1876 Diary of Alice Holmes, Edwards NY

NOTE: This document was transcribed by Anne M. Cady in November 1999. It is NOT intended that this material be used in a commercial manner.

Below is a transcription of the Diary of Alice Holmes of the town of Edwards in St. Lawrence County. The entries shown were made in 1876 between March 27th and December 31st. It should be noted that the diary was created to be used in the year 1872, but it appears the only entries made at that time were a few regarding transactions on her father’s (Joel C. Holmes) farm. These entries were made in another hand, possibly her father’s. At some time the diary was apparently passed on to Alice who labelled it in the front as "Alice Holmes Edwards Diary 1876". She never missed an entry between the dates listed above and she adjusted the days of the week to match the year 1876 instead of 1872 (i.e. – she scratched out Wednesday and wrote in Monday).

Alice Holmes was born August 17, 1859. In the 1870 census for Edwards she is shown as being 10 years old. In 1880 she is 20, and the relationship column shows she was an adopted daughter.

In 1870, she was shown as living with her father Joel and mother Martha, and her grandparents Elija and Lucretia Paul. Joel was listed as a 49 year old Farmer. The farm appears to have been moderate in size, with the real estate value given as $1520 and personal property value listed as $900.

In 1880, Alice is still with her parents and her grandmother. It appears her grandfather died between the two census listings. There are a couple references to ‘Grandpa’ in the diary, but not nearly as many as there are to ‘Grandma’. However, since the references do occur it appears that Alice’s grandfather was still alive in 1876.

Most of the entries start with a weather report (quite typical for diaries of that time). They then briefly describe her day and travels. Alice only seems to have attended school occasionally, despite being only 16 years old. Her family frequently traveled to Fullerville (in Fowler) and it appears to have been the most common destination for them. They also went to Harrisville (in Lewis County), Edwards, Little York (in Fowler), and Gouverneur. In the fall, Alice was sent to stay with relatives in the Stockholm/Parishville/Dickenson Center area. These are believed to have been relatives of her father.

In addition to the daily entries listed below, Alice also wrote down poems in the front and rear memo sections of the diaries. Below are a some examples:

No longer at the usual time
Will we be gathered here
No longer see each others face
Nor list to the words of cheer

Tis hard to part with those we love
Tis hard to part with
Those we love
Tis hard to bid Adeau
Tis not so hard to part with some
As Tis to part with you.
- Alice Holmes

Tis hard to part
But then we must
But I feel as if
My heart would bust

While thus I muse on my vanished joys & look through bygone years my sight is blinded for my eyes are brimming full of tears. The earth was bright before me then & life was in its may. For he in very truth was mine who now is far away.
- Alice Holmes.

The diary below generally is a true transcription, complete with typographical errors such as ‘staid’ instead of ‘stayed’, ‘moped’ instead of ‘mopped’, etc. I have tried to add some punctuation to make the text clearer, since Alice did not seem to use any. Notes are included at the end for many of the people mentioned to give potential identifications where possible.

Any updates, corrections, clarifications, or identifications can be sent to annecady@aol.com.


Start of regular diary entries for 1876 by Alice Holmes

Monday March 27

It is very pleasant today. I am to Mr. Balls. Worked in the forenoon and went up to Mr. Davis in the afternoon. Othelia and I went down town in the evening.

Tuesday March 28

It is a very pleasant day. I staid with Jeff last night. We went down town in the morning. Balls people were washing. Camp(1) brought me home in the afternoon. We had a nice ride. Tuesday 28.

Wednesday March 29

It is snowing today. The snow is all a going off. We are washing today. Pa came home from Belmats(2) this morning. It freezes this evening. I am lonesome.

Thursday March 30

It is a beautiful morning. Pa has gone down to Belmats. Ma is moping. Saw E. Lamphere(3) go down. C. Rogers(4) was in. C. O. Pierce went down. It snowed in the afternoon.

Friday March 31

Still it snows. Grandma is sick with the headache. We are a going to iron. Mother and I went to Fullerville in the afternoon and took Henerette down. F. J. Paul(5) was here. Grandma went down to Mr. Leaches(6). Bought ½ lb tea.

Saturday April 1

Snowing this morning. Mother is moping. Very pleasant this afternoon. I (illegible) for ma. We went over to Mr. Leaches(6) a little while. Very pleasant evening. Did not get fooled.

Sunday April 2

Very Pleasant. Frank & Ardeal(5) was here. We went over to Mr. Hawks(7). Father came home from Belmots(2). Henerette was here.

Monday April 3

Very pleasant, snowing a little. Grandma and Mrs. Bennett come. Albert P. was here. We are washing. There was a fool (Ed Kitts) here. Rained in the afternoon. Dog bit me tonight.

Tuesday April 4

It is raining and raining. C. Rogers(4) was in. Gardy Hall was in. Pa and Grandpa went over to the old Tomas barn for straw. I moped and baked bread. Began to make over my brown dress. Very foggy. Ma is sick tonight.

Wednesday April 5

It is warm and pleasant. I worked on my dress. Saw Melzer Doul. Maly and Monty Sprague was in. Pa and grandma went to Fullerville. Polly Paul(8) came. It rained quite hard.

Thursday April 6

It is quite cold. Polly staid with me last night. The wind blows very hard. I ironed today. We had a lamb in the house and also baked cookies in the afternoon.

Friday April 7

Raining and snowing very wet. Had another lamb in the house. Went over to the barn with Pa after hay. Very stormy snowing hard. Charles Rogers(4) was here and spent the evening.

Saturday April 8

Pleasant this morning. I baked bread. Pa went over to Mr. Freeman(9). F. Paul(5) was in. Ma and I cleaned the hog pen and went to Fullerville. I got a letter from Jeff Lewis. Lobo(10) was in.

Sunday April 9

A beautiful morning. Father has gone to Pitcairn. C. Rogers(4) was here and spent the day. I wrote to letters, one to Jeff and one up west. Anna Waters(11) was in. Ma and Mrs. Lobo(10) was here in the evening.

Monday April 10

A beautiful day. We are washing. Father has gone over to Mr. Freeman(9). Mrs. Lobo(10) and Mrs. Cole(12) was here in the eveing.

Tuesday April 11

A very pleasant day. I am ironing and baking. Grandma is sick. Ma is working on my dress. Father has gone to Fullerville.

Wednesday April 12

Another pleasant day. Ma Spicer(13) was in. Father and I went up to the sugar bush. Mrs. Cole(12) was here.

Thursday April 13

A very nice morning but rained in the afternoon. I sewed on my dress.

Friday April 14

Raining again. Father went to Fullerville. Got me some corset stats (?). Rains terribly. Had some lambs in the house.

Saturday April 15

It is more pleasant this morning quite warm. Mrs. Waters and Hetty(11) was here in the afternoon. Henerette came up. C. Rogers(4) was in. Grandma went to Fullerville.

Sunday April 16

Raining and snowing. It is more pleasant this afternoon. Frank Scovil was in. Pa broke my comb. Grandma come home. Henerette went up to A. Paul’s(14). We went up to Mr. Coles(12) . C. Rogers(4) was here in the evening.

Monday April 17

It is rather dark and windy. We are washing and coloring.

Tuesday April 18

Snowed in the night. Not very pleasant. Father went to York(15). Mr. Spicer(13) took dinner here. I am not very well. Snowing tonight. Cora Allen came down. We went over to Mr. Hawks(7).

Wednesday April 19

More pleasant. I have been moping my room and the kitchen. I went to Fullerville with Pa and got me some writing paper. Charlie Lobo(10) was here.

Thursday April 20

Very pleasant. I went up to Mr. Rogers(4) & spent the day. Charlie and I went to York(15) about 4 o’clock.

Friday April 21

Rained all day. I went down to F. Pauls(5) & got my shoe fixed. Read storie in C. Rogers(4) paper.

Saturday April 22

A pleasant day. I have worked all day. Cleaned pantry to day. Mrs. Hawk(7) was here in the afternoon. C. Rogers(4) spent the evening. Went to bed at twelve o’clock. Cracked butternuts.

Sunday April 23

Another pleasant day. Jennie Woodcock(16) was here. We sold three lambs. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry was here. C. Rogers(4) and I went to Fullerville to meeting. Anna Mead was here. Pa bought the buggy.

Monday April 24

Very pleasant. Washing today. F. Paul(5) was in. Mrs. Cole(12) was in. Father sold the colt. Heneretta was here. Ironed in the afternoon.

Tuesday April 25

Rather dark day. I have moped. Mother & Ardeal(5) have gone up to Rogers(4). A. Paul(14) was in. Rained in the evening.

