  C164-2   


Father A. B. SHAW BORN Mar. 20 1817, died Feb. 28, 1896

Mother, his wife, Mary Jane born Nov. 17, 1818, died Mar. 12, 1904

(Section C) C165  C165-1


Claude D. SHAW 1886-1974

Genevieve P. His wife 1890-1945

(Section C) C166


Ellen E. SHAW see Richard L. WILLIAMS (Section A)


MAVIS SHAW see Gustav Hedlund (Section C)


Hortense dau. Of Rev. P.K. and Laura SHELDON

Born Sept. 2, 1871 died Nov. 2, 1873

(Section B) B105


Little Martha M. dau. Of Rev. P.K. and Laura SHELDON

Born in Russell April 20, 1868, died in Russell Sept. 5. 1868

(Section B) B106


Eliza J. Wife of Henry SHIPPEE died Oct. 19, 1874 AE 43 yrs.

(Section C) C167


Gladys SIBBITTS, see F.B. STALBIRD (Section A)


SIBBITTS (lot stone)

William SIBBITTS 1854-1926     

Jennie DANIELS his wife 1859-1937  

Phila M. SIBBITTS 1889-1942   

(Section A) A48  A48-1  A48-2  A48-3


Margareta wife of James SIBBITTS 1818-1902


(Section A) A49


Benjamin SMITH 1802-1879

Sarah DART his wife 1804-1895

(Section B) B107


Carrie M. Daughter of R.H. & S.M. SMITH born Apr. 6, 1876 died Aug. 28, 1876

(Section C) C168


Charles SMITH d Sept. 1, 1880 AE 61 yrs.

Gone but not forgotten

(Section B) B108


C.P. SMITH 1825-___

Joanna his wife 1828-1863

Margaret his 2nd wife 1832-1897

Broken stone, fallen on the face, behind this stone

(Section B) B109


Elmer N. SMITH 1851-1901

L. Adeline STEWART his wife 1853-1927

(Section C) C169


Eugene B. SMITH 1889-1926

(Section C) C170


Eugene L. SMITH died Aug. 28, 1890 Aged 36 yrs., 5 mos.

(Section C) C171


James R. SMITH died Jan. 26, 1890 Aged 54 yrs. (Veteran 61-65)

Laura his wife dau. Of Rev. H.&L. MILES died May 14, 1886 Aged 41 yrs.

(Section C) C172


J. Carlos SMITH 1861-1917

Ella C. his wife 1859-1932

(Section A) A50


Martha wife of _______ broken, illegible stone among SMITHs

(Section C)   C173


Minnie dau. of R.W. & A. SMITH died Feb. 3, 1861 Aged 3 wks., back “Our darling Minnie”

(Section C) C174


SMITH (lot stone)

Rollin G. 1843-1914

Elizabeth his wife 1850 - no date

Gracie dau of Rollin & Libbie Smith died Oct. 20, 1886 in her 6 yr.

(Section B) B110 B110-1 B110-2 B110-3


Roy son of Thomas & Delia SMITH died Oct. 1, (probably 1882) AE 8 mos.  & 6 das.

(Section C) C175


Russell T. SMITH 1817-1886

Harriet his wife 1820-1897

side: Dewayne ALLEN 1840-__

Mary his wife 1843-__

(Section C) C176   C176-1


Louisa S. SNELL, see Norman D. Thomas (Section A)


Maria wife of D.W. SPRAGUE died Sept. 8, 1871 Age 27 years

(on the ground, off the base)

(Section C) C177




Gladys SIBBITTS wife of F.B. STALBIRD 1892-1918

(Section A) A51


Gilbert and Sarah STEWART Family see Lucas HATCH

(Section B)


Ella STEWART see Frank Eugene REED (Section B)


Elcy wife of  Eli STEWART died Aug. 14, 1847 in her 55 yr.

Three children of E.H. and Elcy STEWART (appears 3 stones missing)

(Section C) C178   C178-1


J. A. STEWART 1853-1895

Effie M. His wife 1858-___

(Section C) C179


L. Adeline STEWART see Elmer N. SMITH Section C


Orley J. STEWART 1860-1933

Anna L. His wife 1872-1920

(Section A) A52


William STEWART 1828-1900

 Polly BARNES his wife  1825-1905

John Ransom their son 1850-19__

(Section C ) C180            

Zenety A. Daughter of Wm. & E. STEWART died  Oct. 26, 1858 AE 1 mo., 11 da.

