Index of A. Cady's Online Cemetery Transcription Data

Index of A. Cady's St. Lawrence County Cemetery Transcriptions

Below are the inventories I have completed so far of cemeteries in St. Lawrence county. Please note that other than generally walking through the cemeteries and documenting every marker I can find, I have viturally no other information about any of the people buried in the cemeteries. I also have no information on the cemeteries themselves, nor any information on how to contact the people in charge or them. For that type of information, your best hope is to contact someone in the St. Lawrence county region who should be better informed that I am. Please excuse any errors in the listings and feel free to send me corrections at Anne M. Cady. I've never actually lived in St. Lawrence county myself, so I have been known from time to time to stumble over a name or two.

UPDATE -- June 2008-- I have recently started copying all the cemetery inventories that I have personally done over to Find-a-grave. I will also continue to place them here, as I find the format I use here makes it easier to find related people since I try to group them by burial plots within each family name. However, Find-a-grave has some added advantages that I couldn't ignore. For example, family members of people who's graves are listed can created memorials to them adding short biographies, and uploading pictures of the individuals. People can also make new listings for individuals in their family tree, and then request photographs be taken of the graves (volunteers in the area often can answer the request). However, please check first to see if the person is already listed. If they are, click on the name of the person who submitted the listing and ask for it to be transfered to you or for your data to be added. Do not generate duplicate entries for individuals or cemeteries. Anyways, I highly recommend the site. Check it out if you haven't already.

St. Lawrence Cemeteries on Find-A-Grave

Town of Antwerp (Jefferson County):
Spragueville Cemetery(just over county line in Antwerp. Approx. 750 tombstone photos)

Town of Brasher:
Brasher Iron Works Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Flint-Chaffee Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Richardson Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Quaker Settlement Cemetery -- Supplied by John Austin
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Brasher Cemeteries -- Includes: Carville, Fairview, Flint Chaffee, Landing Bridge, Richardson and Shean's Corners
St. Patrick's Cemetery Website

Town of Canton:
Brick Chapel Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Bridge Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Clark Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Evergreen Cemetery (With over 3000 tombstone photographs)
Fairview Cemetery - Canton (w/ 4000 tombstone photographs)
Jerusalem Cemetery (with 500 tombstone photos)
King Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Morley Cemetery Including Trinity Episcopal Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Norton Cemetery (with 150+ tombstone photos)
Old St. Mary's Cemetery located on the website of Connie Molnar Sterner
Olin Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Rensselaer Falls Cemetery (with 750+ tombstone photos)
Silas Wright Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Silas Wright Cemetery located on the website of Connie Molnar Sterner
Walrath Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Canton Cemeteries -- Includes: Norton, Olin

Town of Clare:
Pleasant View (DeGrasse) Cemetery (with tombstone photos) New! October 2014

Town of Clifton:
Cranberry Lake Cemetery (w/ over 250 tombstone photographs) New! August 2015

Town of Colton:
Graves in Higley Flow State Park - Supplied by James W.H. Howells
Pleasant Mound (w/ over 1400 tombstone photographs) New! August 2015
Sevey Corners Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
South Colton Cemetery (w/ over 600 tombstone photographs) New! August 2015
Stark Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Colton Cemeteries -- Includes: Miller Burial Site, Russell

Town of DeKalb:
East DeKalb Cemetery - (with almost 500 tombstone photographs)
Kendrew Cemetery (w/ tombstone photos)
Maple Grove Cemetery in Richville (w/ over 1000 tombstone photos)
Old DeKalb Cemetery (w/ almost 600 tombstone photos)
Old Pioneer Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Osbornville Cemetery - (Just a listing, no photographs)
Union (Risley) Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
St. Henry's Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photographs)
Wayside Cemetery-Richville - (Over 650 tombstone photographs)
Unknown DeKalb Gravesite - Supplied by J. Wm "Holland" Howells