Wednesday April 26

Very warm. I & mother went up in the sugar bush to Mr. Rogers(4). Called on Mis Waters(11). F. Paul(5) was in.

Thursday April 27

Very pleasant. I went to Fullerville & got Mrs. Jenkins & went again at night and took her home.

Friday April 28

Raining today. I finished my brown dress. Ma frized my hair. More pleasant this afternoon. I went over to Mrs. Smiths with C. R.(4) to a party. Jennie Allen was here in the evening.

Saturday April 29

Quite pleasant although the wind blows cold. I went to Gouverneur. Saw Will Ball. Got me some new shoes & new gloves. Sleepy tonight.

Sunday April 30

Snowed a little. A very pleasant day. Pa and I went to Harrisville with pa (?) staid to Balls went to church in the evening went up to Effi’s and to see Minnie Horj (?).

Monday May 1

Very pleasant. Staid to Balls in the forenoon. Went up to Davis in the afternoon. Went downtown in the evening. Staid to Jeffs band played. Boarding Jennie Woodcock(16) comence.

Tuesday May 2

Very pleasant. Jeff and I went down town. Got some labels cut. Labels today. Went riding with Jennie Hitchcock. Played blindfold. Good time.

Wednesday May 3

Raining today though pleasant in the afternoon. Effie and I went over to Mrs. Osbornes. Had a nice visit. Jennie Larock took us riding. The band played. Called to Balls.

Thursday May 4

Called to Balls. Quite pleasant this morning. Rains a little. Camp(1) called us this morning. Mr. Osborne brought me home. A nice ride. Mrs. Davis gave me two large potatos. Got home at ten o’clock. Had a hail storm tonight.

Friday May 5

Very pleasant – though cool. Jennie(16) has just gone to school. I curled her hair. Raining this afternoon. Mrs. Bancroft(17) is here. C. Rogers(4) is in. Went to a party to Mr. Rogers. Staid all night.

Saturday May 6

Elsie came down. Father bought me a new comb. Dark & windy today. Looks like rain. C. Rogers(4) brought me home. I am *aning sleepy to as I can be. Mother and Father have gone to Harrisville. I went to sleep. Grandma went to Fullerville.

Sunday May 7

Raining this morning. Rained all day. I slept all the afternoon. Went after wintergreen berries.

Monday May 8

Very pleasant. Mother is washing. I have done up the work. It rains this afternoon. Commenced going to school. Eunice(4) came up today. Jennie(16) came up a fool this morning.

Tuesday May 9

Very pleasant this morning. Looks like rain. It has not rained today. I went to school. Jennie(16) and I went over to Mrs. Cole(12).

Wednesday May 10

More pleasant this morning. Curling Jennie’s(16) hair. I went to school. Went to Fullerville. Jennie and I went down with Dolly. Margaret was here today.

Thursday May 11

Very pleasant. The wind blows cold. Eunice(4), Mrs. Rogers & Mrs. Spicer(13) & Mary M. was here. I stitched on Eunice’s wrapper. Staid out of school today.

Friday May 12

It rains today. Not very pleasant. I went to school. Mrs. Bancroft(17) was up first (?) night. Elsie went to school with me. C. Rogers(4) was here in the evening. Asked Frank Allen if he saw a stray pigs.

Saturday May 13

It is not pleasant today. The wind blows cold rains a little. I have baked cake. Jennie(16) went home on foot this morning. Mother and grandma went to Fullerville. I went to sleep in the afternoon. C. Rogers(4) was in here tonight.

Sunday May 14

Very pleasant. Pa has killed the cow. I slept all the afternoon. Saw Anna and Jotty Scott(18) go down. Elsie and I went after the sheep. Mr. Hubbard paid Pa 10 dollars and took the note.

Monday May 15

A very cold day. I went to school. Lu Lobo(10) was in the evening. Ma and Grandma went fishing. Jennie’s father(16) brought her up. Ma washed today.

Tuesday May 16

A very pleasant day. Pa went to Halesborough and to D. Peck(19) to see Anna Mead. Saw Mr. Ball go down.

Fiday May 17

Dark and gloomy. Rained a little. Went to school. Mrs. Wakeford was here. Ma ironed. Jennie(16) & I went after some flowers.

Thursday May 18

Called to Mr. Waters(11). Rained in the morning. Pleasant in the afternoon. Went to school. Grandma went to Fullerville. Got her bonnet. Jennie(16) & I & Ma went after wintergreens, got six quarts. Lobo(10) was in.

Friday May 19

Very pleasant and awful warm. I went to school in the forenoon. Cleaned schoolhouse in the afternoon. Was colored black.

Saturday May 20

Very pleasant. I staid to home all day. Baked bread. Ma went to Fullerville. Elsie went over to Mr. Rogers(4). Made beer today.

Sunday May 21

Elsie went home with S Laye. Awful warm. I went down to Delos Spicers. Carried Grandma and Mrs. Spicer down to go to Parishville. Got home about 7 o’clock. Lost my shawl. Eddie bought the lambs.

Monday May 22

Rains rained all day. Ma & I washed. Did not go to school. L. Lobo(10) was in. Sewed my hat over in the afternoon. Greens for supper. Jennie(16) & I went over to Mr. Coles(12).

Tuesday May 23

Very pleasant. Ma and I cleaned three rooms up stairs. Mrs. Worden(20), Florence & Ardeal & Frank(5), Mina Render went down. C. Rogers(4) was down in the evening.

Wednesday May 24

Very pleasant. The wind blows quite hard this afternoon. Ma & I finished the chambers.

Thursday May 25

Looks like rain this morning, pleasant in the afternoon. I & Jennie(16) went up to Mr. Rogers(4). Staid all night. Ma went to Fullerville. Cleaned the cellar.

Friday May 26

Cool but pleasant. Came home about 10 o’clock. Very warm. Went up to Mr. Rogers(4) again to get some sweet corn. Jennie(16) had camping six girls from Fullerville. A. Paul(14) was here to supper.

Saturday May 27

Very pleasant this morning. I am ironing. Ma and I went over to Eugene Tompsons(21) in the afternoon. Saw Mr. Hank Tompson in the evening. C. Rogers(4) was down to see me.

Sunday May 28

Very pleasant. C. Rogers(4) came down to see me in the forenoon. I & C. Rogers went to ride in the afternoon. Called W. A. Smith(22), got home at 9 o’clock. Very warm. Cora Allen called here. Pa got his hair cut.

Monday May 29

Pleasant in the morning same in the afternoon. Mom and I washed. I moped. Did not go to school. Mrs. Cole(12) was in. Rained in the evening.

Tuesday May 30

Very pleasant and warm. Ma & I white washed Grandma’s bedroom. Ed Waters(11) was in. Very warm.

Wednesday May 31

Another warm day. I went to school. Jennie(16) & I went up to Mr. Kennedy after school came home at half past eight. Saw Mr. T. King and Mr. Pahid (?) go up.

Thursday June 1

First day of June. Awful warm. I went to school & after school we went up to Mr. Allen’s for tea. Saw Mr. Roger(4). Thinks he is (illegible). Home at half past 10 o’clock. Tired out.

Friday June 2

Pleasant but warm. Went to school. Jennie(16) went home. Mother went down to Mrs. Bancroft(17). Ma & I went a fishing. Caught six fish.

Saturday June 3

Baked cake. Not so warm today but pleasant. Rained a little tonight. Andrew & Minnie called here today. I went into Mrs. Cole’s(12). Ma has gone a fishing. I have done up the work.

Sunday June 4

Very warm and pleasant. Eva Schoolcraft(23) was here. C. Rogers(4) here to see me. Pa & Charley went over to Mr. Freeman’s(9). Grandma come home from Parishville. Saw Mr. Ball’s people go up.

Monday June 5

Pa went to Clifton. Very pleasant not so warm. I went to school. We did not wash. C. Rogers(4) was down at 4 o’clock to get some pork. Grandma is not very well. Jennie(16) lost her pin. I went down to F. J. Paul’s(5) to get a hat.

Tuesday June 6

Looks like rain – did not rain – pleasant. Went to school. Pa came home from Clifton. I wrote a letter to Eugene Brown. It was a love letter.

Wednesday June 7

Very pleasant & warm. I got up at 4 o’clock this morning. Went to Gouverneur. Bought a hat & dress tie. Ma got her gloves. Circus to Gouverneur. Did not go in. Called to Uncle Steph(24) and to Mike Porters. Got home at ten o’clock.

Thursday June 8

Rains this morning – pleasant this afternoon. Went to school. Ma had the tooth ache. Washed today. Gardy Hall was in.

Friday June 9

Very warm. Went to school. Rained in the afternoon a thunderstorm. Jennie(16) went home. Mrs. Hawk(7) was here.