(Section C) C181


Clarissa STILES see wife of Benjamin GIBBONS

Section C)


Simeon STILES died Mar. 24, 1818 aged 60 yrs, 3 mos.

Ruth wife of Simeon STILES died Feb. 9, 1813 aged 53 yrs, ll mos.

 (Section C) C183


Ezra STONE 1802-1873

Eunice his wife 1828 - ___

side: Melissa their daughter 1867-1882

(Section B) B111 B111-1


SQUIRES (on top) of stone see son of H. & R. LAMB Section B


Jane E. TAYLOR see Andrew WRIGGLESWORTH Section C


Norman D. THOMAS 1851-1919

Louisa S. SNELL his wife 1867-19__

(Section A) A53


Sarah THRASHER see George G. DODDS (Section A)


Daughter of H.T. and N. TREGLOWN

died May 11, 1879, Age 6 days

back: Our Darling

(Section B) B113


Martin W. TRIPP d. June 30, 1871 (Veteran 61-65

(Section B) B114


Miles THIRSTIN (Veteran 61-65)

Co. A 106 NY V GAR 1833-1902

Could be Thirstin MILES

(Section C) C184


Daniel TOLMAN born Mar. 31, 1783 died Feb. 18, 1860 (Veteran 1812)

Rosina A. TOLMAN born July 12, 1835   died Sept. 5, 1850

(Section C) C185


Henry VANBROCKLIN 1830-1921

Arvilla his wife 1838-1906

Lina Ruth their daughter 1866

(Section B) B115


Bernice VANBUREN 1889-1922 (Section A) A54


James VANBUREN died May 17,1899 AE 77 yrs.

Sophronia his wife died Nov. 18, 1887 AE 556 yrs.

Side: Minnie Anna VANBUREN born Dec. 3, 1857, died Dec. 5, 1932

(Section B) B116


Abraham VANORNUM (Veteran 1812)

died July 31, 1864 AE 90 years

Sarah wife of A. VANORNUM died June 6, 1871 at 90 years

(Section C) C186


Alvin S. Died Aug. 29, 1848 AE 19 mos.

Jay died Feb. 17, 1850

Sons of J.O. & C. VANORNUM

(Next to this stone)   Nathaniel D. son of J.O. & C. VANORNUM (Veteran 61-65)

died at   Mount Pleasant Hospital Washington, D.C. Aug. 10, 1861 from a gunshot wound,  in his 20 yr.

(Section C) C187    C187-2  


James B. VANORNUM 1840-1918

His wife Emily J. VANORNUM 1843-1874

Their daughter Celia A. VANORNUM 1873-1888

(tipped off the base)

Next to this stone: Emily wife of J.B. VANORNUM died ____1874 AE 31 (broken)

(Section C) C188   C188-1


Cynthia wife of James O. VANORNUM died July 25, 1857 in her 47 year

(Section C) C189


Our Father Harry VANORNUM died Nov. 7, 1896, AE 92 yrs.

(Section B) B117

Our Mother Mary O. wife of Harry VANORNUM died Jan. 17, 1876 AE 60 yrs.

(Section B) B118


Mary A. VANORUM see Eri KNOX Section C


Mary Z.VANORNUM see Julius M. PALMER (Section B)


Our Mother Zylpha wife of Albert VANORNUM died Feb. 5, 1837 AE 39 yrs.

(Section B) B119


Sampson VIALL 1813 (no other date)

stone broken and deteriorated , can read nothing more

(Section B) B120


Augustus WARREN died Dec. 24, 1873 aged 74 yrs, 10 mos. 9 da.

(Section C) C190

Isaac WARREN died Feb. 16, 1849 E. 78 yrs.

Lucinda wife of Isaac WARREN died (illegible)

(Section C) C191


Lafayette WARREN died June 27, 1853 aged 28 yrs.

(Section C) C192


John S. WARRINER DIED May 17, 1848 AE 21 years

(Section B) B121


Nancy wife of Willis WARRINER died July 20, 1856 in her 70 yrs.

(Section B) B122


Phebe wife of Oliver WATERS died March 3, 1844 age 86 yrs.