Town of DePeyster:
East Road Cemetery (with 260+ tombstone photos)
Purmort Cemetery (With 360+ Tombstone Photos)

Town of Edwards:
Fairview Cemetery, (with over 1500 tombstone photos)
Gates Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Riverside Cemetery (with over 600 tombstone photos)
South Edwards Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Burial records for Riverside Cemetery (From Edwards History Center Website)
Payne Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Burial records for Payne Cemetery (From Edwards History Center Website)
Pinney Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Fine
Colton Hill Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Hazelton/Clintsman Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Oswegatchie Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Saint Michaels Cemetery (With over 225 tombstone photographs)
Skate Creek (Walt's) Cemetery (With 100 tombstone photographs)
Wanakena Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Woodland Cemetery - Supplied by Lee Warriner

Town of Fowler
Balmat Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Bay Road Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Fowler Baptist Church Cemetery (with 100+ tombstone photos)
Fullerville Cemetery (w/ tombstone photos)
Gulf Cemetery (with 360+ tombstone photos)
Hailesboro Cemetery (Now complete, with 1400+ tombstone photos)
Rice's Corners Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Smith Road Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
West Fowler Cemetery (with tombstone photos)

Town of Gouverneur:
Little Bow Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
North Gouverneur (Babcock) Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Gouverneur Riverside Cemetery - (Over 10,000 names and 8,000 photographs)
Old St James Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
New St James Cemetery (Over 500 tombstone photographs)
East Riverside Cemetery - (over 750 tombstone photographs)

Town of Hammond:
Old Hammond Cemetery (with over 320 tombstone photographs)
Fineview Cemetery (with over 310 tombstone photographs)
Oak Point Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Pleasant Valley Cemetery(w/ over 700 tombstone photos)
Rarick Cemetery - (Over 400 tombstone photographs)

Town of Hermon:
Beartown Pioneer Burying Ground (w/ tombstone photographs)
Old Hermon Cemetery (Over 1600 tombstone photographs)
New Hermon Cemetery (With 1700 tombstone photographs)
Marshville Cemetery (with tombstone photographs)
Porter Hill Cemetery (with 200 tombstone photographs)
Unknown Hermon Gravesite - Supplied by J. Wm "Holland" Howells
West Hermon Cemetery (with tombstone photographs)

Town of Hopkinton:
Castle Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Lawrence:
Mound Hill Cemetery (with tombstone photos) New! October 2014
St Therese Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Lisbon:
Briggs Family Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Lawrence Cemetery - (with 100+ tombstone photos)
Fulton Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Lisbon (White Church) Cemetery (With over 2500 tombstone photographs)
Flackville(Campbell) Cemetery (With 2500 listings and photographs)
Livingston Cemetery
Martin Cemetery - (with 350+ tombstone photos)
O'Neil Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Red Mills Cemetery - (with 150+ tombstone photos)

Town of Louisville:
Greenview Cemetery (Chase Mills) (w/ tombstone photographs)
Stearns Cemetery (Chase Mills) (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Macomb:
Oldsville (1st Macomb)Cemetery (with 400+ tombstone photos)
Pleasant Lake Cemetery (with 400+ tombstone photos)
Pierce's Corners (Old State Road)Cemetery (with 150+ tombstone photos)
Woodworth Cemetery (with 90+ tombstone photos)
Pine Hill Cemetery (with tombstone photos)

Town of Madrid:
Goss Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Dixon Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Haskell Ridge Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Madrid Cemetery (w/ almost 2000 tombstone photographs)
Old Madrid Cemetery (w/ almost 1000 tombstone photographs)
St James Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)

Town of Massena:
Adath Israel Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Beach Street Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Roxie Reed Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)

Town of Morristown:
Black Lake Cemetery (also known as Cedar's Cemetery (with 375 tombstone photographs)
Brier Hill Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Chippewa Street (Ingham) Cemetery (With over 1000 tombstone photographs)
Edwardsville Cemetery (with 450+ tombstone photos)
Greenwood Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Pine Hill Cemetery (with 750 tombstone photographs)
Sunnyside Cemetery (with 750 tombstone photographs)