Saturday June 10

Very warm and I have worked all day. Ironed this afternoon. Ma colored red & green. Mrs. Cole(12) was in. I went to Fullerville. I see Mrs. Balmot afront making my dress. Ma went a fishing got a good many.

Sunday June 11

Very pleasant this morning. Mrs. Terry & Mrs. Robinson was here. Hot today. Cora Allen was in. Mrs. Worden(20) & Nettie Brown was here. C. Rogers was here a short time. Ma & I went over to Eugene Tompsons(21).

Monday June 12

Warm in the forenoon. Thundershowers in the afternoon. Went to school. Al Paul(14) lathed today. Rained hard – cool this evening. Colored copper as color.

Tuesday June 13

Cool this morning. Wove one stripe on the carpet. Washing today. Went to school. Jennie Allen was in after some plants. C. Rogers came home with Jennie from Mr. Waters(11).

Wednesday June 14

Warm this morning. Went to school. Rains tonight – a terrible thunderstorm – rains yet. Mrs. Waters(11) was in. One stripe of carpet done.

Thursday June 15

Very warm. Went to Fullerville. Had my dress cut & fitted. Called on Ardeal(5). Rode home with Mrs. Culver. Rained when we got home. Laura (?) was over. Pa worked on the road.

Friday June 16

Very cool & pleasant. Robbie Webb(25) was in. Jennie(16) went home. I went to school. Made soap today. Wove on the carpet.

Saturday June 17

Very cool. Mopped and baked this forenoon. Ironed my white waists. Ma & Grandma went a fishing in the afternoon.

Sunday June 18

Wind blows terribly – rains a little. C. Rogers(4) was here all day. Ma & Grandma went a strawberries. Rained terribly. Went over to Lobos(10) Pa, Ma, & I.

Monday June 19

Rainy this morning. Brought Jennie’s(16) instrument up. Mrs. Waters(11) white washed the parlor. Began to paper. Eddie Worden(20) was in a shower.

Tuesday June 20

Very pleasant. Pa & I went to York(15) afer more proper finished papering. Rained again this afternoon. C. Rogers(4) was down. We had all gone to bed.

Wednesday June 21

Very cool & pleasant – rained half of the time. Wove on the carpet most all day. Mrs. Lobo(10) was here in the afternoon. Practiced in the evening.

Thursday June 22

Very cool & pleasant. Wove on the carpet all day. A peddler staid all night. Played on the melodian tonight.

Friday June 23

Very cool & pleasant. Bought me some Casticks. Wove in the forenoon. Went to sleep in the afternoon. Grandma went a fishing. Called to Mr. Lobos(10) in the evening.

Saturday June 24

Warm & pleasant. Ma was sick. I moped and done the house work. Ma sewed on my dress. Grandma went to Fullerville. Pa & I rode down just night.

Sunday June 25

Rains terribly. Mrs. Allen & Robbie(43) was here. Ma is sick. C. Rogers(4) spent the afternoon. Uncle Steph & Auntie(24) was up. More pleasant.

Monday June 26

Cleaned my bed. Quite warm all day. Auntie went home this morning. Grandma & I washed. Ma sewed a little on my dress. Rote (sic) a letter to Effie tonight. Done a big days work. Tired.

Tuesday June 27

Rains this morning. I ironed all the forenoon. Done up my corset. Went calling up to Mr. Rogers(4) & Mr. Spicer(13). Saw a blind man & a crazy man. Ma was very sick. I went over to Mr. Lobo(10) to get some Cena (?).

Wednesday June 28

Very pleasant. I ironed & baked bread. Served a little tonight’s callers Mrs. Waters(11), Mrs. Lobo(10) and Mrs. Cole(12). Gave Mrs. Lobo my overskirt & waist.

Thursday June 29

Warm & pleasant. I baked all the forenoon. Mrs. Rogers(4) was here with Frankie. Stiched on Frankie’s clothes. Sewed on my dress. I carried Mrs. Rogers home & Jennie & I went to Mrs. Hubbards.

Friday June 30

Very warm and pleasant. Pa & I went to Little York. Called to Mrs. Bigfords(26). Got me some collars & cuffs & some pink ribbon, Grandpa a coat & a new ***(?). Jennie(16) went home on foot.

Saturday July 1

Pleasant this morning – a shower in the afternoon. Moped & is done all the work. Grandma is sick and so is Ma. Mrs. Cole(12) was in. Went to sleep in the afternoon. Picked my ducks.

Sunday July 2

Looks like rain. C. Rogers(4) was down to see me. Henry Coats was in. Rained in the afternoon. Saw Mr. Ball go down. Called on Mrs. Labo(10).

Monday July 3

Rains this morning, windy. Very windy this afternoon. Called on Mrs. Cole(12) this afternoon. Have not done much. Went to sleep. Picked some peas. Pulled some daises. Hoed some cabbage plants.

Tuesday July 4

It rained hard at 4 o’clock this morning. C. Rogers(4) and I went to Harrisville. Staid all day & all night. It rained most all day. Ma & Pa, Grandma & Grandpa all went. Mrs. Cole(12) rode up with them. Pleasant evening.

Wednesday July 5

Got home after one. Rained hard. Very cool and pleasant. Came down from H. Took breakfast to Mr. Rogers(4). Got home around 11 o’clock. Robbie brought Effie down this morning. She & I rode down to Fullerville & down to Mrs. Tithrans (?).

Thursday July 6

Very pleasant. Effie & I picked peas for dinner. Pa & I & Effie went to Little York. Called to Mr. Silvers(27). Got my sundoan (?) **?. Ate peanuts in the evening. Very pleasant.

Friday July 7

Rained in the afternoon. Very pleasant out this morning. Ma & Grandma washed. I did the work. Ironed my white dress in the afternoon. Jeff went after gooseberries. She ironed her waist. We all went fishing. Had a nice time.

Saturday July 8

Jennie(16) kept school today. Hot as it can be. Did not do very much. Mrs. Thompson was here in the forenoon & to dinner. Effie & I went to Harrisville. Got there about seven. Went downtown in the evening.

Sunday July 9

Another hot day. I staid with Effie last night. Started for home about 10 o’clock. Called to Mr. Rogers(4). Got home about 2 o’clock. Jennie(16) did not go home this week. Jennie & I & C. Rogers went to ***? for a ***?. Came around the square.

Monday July 10

Very pleasant. I picked some peas for dinner. Hoed my plants. Helped to pick wool. Mrs. Cole(12) helped me pick in the afternoon. A thunderstorm past night. Went to meet pa. He got some new hens (?).

Tuesday July 11

Rainy this morning – pleasant in the afternoon. Washing today. Moped a little. Jennie & I took supper to Mr. Spicer(13). Called to Mr. Rogers(4) to get some yeast. C. Rogers was down to Mr. Spicers. Frank Gates(28) was down.

Wednesday July 12

Pleasant & hot. Wove most all day. Ma ironed. I baked and went a berrrying – got a quart. Wove a strip today. Mrs. Cole(12) was down.

Thursday July 13

Al worked here. Worked this morning & wove on the carpet. Mrs. Labo(10) was in. I went over to Mr. Labos this morning. Pleasant & warm. Took tea to Mrs. Cole(12). Jennie(16), I, & Pa draned 3 loads of hay.

Friday July 14

Albert worked here. Warm & pleasant. I ironed all day. Done my linen dress for the first time. Ma wove in the afternoon. Finished the big peace of carpet. Hot. Jennie(16) went home. 2 loads.

Saturday July 15

Very warm. Cleaned the pantry & moped & swept. Have been to work all day. Mrs. Cole(12) was in. Pa went to Fullerville tonight. Put 2 loads of hay.

Sunday July 16

Cool this morning – warm this afternoon. Wrote a letter to Anna Mead. Mrs. Hawk(7) was in. Mr. & Mrs. Labo(10) was here in the evening. Ma & Grandma went down to Mr. Spragues.

Monday July 17

Very warm. We cleaned the kitchen & Ma’s bedroom. White washed today. Grandma went up to Alberts. 2 loads of hay.

Tuesday July 18

Very warm. Ma & Grandma & I went a berrying. Got 15 quarts. Sold them to Mr. Wellar at 8 cents. 2 loads of hay.

Wednesday July 19

Very pleasant & warm. Helped to wash. Wove on the carpet. Went over to Mr. Labos(10). Went up to Mr. Keen. 3 loads. ? staid till 11 o’clock. We see Mrs. Tomas.

Thursday July 20

Mrs. Tomas died. Warm but it rained in the afternoon. The wind blowed terriibly. Went a berrying. Ma & I 1 load got 14 quarts at 8 cents. Pa & I went to Fullerville.