(Appears to be in an ASHLEY plot)

(Section C) C193


Libbie M. wife of Rev. J.L. WAUGH died Mar. 2, 1875 Aged 32 years

Helen infant dau. of Rev. J.L. & L.M. WAUGH died Feb. 16, 1875

(Broken, on the ground, off the base)

(See also Helen or Helene Chapin (may be a connection) (Section C)

(Section C) C194


Maria WEST see James RYDER (Section B)


Elmer H. Son of Horace & Mary WESTCOTT died July 18, 1885 Age 21 yrs, 10 mos, 14 days

side: Horace WESTCOTT died June 10, 1907 AE 70 yrs.

(Section B)

stone just to left of Elmer WESTCOTT

Macy WESTCOTT Mother 1840-1914

(Section B)   B124   B124-1   B124-2  


Emma WESTON see Emma ELLSWORTH Section C

(Section C)


WESTON (lot stone)

O. G. WESTON   head stone, no dates

Mary wife of O.G. WESTON died Nov. 19, 1892, AE 54 yrs.

Stella dau. of Orvin and Mary WESTON   1858-1913

(Section B) B125 B125-1  B125-2


Thomas WESTON died Dec. 5, 1892 AE 91 yrs.

Mary his wife died July 13,1884 AE 84 yrs.

This stone may be a replacement, old base left here.

(Section C) C196



Anna wife of Daniel WETHERELL died Sept. 26, 1859 in her 87 year

(Section C) C197


Bradford WETHERELL 1809-1887 (Veteran 61-65)

Sophronia his wife 1809-1892

Their children:

Willard R. 1832-1863

H. Jane 1830-1918

(Section C) C198


Darius B. WETHERELL 1838-1930

Sarah A. His wife 1845-1928

Ada E. their daughter 1865-1865

Archibald D. their son 1876-1916

back: Jennie A. 1871-1918

         Effie S. 1866-1950 wife of Frank L. PELTON, no indication Mr. Pelton is buried here

Foot stone for E. Sophronia on this lot, no dates

 (Section C)  C199 , C199-1, C199-2


Martha M. Dau. Jarvis & Vesta WETHERELL

died Sept. 12, 1876, age 49 years

on top of marker: Sister

(Section B) B126

Vesta wife of Jarvis WETHERELL died May 25, 1876 in her 73 yr.

(Section B) B127

Jarvis WITHERELL died April 2, 1881 in his 82nd year (note change of spelling)

(Section B) B128


Truman O. WETHERELL 1849-1924

Olive A.  His wife 1851-1922

(Section C) C200


Willard R. Son of B & S WETHERELL died at Harpers Ferry (Veteran 61-65)

Mar. 12, 1863 Aged 31 yrs.

(Section C) C201


Alvin WHITE died Dec. 30, 1846 in his 76 yrs.

(Section A) A55


Annjnet wife of Alfonzo WHITE died Aug. 23, 1861 AE 50 y s

(Section C) C202


Betsey wife of Alvin WHITE died Dec. 31, 1860

AE 81 years

(Section A) A56


Polly WHITE died Nov. 19, 1879 at age 76

Laura WHITE died Dec. 19, 1841 in her 22nd year

(Section A) A57  A57-1


Charlotte WILLIAMS see Frank JENNE (Section A)


Emily HAMILTON WILLIAMS see Sidney E. HAMILTON (Section C)


Richard R. WILLIAMS 1860-1923

Ellen E. SHAW 1860-1944

(Section A) A58


Charles son of  S. & M.E. WOLCOTT died March 3, 1848 AE 7 mos., 21 das.

(Section C) C203


C.P. WOOD 1829-___

Basheba his wife 1830-1899

On the back:

Ldora 1867-1896

Henry P. 1854-1872

foot markers Ldora, Lendon, James appear to be with this site

(Section A) A59  A59-1


James O. WOOD d. Nov. 25, 1862, aged 25 yrs. (Veteran)

L. Sergt. Co. L 9


There is an illegible stone near this one 

(Section A) A60


Laura E. WOOD see David BURT Section C


Father Oliver H. WOOD died ?,25.1876

Pluma H. Wife of O.H. WOOD died Mar. 25, 1889, 82 yrs.