Town of Norfolk:
High Street Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
"Lost Nation" (Kyle) Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Sunny Rest Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Norfolk Cemeteries

Town of Oswegatchie (including Ogdensburg):
Anshe Zophen Jewish Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Davies Family Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Ford Vault in Ogdensburg (w/ photographs)
Hillcrest Cemetery in Heuvelton(With 2900 tombstone photos)
Mount Lona Cemetery (AKA Mount Alone Cemetery) (With Tombstone Photos)
Northrup Corners Cemetery
Notre Dame (with over 3800 tombstone photos)
Ogdensburgh City Cemetery (With over 8000 photos)
Pine Hill Cemetery - Eel Weir Road, Oswegatchie (With over 1000 tombstone photos)
Foxwood Mausoleum (With 1000 photographs)
Sand Road Cemetery (With tombstone photos)
St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center Cemetery - Ogdensburg (Photos)
St. Mary's Cemetery - Ogdensburg (95% complete w/4500 photos so far)
Stone Church Cemetery (With 200+ tombstone photos)

Town of Parishville:
Blake Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Coulon Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Fairview Cemetery (w/ over 600 tombstone photographs) New! August 2015
Furney Lot Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
River View Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)

Town of Piercefield
Gale Cemetery (With 350 tombstone photographs)
St Paul Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Pierrepont:
1812 Soldiers Gravesites (w/ tombstone photographs)
Cooks Corners Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Hannawa Falls (Riverside) Cemetery (w/ over 600 tombstone photographs) New! August 2015
Pierrepont Hill Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
White Church Cemetery (near Crary Mills) w/ tombstone photographs)
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Pierrepont Cemeteries -- Includes: St. Paul's, Soldier's Graves War of 1812

Town of Pitcairn:
Durham Cemetery (From data provided by Linda Cooksey)
East Pitcairn Cemetery (With 350 tombstone photographs)
Garrison Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Pitcairn Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
West Pitcairn Cemetery (From data provided by Linda Cooksey)

Town of Potsdam:
Bacon Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Buck's Bridge Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
St Andrews Calvary Cemetery (w/ 1500+ Tombstone photos)
Clark Burial Ground (w/ tombstone photographs)
Dailey Ridge Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Garfield Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Hewittville Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Grants/French/South Potsdam Cemetery (with Tombstone photos)
Leete Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Parmeter Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Old St. Mary's Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Union Cemetery (Norwood) (With over 150 tombstone photographs)
West Potsdam Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Rossie:
Baken Family Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
St. Patricks Cemetery in Rossie (with 450+ tombstone photos)
Riverside Cemetery in Rossie (with 400+ tombstone photos)
Somerville Cemetery (with 220 tombstone photos)
Wegatchie Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)

Town of Russell:
Chuck Morgan's Listings of Russell Cemeteries
BeechGrove Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Bellegrove Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Downerville Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Grandy Family Homestead Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
North Russell Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Palmerville Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Russell Village (Balsam) Cemetery - Supplied by Theron & Jean Given
South Russell Cemetery - Supplied by Lee Warriner

Town of Stockholm:
Brookdale Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
East Part Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Ellis Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Halevile Cemetery (with tombstone photos) New! October 2014
Holmes Hill Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos) <
Jenkins Neighborhood Cemetery (with tombstone photos)
Sanfordville Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Southville Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
West Stockholm Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Willis Cemetery (With 100 tombstone photographs)

Town of Waddington:
Brookside Cemetery (w/ 3000+ Tombstone photos)
Chamberlain Corners Cemetery (w/ tombstone photographs)
Original St. Mary's Cathoic Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Old St Mary's Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos) <
St Mary's Cemetery (w/ Tombstone photos)
Scotch Cemetery (with 300+ tombstone photos
Union Cemetery(w/ over 350 tombstone photos)


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