Friday July 21

Hot – Very warm. Rained in the afternoon a little. Mrs. Eavens & Mrs. Terry was up and Jane Bancroft(17) was here in the afternoon. I was sick. Had the headache. Stitched on Jane’s dress. Went after some yeast.

Saturday July 22

Very hot & dry. Went to Mrs. Tomas funeral. Ma sat up last night with her. Rained last night. Mr. Bratt was married.

Sunday July 23

Looks like rain – very cool. Jennie staid here today. C. Rogers(4) was down. We went over to Mr. Spicers(13) to tea. Played croquet. Ellen was sick. Rained just night. Ma & Pa went ariding.

Monday July 24

Cool but pleasant. Ma & Grandma picked 15 quarts of berries. I went to Fullerville. Called to Mr. Collins. It rained. Took Jennie(16) home sick.

Tuesday July 25

Cool – it rained in the afternoon. Ma & I went a berrying. Got 14 quarts. Ma & Grandma went to Fullerville. Father got me some slippers.

Wednesday July 26

Very pleasant. Mrs. Rogers(4) was here in the forenoon. I sewed for her. Called to Mrs. Labos(10) this afternoon.

Thursday July 27

Very cool but pleasant. We went a berrying today. Picked 21 quarts. Pa took us up & carried us to Fullerville. Reen & Betsy went to. Uncle Deck came down.

Friday July 28

Rains this morning. Washing today. Had the headache. Rained most all day.

Saturday July 29

Pleasant this morning. Ma is moping. Grama is sewing on the carpet. I went down to see Jennie in the afternoon. Staid all night.

Sunday July 30

Pleasant this morning. Staid until 11 o’clock with Jennie. Effie Davis(29) and Silas Lane was here. Eddie Rogers(4) & Uncle Deck. A very warm day.

Monday July 31

Warm today. Ma & Grandma went berrying – got 15 quarts. I staid to home & done the work. Grama & I went to Fullerville. Saw Jennie.

Tuesday August 1

Very cool but pleasant. Washing today. Mrs. & Ma Spicer(13) was down. Ma & Bell went to Fullerville got a five quart pail. Went up to Mrs. Rogers(4) & staid all night.

Wednesday August 2

Very warm. Went a berrying. Got 10 quarts. Mrs. Rogers(4) went. Eddie brought us home. Very warm.

Thursday August 3

Very pleasant this morning. I have been down to Mrs. Evans to get some yeast. Pa & I went to Gouverneur. Got me a tie & a belt. Put down the carpet today.

Friday August 4

Very pleasant but warm. I have baked pies & cake. I ironed my white dress. Ma & Gramma has gone visiting to Mr. Spicers(13). Little Gertie came home with them.

Saturday August 5

Very warm. Grandma & Ma went a berrying. Ma went up to Spicers(13) in the afternoon. I moped & worked all day. Bell came down to night. I went a berrying first night & got most 2 quarts 14 quarts.

Sunday August 6

Very warm night. I went up to Mr. Waterses to see Hetty(11). Charles & I went to York(15) to Church. Called to Mr. Glaziers(30). Got home at one o’clock.

Monday August 7

Not so warm – looks like rain. Ma & Gramma went berrying. Got 8 quarts. I staid to home. Done the work. Went up to Mr. Waters & set up with Hettie(11).

Tuesday August 8

Very warm. I came home & moped & baked. Ma & Granma went a berrying – got 9 quarts. Mrs. Bennett & Winnie(31) was here.

Wednesday August 9

Very warm. Washing today. Ma & I went up to Al’s. Saw George Mead. I took a nap in the afternoon.

Thursday August 10

Very warm. Went a berrying. Got 9 quarts. Stopped to Mr. Rogers(4) to dinner. Came home & went to Fullerville. Got some cotton yarn.

Friday August 11

Very hot. I went up to Spicers(13). Bell & I went a berrying. I got 5 quarts. Joseph Labo(10) called here. Jennie(16) went home.

Saturday August 12

Very warm again. I staid to home. Worked all day. Ma went berrying. Got 3 quarts. Saw Jennie Exford. Ironed my white dress. Saw Mr. Davis. Went up to Mr. Waters to see Hettie(11).

Sunday August 13

Just a little cooler. Very hot this afternoon. C. Rogers(4) called here. Mr. Pike came up a berrying. Went to see Mr. Coles(12). Nell, Em & Eugene was here. We went up to Mr. Waters(11).

Monday August 14

Very warm. Ma & I went a berrying. Got 6 quarts. Went to Fox Hill. Came home & baked & then went to Fullerville with Hein (?).

Tuesday August 15

Very warm this morning but rained hard in the afternoon. Went a berrying. I picked 7 quarts. Ma picked ** 12 quarts. Sold mine to Mr. Vanance.

Wednesday August 16

Draned 6 loads. Cooler this morning. Went a berrying, got 13 quarts. I went up to Mr. Rogers(4) & staid all night. Very warm in the afternoon. Bell came down.

Thursday August 17

Quite pleasant. Mr. Rogers(4) brought me home. Washed today. Bell & I came down to Fullerville. I got some cotton yarn. Jennie’s(16) school closed today. I went after the cows. My birthday.

Friday August 18

Very pleasant. We went a berrying. Did not get any. Met Mr. Tompsons & rode up to the shantes. Came home & took a nap. There was a dance to Halesborough. C. Rogers(4) came home.

Saturday August 19

Cool this morning. Rained hard in the night. I ironed & moped & washed windows. Ma & Granma went berrying. Got about 10 qts. Sold them to Mr. Pike. Pa went to Fullerville.

Sunday August 20

Cool. Looks like rain. Pa & Ma & I went up to Mr. Wakefords. Was gone all day. Came back by Pitcairn. Cold all day. C. Rogers(4) was here when us come home. Vited me for fo**(?).

Monday August 21

Cold today. Guess it might snow. Went a berrying. Got 18 quarts & ½. Went to Fullerville at night. I saw Mr. Kerns people.

Tuesday August 22

Warmer today. Went a berrying. Got 12 quarts. Mrs. Bennett(31) went. Sold them to Mr. Vanaprer.

Wednesday August 23

A little warmer. Ma & Grandma went berrying. 6 quarts. I staid at home all day. Mrs. Rogers(4) was in. Ma went down to Mr. Collins. Got my Cil Speed. (?)

Thursday August 24

Pleasant this morning. Grandma & I are washing. Ma has gone berrying. (Illegible) gets moped & baked & washed chairs. Amos Waters was in. Pa draned 1 load of hay.

Friday August 25

Bought 1 pair of stockings. Pleasant this morning. Ironing. Grandma & Mrs. Bennett(31) have gone to Fullerville. Had a shower at noon. I went to Fullerville to Jane Bancroft’s(17) to tea. Rode home with Mr. Allen.

Saturday August 26

Pleasant, went berrying. Got 8 quarts. Rained all day. Went all over Canarda. Mrs. Rogers(4) was here. Mr. Pike took our berries. Wind blowed quite hard & chilly.

Sunday August 27

Quite cool this morning. Staid to home all day. Went to sleep. Pa & Ma went up to Mr. Rogers(4).

Monday August 28

Cool but pleasant. I went to Gouverneur with Mr. Allen. Got a new tie & a ruff & some perfume. Took dinner to Mr. Porter. Got home at 9 o’clock.

Tuesday August 29

Very pleasant. Ma & Grandma went berrying. Mrs. Hawk(7) was here. I baked bread & cookies. Fern Hale took Ma & Grandma down H--. I went over to Gene Thompsons(21). Rode home with E. Carbine.

Wednesday August 30

Very dry. Fires all around. I baked pies & cakes & ironed. Worked all day.

Thursday August 31

Very warm & dry. I have washed & moped. Baked bread. Mr. & Mrs. Freeman was here. I called to Mr. Labos(10) to get a flat iron.

Friday September 1

Very pleasant. I ironed my white dress. Gertrude & John & Bell & Mrs. Spicer(13) & C. Rogers(4) was here. Went over to Mr. Hawks(7) in the evening. Rained terribly at night.

Saturday September 2

Very cool & nice. Gertrude & Bell & Ma went down to Franks(5). I moped & done all the work. Went up to Mr. Allen’s with Em & Gene.

Sunday September 3

Very cool but pleasant. Gertrude & John & I went up to Mr. Spicer’s(13). Jennie came up. We went up to Mr. Waters(11). Ma & Pa went over to Hank (?) Thompsons.

Monday September 4

Rains this morning. Gertrude went home. Ma took Jennie’s(16) melodian home. Sewed all day on the machine. C. Rogers(4) was in. Mrs. Labo(10) was in.