broken stone, there is more but  illegible

(Section A) A61  A61-1


Andrew WRIGGLESWORTH 1833-1868

Jane E. TAYLOR his wife 1839-1916

Maude A. 1869-1936 (head stone too)

(Section C) C204  C204-1


Sarah wife of J. WRIGGLESWORTH   1803-1863

(Section C) C205  C205-1


Alice ZELLER 1886-1973

John ZELLER 1861-1936

(Section B) B129




Lettie P.________ at 53 yrs._____

on back:

Celia d. Apr. 1, 1821 (or 71)

behind MERRILL and just to the right

(Section A) A63, A63-1


Stone missing left of Hubbard LAW (Section A)


Stone directly in front of Mildred HUTCHINSON and behind Cyntha BUSH illegible

(Section B)


Fallen, illegible stone behind Carlos SMITH (Section A)


Illegible stone next to James O. WOOD (Section A)


William died May 1, 1882 AE 26 yrs, 7 mos. (no other information)

( located near James R. SMITH but not near enough to indicate a relationship)

(Section C) C231


Matching stones HASTINGS, THIRZA, CHARLES (no other information)

(located between right road and William above)

(Section C) C229  C229-1  C229-2


Missing stone, base only located to the front of James RYDER (Section B)


Illegible stone to the right of Randall CARNCROSS (Section B)


There is a large base only located near KNOX-GRAY (Section C)


Fallen marker leans on Sarah J. WRIGGLESWORTH (veteran 61-65 )(Section C)


Darius ______ died Nov. 30, 1851 in his 87 year,  leaned against Franc__ dau. Of S & S HATCH

 broken    (Section C)


Howard   broken stone near H. F. PALMER (Section B)

may not belong there


James E. ( broken stone near H. F. PALMER (section B)


Broken stone H.H.   Near W. A. HOSFORD and Katherine FIFIELD Section C C228


Angeline C. (broken, parts missing)located to the right of Albert LAW but not close Section B B137


My MARY drowned at _____burg April 20,1896 Section C

(Section B)

There is a badly damaged, illegible stone actually touching the Tarshus DOWNER stone

which appears to be fairly new.  Maybe this one  replaced it. Section B


Small stone, on the top L.K.H. near Johnson, next to road

(Section C)


Broken, illegible stone very close to Almira wife of Charles FANNING Section B B136


Rachel wife of (illegible) died Aug. 21, 1853

(Section B) B134


Broken, illegible stone near Nathan HAMILTON (Section B) B133


2 broken, illegible stones , one with veteran’s flag, behind but not close to P. HARRIS Section B B132




Broken stone, no name near DOOLITTLE (Section B) B131



 Frankie (looks like a child’s stone) broken, illegible Section B B130


Broken, illegible stone just to the right of Charles E. ROW Section C


Only the top of a stone between CURTIS-BROWN and Jane RASBECK

closer to Rasbeck   Section C


MARTHA broken, illegible stone found among SMITHs Section C


____son of _________ died ______ (located between Freddie GATES AND Luther BLANCHARD)

(Section C)


Abigail wife of ______ BR_____ (Section C) C226


Broken illegible stone located between Polly BAKER and DANIEL TOLMAN Section C


Broken, illegible stone located next to John KINNEY, Jr. Section C


Broken, illegible stone next to right road Veteran 61-65 Section C230


Father, no name, died Aug. 2, 1876, age 82 yrs. near John LAMSON stone (Section C) C235


Broken stone located very close to wife of Gerry KNOX died July 27, 1877 in his 80 yr Section C232.  



 (May be Gerry KNOX, see wife of Gerry KNOX C-121)


Broken stone “53 yrs” next to Sophie wife of Freeman ASHLEY Section C C234


Broken stone between James BROWN and Elihu PHELPS, Esq. Section C


Stone broken in pieces between Simeon STILES and Clarissa STILES GIBBONS (Section C)


Broken, fallen stone located next to Herbert CASWELL Section C


Only the top of old stone between Albert BROWN and Jane RASBECK, closer to RASBECK Section C


Katie________between Joseph CRAWFORD and Hannah CRAWFORD Section C C233


Broken, between Elihu PHELPS, Esq. And James CLARK Section C


 _______ died Feb. 28, 1863, age 27 years Section C   C222


________died Dec. 20, 1860 76 years Section C C223