Tuesday September 5

Very cold. Mrs. Rogers(4) came down. I sewed all day. Charlie(4) was in. Pa draned coal. Saw Jeff & Robbie. Ma & Pa went up to Mr. Allen’s in the evening.

Wednesday September 6

Mrs. Labo(10) was in. Very pleasant. Finished Winnie’s dress & made a shirt for Charlie. Saw Mina Render. Went to Fullerville. Got me some cuffs & pins. Took tea to Mrs. Terry’s. Mrs. Rogers(4) was here. Mrs. Thompson was here in the evening.

Thursday September 7

Second day of fair. A splendid day. I have been getting ready all day. Went over to Mr. Labo’s(10) in the afternoon a little while.

Friday September 8

Rains terribly. Started for the fair about eleven o’clock. Pleasant in the afternoon. Had a nice time. Went up to York(15) at night. Run horses all the way up. Took dinner to D. Pecks(19).

Saturday September 9

Rainy & cold. Came home from York(15). Got home about noon. Had a nice time. Danced all night & came home with the girls in the morning. I am sleepy to as I can be. Went to sleep at six.

Sunday September 10

Very cool. Worked all day. C. Rogers(4) came down. Eugene T.(21) came after me. We went to Edwards. Got tipped over. Did not get hurt. Saw Barnes Lenny.

Monday September 11

Very pleasant. Went over to the Hop yard. Had lots of fun. Picked 16 inches. C. Rogers(4) came home from the Hop yard with me & staid all the evening & all night.

Tuesday September 12

Very cool. Went picking hops. Picked 16 inches. Cold at night. Finished picking. Went over to Hawks(7) in the evening. Lennie came home with me.

Wednesday September 13

Very pleasant. I came home after some hay. Staid all day over here. Worked a little. Went after the cows. (illegible) Dinner eat apples in the evening.

Thursday September 14

Very cool – rained all the forenoon. Emma & I went to Pitcairn. Took dinner to the Geers. Came back at night. Had a nicotine. Had my fortune told in the evening.

Friday September 15

Raining terribly this morning. Did not go to Fine. Went over to Hawks(7) in the afternoon to tea. Em & Gene & Len came over. Len came home with me. A nasty day.

Saturday September 16

Very pleasant. Went to Fine. Had a splendid time. Saw Frank Gates(28). Rode all day. Went through Shawville(32). Had some fun. Got disappointed Got home at 7 o’clock.

Sunday September 17

Rained in the afternoon. Saw Mr. Gibbs. Very pleasant. C. Freeman called to Gene’s. I came home on foot. Pa & Ma was over. They staid to dinner with Mrs. Bennett & Winnie(31) came home with us. C. Rogers(4) was here in the evening. Winnie & I took a short ride.

Monday September 18

Looks like rain. Rained in the afternoon. Ironed all day. Went up to Mr. Waters(11) & staid to tea. Ma & Pa went to Harrisville. Called to Mr. Labos(10).

Tuesday September 19

Rainy all day. Grandma went to Fuller-. Got her some rubbers. I moped & washed windows. I called to Mr. Hawks(7).

Wednesday September 20

Rains. More pleasant in the afternoon. Gene Tompson(21) & his wife were here to dinner & also Mrs. Bennett(31). I made my white. Me, Ma & Pa came home in the evening. Henerette came down. Ren Cote was married.

Thursday September 21

Very pleasant this morning. Len came over. Eddie Rogers(4) was down. Henrette & I went up Frank Allen’s in the afternoon. Came home in the evening.

Friday September 22

Very pleasant. I washed today. Mina Waters was down. I sewed in the afternoon. Went over to Mr. Coles(12) to a party. Had a nice little time.

Saturday September 23

Cool but pleasant. I went down to Fullerville. In the afternoon Ma went down to Frank Scovil’s. I went after some cherries. Called to Mr. Waters(11). C. Rogers(4) was down.

Sunday September 24

Emme’s child was born. A lovely day. Charlie(4) & I went up to King McColemans. Took dinner there and came home by the forks. Got home about 12 o’clock. Went with the new harness & Mr. Water’s(11) buggy.

Monday September 25

Quite pleasant. I sewed most all day. Ma came home at noon with Mrs. Rogers(4). I had the teeth ache and went to bed early.

Tuesday September 26

Rains very hard. Clearer this afternoon. Ma & I went up to Mr. Spicers(13) to tea. Sewed most all day. Cool tonight. Mrs. Church was up here.

Wednesday September 27

Rainy. Rained all day. Mr. Spicer(13) was in. I have washed & ironed my linen suit. Grandma went to Fullerville. A man staid here all night. C. Rogers(4) was down in the evening.

Thursday September 28

Rainy today. Mrs. Rogers(4) came down in the afternoon. I sewed all day for her. Went over to Mr. Lobos(10). Got ready to go to Potsdam.

Friday September 29

Rains terribly. Got up a half past three. Came out to Potsdam & John met me there. Got to Gertie’s at half past one. Went to a party to Mr. Covies. Had a nice time. Got acquainted with lots of people.

Saturday September 30

Very pleasant. I had a headache. Slept awhile in the forenoon. Read a little in the afternoon. Rained again.

Sunday October 1

Quite pleasant. We got ready & went up to Uncles Josh. Staid all day. Had a good visit. Came back. Read in the evening. Rained again.

Monday October 2

Raining – cleared off and was pleasant in the afternoon. John & I went down to Little Falls(33). Knit all the afternoon. Gertrude washed.

Tuesday October 3

Quite pleasant although the wind blows hard. Gertie & I went up to Ben Abbots. Gertie went home. I staid all night. Rainy at night.

Wednesday October 4

Rainy this morning. More pleasant in the afternoon. I knit most all day. Took a nap in the afternoon.

Thursday October 5

Rains again this morning. I knit most all day. Mrs. Smith was in. Made a call. Rained most all day.

Friday October 6

Rainy again this morning. Went to Bicknilville(34). It rained most all the way down. Got all mud. Got home at dark. Came back by John’s. Had quite a nice time. Had the headache.

Saturday October 7

Rainy again. Minnie had the tooth ache last night. Had a snow storm but had green corn for tea. It snowed quite hard but cleared up 4 o’clock & was pleasant. I wrote (illegible). Haven’t done much today.

Sunday October 8

Snowing again terribly hard. Had a hail storm at night. Did not do anything but read. Went over to Mr. Smith’s. Had some mince pie.

Monday October 9

More pleasant but cold. We washed & ironed in the afternoon. Uncle Joshua was over this morning. Very cool.

Tuesday October 10

Quite cold. The wind blows like rain. We went over to Uncle Joshua’s. They went back. I staid all night. We all went over in the wood. Florence was there.

Wednesday October 11

More pleasant but cold. Libbie & George have gone to the village. I took a nap in the afternoon. John Lonis was here.

Thursday October 12

More pleasant – quite a nice day. Something new. Flod & I got dinner. We all went over to the potato patch had lots of fun in the evening.

Friday October 13

Very pleasant. Libbie & I & Flod went up on White Hill(35). Took dinner to Mr. Todds. Got back about 5 o’clock. Had a nice time. Saw the Adrondac mountains.

Saturday October 14

Quite pleasant but rained & snowed in the afternoon. I ironed in the forenoon. Took a nap in the afternoon.

Sunday October 15

Snowing this morning. Froze hard. Slept most all day. Libbie & I went down to the road. Mr. Gyno was to Uncle’s had tea after dark.

Monday October 16

Storms & snows. Libbie & I went to the village. Got Auntie some trimmings. Washed in the forenoon. Snowed (?) like fun.

Tuesday October 17

Pleasant morning. Washed again today. Florence & Josh went up the hill. It was very cold. Lib & I went after the cows.

Wednesday October 18

A pleasant morning. Uncle Joshua & I went out to Dickerson. It was a nice day. We stoped Hopcanton(36) to the starch factory. Got there about 4 o’clock.

Thursday October 19

Quite pleasant. I staid all day. Sewed for Eugene. A nice day.

Friday October 20

Pleasant. Jene & I went up to Nicholville(37) in the afternoon. Ala & I went up to Dickerson in the forenoon. Called to Mrs. Charles. Had a party in the evening. Had a nice time. Hod Parmer was here.

Saturday October 21

Rains this morning. Quite sleepy today. Gene is moping. Mr. Palmer was down.

Sunday October 22

Cool, looks like rain. Hod Palmer was down & staid the afternoon. George & Lucy called here. George & I went to church in the evening. A nice evening.

Monday October 23

Cool but pleasant. Jene & I went over to Mr. Deny’s in the afternoon. Hod & Ad came over in the evening. Hod come home with me. It rained in the evening.

Tuesday October 24

Ala went to Parishville. Quite pleasant this morning. Jene is washing. I moped in the afternoon. Jene baked cake. Lucy came over to tea. Adda staid with us. Hod was down in the evening.

Wednesday October 25

Pleasant this morning but rained at night. Hod & I went up to Mr. Kingsberry’s to a dance. Had a nice time. Came home at 4 in the morning. Ala came home.

Thursday October 26

Cold today. I have slept most all day. Did not feel very well. Liza came over in the afternoon.

Friday October 27

Snowing this morning. Hod was down this morning. Gene & Frank went up to the Ville. I baked a cake. Ala ironed. Gene & I went up to Parmers & Hod & Ad came home with us. It was a beautiful evening.

Saturday October 28

A beautiful morning. Mrs. Tuttle came down. Gene & I went up to Mr. Parmers in the afternoon, had a nice time. Hod came home with us & staid the evening. Harvey Waste & sister was down in the evening.

Sunday October 29

Very pleasant day. Hod & I went to church & then took a ride. Went in the evening in a double wagon. Had a nice time. Hod staid until it was time to go home.

Monday October 30

A pleasant morning. I was sleepy. Hod & I went down to Brushes Mill to a mass meeting. Had a nice time. Had a torch light possession. Got home at 1 o’clock.

Tuesday October 31

A pleasant morning but rained in the afternoon. Gertie & John came out. Hod was in. Mrs. Ellthorp was in.

Wednesday November 1

Rainy today. I called to Mr. Denes. Hod was down in the evening. Mr. Rice was here. Lost his cap.

Thursday November 2

Rainy today. We went to Dickinson to a show. Took a ride after the show. Lucy & Liza was over.

Friday November 3

Rainy again. We tried to sleep but Alla would not let us. We went over to Mr. Denes to tea. George came home with us.

Saturday November 4

Looks like rain. Gene moped. I did not do much. Frank & Gene went to meeting in the afternoon.

Sunday November 5

A pleasant day. I went up to Mr. Palmers. Addie was down in the afternoon. George was down & Eben(38) was down in the evening.

Monday November 6

Quite pleasant. I went up to Mr. Parmers in the forenoon. Made a collar for Jene. We went up to see Ebbin(38). He came home with us & staid the evening. It rained.

Tuesday November 7

(Illegible) my last night in Dickinson Junction day today. Frank went to the Junction. A rainy day. Jene ironed. Ebbin(38) was in in the morning. We went up to Mr. Parmers to a party. Came home at 10 o’clock. Had a lecture.

Wednesday November 8

Lourery (?) & cold. George was in & Ad came to bid me adeau. Frank & I came out to Uncle Joshua. Got there at dark.

Thursday November 9

Rains this morning. Frank went back. Uncle took Gertie & I up to the village in the wagon. Had a nice time. Pleasant in the afternoon. Gertie is making me a basket.

Friday November 10

Quite cold. We went up to Uncle Ben’s(39). They was not to home. We called to Mr. Smiths. Saw Libbie Covie & Sarah Allen. Got my shoe mended.

Saturday November 11

The ground is covered with snow. It is warm. The snow is melting away. Rant was in. There is a man here to clean out the needl (?). We went down to Mr. Berry to eat. Chicken pie.

Sunday November 12

Very pleasant. We went over to Oscar Stones. Staid most all day. Gertie walked coming home. Libbie Covie was in. I wrote home.

Monday November 13

A pleasant morning. I washed this morning. Uncle John & I went up to the village in the afternoon.

Tuesday November 14

Rains this morning – more pleasant. Uncle John & I went over to Mr. Covies after some cider. I saw Mr. & Mrs. Franklin from the west. Had some (illegible) for dinner. Uncle John went up to B*teses in the evening.

Wednesday November 15

A pleasant day. Jene out. Carrie came down.

Thursday November 16

A pleasant day. Gertie & I went riding around the (illegible)

Friday November 17

Very pleasant day. Gertie moped. Mrs. Tupper was here to dinner. Libbie Covie was here in the afternoon. A lovely day. I am getting ready to go home. We went peace with Libbie. I saw Bert Tupper.

Saturday November 18

Cool this morning. We started for Potsdam about 8 o’clock. Staid there till one & started for home. Got to Gouv- at 4 o’clock. Saw Anna Mead. Saw Eva Peck. Got home at 9 o’clock. The roads was very bad. Mrs. Hawk(7) was buried.

Sunday November 19

Quite pleasant. Sylia & Will staid here last night. Aunt Meranda & Steph(24) was here. C. Rogers(4) was here & staid to dinner. C. Rogers was here tonight.

Monday November 20

Rainy today. Ma & I cleaned the chambers today. Worked all day. Albert was in.

Tuesday November 21

Washed today. A pleasant day. C. Rogers(4) was in. We all went up to Rogers in the evening. Had a nice visit.

Wednesday November 22

Rainy today. We cleaned the kitchen & Ma’s room. Lance was sick. Emmagene & Ma went over in the night.

Thursday November 23

Snowing this morning. I have moped. Ma & Jane are a bed. Sewed in the afternoon. Called to Mr. Hawks(7). Snowed all day.

Friday November 24

Snows a little. Cleaned the pantry this forenoon. Jene & I went down to Frank Backus(40) in the afternoon. Pa came after us. A pleasant evening.

Saturday November 25

Quite cool but pleasant. I washed chairs. Ma moped. We all went over to Mr. Thompson’s in the evening. Had a nice time. C. Rogers(4) staid here all night. Had some fun.

Sunday November 26

Snowed a little. We did not get up till 9. I slept most all day. Frank Bromegine(41) was in. The snow stays on yet.

Monday November 27

Clear but cold. We are washing. Jene & I went to Fullerville. I got me a new Calico dress.

Tuesday November 28

Quite cold. We all went up to Albert’s. Staid most all day. Sewed on Henerette’s dress. Went over to Cole’s(12) in the evening.

Wednesday November 29

Pleasant this morning. I have moped & am ironing. Ma baked all day. Killed some chickens in the evening.

Thursday November 30

Thanksgiving. Very cold. Snows a little. We had a chicken pie for supper. I called on Mr. Lobos(10).

Friday December 1

Cold today. Jene & I took a ride before daylight. C. Rogers(4) was over in the evening.

Saturday December 2

Quite cold. I have moped & baked & cleaned out the cellar. The folks have all gone to H---. Eddie Rogers(4) was here.

Sunday December 3

Cold. Charlie(4) & I went over to Franks. I staid to Mr. Rogers in the afternoon. Went over to Franks and staid the evening. Jene came home from Harrisville.

Monday December 4

A little warmer today. I have sewed all day on my black calico dress. Read in the evening.

Tuesday December 5

Quite warm & pleasant. I moped & sewed in the afternoon. The too Mr. Freemans was over. I read all the evening. Ward Glazier(30) brought the potatos.

Wednesday December 6

Mr. Cromier was here. Quite pleasant. Jene & I was working. Grandma went to Fullerville. She got her a new dress & a new broom. Jene & I went over to Franks. *innie was up. We get home at 2 o’clock.

Thursday December 7

Snowing a little. Snowed all day. Good sleighing. About 9 inches of snow. Charly Simmie was down in the evening. Staid all the evening.

Friday December 8

I slept till noon. Jene ironed in the afternoon. Snowed a little in the forenoon.

Saturday December 9

Cold. I moped & sewed in the afternoon. Coldest night we have had.

Sunday December 10

Cold again today. I wrote to Effie & to Uncle Adolphus. Charlie & I took a ride & mailed the letters. Very cold. My first sleigh-ride.

Monday December 11

Quite pleasant. We went to Gouverneur. Got a new dress & corset, ribbon, diary, shoe horn. We got home at nine o’clock. Took dinner at M. Porters.

Tuesday December 12

Quite pleasant. Snows a little. Jene & I made my underskirt. Went over to Mr. Hawks(7) in the evening.

Wednesday December 13

Thawing today. Mrs. Tompson was over, staid all day. I sewed all day. Went over to Mr. Hawks(7) in the evening. Heard Laura play. Grandma went home with Mrs. Tompson.

Thursday December 14

Washing today. I went down to Fullerville. Had my dress cut. Dr. Gordenough(42) came to see Ma. Pa went to Edwards.

Friday December 15

Stormy & cold. Charley(4) came down early in the morning. We went up home with him. Helped pick chickens. Jene staid all night. Laura & Sylvia was over in the afternoon.

Saturday December 16

The coldest day we have had. Ma is quite sick. I have moped & baked all day. Mr. Carter was in.

Sunday December 17

More pleasant but cold. Very cold. Jene came home. C. Rogers(4) was in. Grandma came home. Alice Tompson was over & Mr. Barnes & Fred & Sylvia & Bell & Salsbury was here to dinner. Laura & Mr. Hawk(7) were here.

Monday December 18

Snowing today. Pa went to Edwards. I went over to Hank Tompsons. They all came over in the evening. Laura came over and played. We danced a few times. Had a nice time. Jene came back.

Tuesday December 19

Snowing. I feel sleepy. Have not done much today. Quite cold. Uncle Deck came here. I had the teeth ache. Jene & I picked some chickens.

Wednesday December 20

Quite pleasant. I have moped & ironed a little. Went to Fullerville. Had a tooth pulled. Saw Mrs. Ball go down.

Thursday December 21

Snows. We washed & moped. Sewed in the afternoon.

Friday December 22

Snows. We sewed on my dress. Anna Mead was here. There was pedler eat dinner here. Got me some lastics & some lace. Picked some chickens.

Saturday December 23

Quite pleasant. I moped & baked. Joel went to Gouverneur. Hitty Waters(11) was here. Charley went down. Grandma sewed on my dress. We went a piece with Holly(?)

Sunday December 24

A very pleasant day. I am very lazy today. Charlie(4) was here most all day. Had us Oyster dinner. He staid the evening. We had some pop corn.

Monday December 25

Christmas. A beautiful day. Jene & Pa & Grandma & I went down to Uncle Steph’s(24). Staid all day. Had a good visit. Splendid sleighing. Had a present of a pocket book & an apron.

Tuesday December 26

Snowing today. I moped. Jene & I went up to school in the afternoon. Took tea to Mr. Spicers(13). Came home in the evening.

Wednesday December 27

Snowing again. We have washed. Jene & I went over to Thompsons. Jene came after us. We all went up to the red school house to a reading school. Came back & had supper. Went to bed at 12 o’clock.

Thursday December 28

A beautiful day. We staid over to Jene’s all day. Jane came over. Hod brought us home at night. Serene & Mary was here. Mary staid all night.

Friday December 29

Mary went home. Pleasant in the forenoon but very stormy in the afternoon. Snows & blows. Pa went to Pitcairn. I baked & finished my dress. Gardy & Mr. McGuill was in in the evening.

Saturday December 30

The roads are full of snow. Blows terribly. Charlie(4) came in. Brought his blankets. I moped & ironed a little. Jene backed some fries. Charlie & Gordy was here in the evening. I made one blanket at night.

Sunday December 31

Snows & blows terribly. I have not done much today.



  1. Camp Davis – In 1880, Camp was listed as 23 years old (so he would be 19 at the time the diary was written). In 1880 he was living at home in the town of Little York in Fowler with his father Truman, mother Maria, and brother Roscoe (age 7). Truman was a farmer & hotel keeper. Source: 1880 census for Fowler, ED 195, Dwelling/Family 122/127.
  2. Probably refers to Balmat. A village towards the south of Fowler near Sylvia Lake.
  3. E. Lamphere – May refer to Ephram Lamphere,who was listed as a 51 year old Hotel Keeper in Fowler in 1880. At the time he was living with his wife Caroline and mother Nancy. Source: 1880 census for Fowler, ED 195, Dwelling/Family 150/157
  4. The Rogers family lived within a few homes of Alice and her family in 1870, however they are not found in the 1880 census listing. Charlie, who is most frequently referenced in the document, would have been 20 years old at the time Alice was writing her diary. C. Rogers, C. E. Rogers, and Charlie Rogers all most likely refer to Charles Rogers who was listed with his family in town of Edwards in 1870. The listing showed Charles, age 14, as a farm laborer who was attending school. He was living with his parents Albert & Julia Rogers, his sister Eunice (age 18) and his little brother Eddie. The Rogers farm was shown as quite profitable in 1870 with real estate worth $6035 and personal property worth $2481. Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 201/216.
  5. F. J. Paul, F. Paul, Frank Paul and references to Frank and Ardeal are believed to refer to Alice’s uncle Frank Paul and his wife Ardeal. Frank was the younger brother of Alice’s mother Martha Paul. In 1880, Frank was listed in Fowler with his wife Ardeal, their daughter Adie (age 6) and a 13-year old stepson James Bennett (listed as being in prison). Frank was listed as a day laborer. Source: Census listing for 1880, town of Fowler, ED 195-Fullerville. Dwelling/Family: 139/145
  6. The Leaches are most likely the Edwin Leach family. They lived near Alice and her family in Edwards in both 1870 and 1880. Edwin as 45 in 1880 (35 in 1870) and was listed as a Farm Laborer with little property ($300 real estate, $300 personal estate). His wife Malinda was two years younger than him. By 1880 they had 6 children. The two oldest sons, David (age 22) and William G (age 16) worked in the Talc bed. The oldest daughter Emily M (age 20) worked as a house keeper. The three youngest children, Stella May (13), Lorane H (5), and Massall R (2) were at home. Source: 1870 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 195/200; 1880 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 191/204.
  7. References to Mr. & Mrs. Hawks refer to Harmon Hawk and his wife Almyra. They lived next door to Alice and her family. In 1870, the census showed Harmon to be a 67 year old Gun Smith with real estate worth $1000 and personal estate worth $1250. His wife was listed as 65 years old. In 1880, Harmon is listed as a 77 year old farmer. With him is a servant named Mary Jenny (age 47). His wife is not listed with corresponds with the November 18th entry in the diary which states that Mrs. Hawk was buried. Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 207/212. 1880 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 205/218.
  8. Polly Paul is likely another relative of Alice’s on her mother’s (Martha Paul) side, however exactly how she connects is not known.
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Freeman most likely refer to William Freeman who lived near to the Holmes farm. In other annotations in the diary which appear to have been written in May of 1872 by a person other than Alice, there is a references to William Freeman driving yearlings up to the farm of Joel Holmes. William Freeman (age 31) was listed as a successful farmer with real estate worth $7240 and personal property worth $1833. With him was his wife Mary (age 26), and three children. In 1880, William is no longer listed but Mary still is on the farm with eight children: Anabel (16), Mary (14), Lina (11), John (9), Maggie (7), Sherman (5), Hiram (4) and Fannie (2). Source: 1870 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 193/198. 1880 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 189/202.
  10. References to Lobo or Labo (sometimes L. Labo, Lu Labo, or Charles Labo) are believed to reference the Labow family who lived in the town of Hailesboro in Fowler. In 1870 this family consisted of Lewis J. Labow, age 28, who was a farm Laborer; his wife Josephine, age 23, and son Charles age 10/12 (born October 1869). Source: 1870 census for Fowler – Hailesboro.
  11. References to the Waters family, are believed to concern the family of Edgar Waters. In 1880, Edgar was listed as a 41 year old Day Laborer in Fowler. With him was his wife Melissa (also 41), his daughter Mehitable (age 19) who is likely the Hetty Waters in the diary, his daughter Anna (age 16), & sons Frank (age 10), John (7), James (6) & Jay (3). Source: 1870 census for Fowler Dwelling/Family 335/349. 1880 census for Fowler ED 195. Dwelling/Family 46/47.
  12. References to Mr. & Mrs. Cole most likely refer to the family of Reuben Cole. In other entries in the diary which were NOT written by Alice, transactions between Joel Holmes and Reuben Cole are documented (purchase of Meal for livestock). The Cole family lived in Edwards near the Holmes farm in both 1870 and 1880. In 1880, Reuben Cole was listed as a 30 year old farm laborer who, in 1870, indicated that he was not able to write. In 1870 he was living with his wife Julia (one year younger than him) and their first two children: Jonathan and Zuan. In 1880, his wife is no longer listed with him, but the number of sons had increased to five: John (13), Zuan (11), William (10), Guardy (7) and Myron (4). A servant, Emma Osbrander (age 20) was also living with them. Source: 1870 Edwards Census, Dwelling/Family 204/209. 1880 Edwards Census, Dwelling/Family 206/219.
  13. The Spicer family was headed by Riley Spicer. In 1880 they can be found living near the Holmes family in Edwards. Riley Spicer is listed as a 41 year old farmer. His wife’s name is Abbie and she is listed as 35 years old. Three children are shown with them: Gertie (age 9 and mentioned in Alice’s diary), Minnie (age 6) and Lona V (age 1). Source: 1880 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 207/220.
  14. A. Paul is believed to be Albert Paul, youngest brother of Alice’s mother Martha. Albert was born around 1844 and was approximately 9 years younger than his sister.
  15. References to the town of York are believed to refer to the village of Little York in Fowler.
  16. Jennie Woodcock is frequently mentioned in Alice’s diary and lived with her family during part of the year while she attended school. A ‘Melodian’ is mentioned as belonging to her so it is possible that she was a music student of some type. In 1870, Jennie was listed with her parents in the village of Fullerville in Fowler. Her father, Hiram Woodcock was listed as a 54 year old Farmer with a farm worth $2000. His wife was named Sylvia and as 50 years of age. Jennie appears to be their only child and she was shown as being 12 years old in 1870 (or 18 years old in 1876 at the time the diary was written). Source: 1870 census for Fowler – Fullerville. Dwelling/Family 32/36.
  17. The Bancroft family mentioned in the diary is believed to refer to the Bancroft family in Fullerville NY. Two generations lived in the same house. The elder parents, as shown in 1870, were Warren Bancroft (age 53, Farmer, blind) and his wife Mary (age 47). Also living in the house was their son Henry (25 year old Farmer), his wife Jane (age 25) who is assumed to be the Jane Bancroft mentioned in the diary, and their children Everett (4) and William (3). Henry’s brother George also lived with them. Source: 1870 Census for Fowler – Fullerville. Dwelling/family 47/51.
  18. Jotty Scott could refer to ‘Jotta W. Scott’ a farmer who was 27 years old in 1870. He was living in Fowler in 1870 with is wife ‘Jilen’, age 29. Source: 1870 census for Fowler, Dwelling/Family 252/263.
  19. The most likely D. Peck would be David Peck, who was a hotel keeper in Fowler according to the 1870 census. He was 48 in 1870 so would have been 54 at the time of Alice’s diary. Living with David Peck in 1870 were his wife Martha (age 44) and their son Everett (age 10). Source: 1870 Census for Fowler. Dwelling/Family 232/244.
  20. The Worden’s referred to in Alice’s diary likely refer to the Dexter Worden family of Fullerville. In 1870, the entry in the census for the family showed Dexter listed as a 48 year old Carpenter from Vermont. With him was his wife Mary (age 38) and five children: Marietta (age 14), Edgar (age 12), Elsa (age 10), Henrietta (age 7) and Dexter (age 2). Edgar is likely the Eddie Worden mentioned in the diary. He would have been 18 at the time the entries were written. Source: 1870 Census for Fowler – Fullerville. Dwelling/Family 61/66.
  21. Eugene Thompson, also referred to as Gene in the diary, lived in Edwards in 1870 and 1880 according to census listings. In 1870 he was living with his mother Polly (age 54) and his sister Harriet E (age 13). Eugene was listed as a 18 year old farm laborer at the time. In 1880, he was listed as married and living with his wife and two children. He was shown as a 28 year old worker in the ore bed. His wife Emma was 26 and two children, Rhoda and Herbert P were 3 and 1 repectively. At the time of the diary entries, Eugene Thompson would have been 24 years old and he was probably newly married at that time. Source: 1870 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 194/199. 1880 Census for Edwards, 194/207.
  22. The W. A. Smith (as well as possibly the other entries referring to Smith’s) may be refer to William Smith and his family who lived in Edwards. William Smith was 26 years old in 1880 an dlived with his wife Nancy Jane (age 25). They had one child Franklin who was born in 1869 and William’s brother James (age 21 in 1870) also lived with them. Source: 1870 census of Edwards, Dwelling/Family 208/213.
  23. Eva Schoolcraft was Alice’s cousin. Her mother, Emily was the younger sister of Alice’s mother Martha. In 1870, Eva and her family lived next door to Alice. The family was headed by Orris Schoolcroft (age 40), a farm laborer from Canada. Emily was 35 in 1870 and there were a total of four children: Eva A. (age 14 which made her 4 years older than Alice), Jessie (age 9), Henry (age 3), and Franklin (age 1). Eva was also listed with the William Thompson family in the village of Little York in Fowler as a servant. Source: 1870 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 199/204. 1870 Census for Fowler, Dwelling/Family 187/196.
  24. Uncle Steph is frequently mentioned, sometimes along with Aunt Meranda. According to the 1860 census listing for Elijah Paul (Alice’s maternal grandfather), Alice’s mother Martha had a younger sister named Miranda (3 years younger than Martha). It is possibly that Aunt Meranda is this sister of Martha’s and that Steph is her husband.
  25. Robert E. Webb (sometimes listed as R. Webb, R. E. Webb, or Robbie Webb) was listed in the 1880 census as a 27 year old teacher in Fowler. With him was his 20 year old wife Effa and their 1-year old son. Source: 1880 Census for Fowler, ED 194, Family# 86.
  26. The Mrs. Bigford visited in Fowler is possibly Christiana (Dannie) Bigford, who was listed in the 1880 census (under the name of Dannie Bigford) in Little York along with her three children and an Aunt. No husband was listed. In 1870 she was shown in Fowler along with her husband Isaac Bickford and her name was shown as Christiana. In 1880, Mrs. Bigford was listed as being 35 years old and keeping house. She was born in England. Her children in 1880 were listed as follows: Richard, age 13, works on farm; William, age 10, Drives cows and attends school; and James, age 7. The Aunt’s name was Jane Jepson, age 37, born in Canada, likely a sister to Isaac Bigford. 1870 Census for Fowler, Dwelling/Family 190/200. 1880 Census for Fowler – Little York, ED 195. Dwelling/Family 115/120.
  27. The Mr. Silver who was visited in Little York may have been James Silver. In 1880 he was shown as a 48 year old showman from Vermont in the census listing for the village of Little York. With him was his wife Caroline (age 44) and their adopted son, William, age 9. Source: 1880 Census for Fowler – Little York, ED 195. Dwelling/Family 121/126.
  28. Frank Gates is believed to have been a resident of Edwards. In 1870, a 14 year old named Frank Gates was listed with his parents Phineas (56 year old farmer, Real Estate=2330, Personal Estate=$2000) and Sarah (54 years ols). Frank was listed as a farm laborer who attended school but could not write. In 1880, Frank was again listed in Edwards as a 23 year old farm laborer. With him at that time was his 20 year old wife, Elizabeth. Source: 1870 Census of Edwards, Dwelling/Family 163/168. 1880 Census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 218/231.
  29. Effie Jane Davis signed the front of the diary along with other friends of Alice. She listed herself as Effie Jane Davis of Harrisville. Lewis County, NY.
  30. References to the Glaziers (including Ward specifically) appear to refer to Ward Glazier’s family who lived in Fowler in 1870 and 1880. In 1870, Ward Glazier was listed as a 52 year old farmer from Massachusetts. With him was his wife Mehitable (age 53), and three children Arlina (18), Herbert (16), and Arthur (14). In 1880 Ward, Mehitable and Arthur are still listed in Fowler. The older two children have moved out. Source: 1870 Census for Fowler, Dwelling/Family 227/238. 1880 census for Fowler, ED 195. Dwelling/Family 174/181.
  31. References to Mrs. Bennett & Winnie appear to refer to George Bennett’s wife and daughter. In 1870, George Bennett was a 47 year old farmer living in Edwards near the Holmes farm. Alice’s uncle Frank Paul was living with the Bennett family as a farm laborer at that time. In addition to George, the family included his wife Sarah (age 45), two daughters, Lillian (11), and Winnie (6). Winnie would have been 12 at the time of Alice’s diary entries. Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 205/210.
  32. Shawville refers to an area in the southeastern portion of Edwards, north of South Edwards.
  33. Little Falls refers to an area in the town of Parishville.
  34. Bicknilville refers to Bicknellville near West Stockholm.
  35. White Hill is in Hopkinton, on the border with Parishville.
  36. Hopcanton is a misspelling of Hopkinton
  37. Nicholville is a town in the south portion of Lawrence.
  38. The Eben mentioned in the diary entries appears to be Eben E. Chase of Dickenson Center, NY. Eben’s full name and address were given in the back memo section of the diary.
  39. Uncle Ben is believed to refer to Benjamin Holmes who was living in Stockholm in 1870. The 1870 census listings showed Benjamin Holmes (43 year old Farmer) with his wife Betsey (age 41), and their two daughters, Florence (age 14) and Edna (age 11). Source: 1870 Census for Stockholm, Dwelling/Family 18/18.
  40. Frank Backus could refer to either of two people. First, in 1870 there was a 12 year old Frank Backus who lived in Edwards with William Cotton (57 year old Farmer). Two other children named Backus (William & Taylor) were also there and may have been step-children by his wife. The second possibility is a Frank Backus who lived in Little York/Fowler in 1880. He was 31 years old and was a day laborer. He was listed with his wife Mariette (age 23), their daughters Emmagene (age 6) and Martha (age 2) and their son Willie (age 3). Emmagene would have been 2 years old when the diary entries were made. Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 142/147. 1880 census for Fowler, ED 195, Dwelling/Family 27/27.
  41. Frank Bromegine appears to refer to the stepson of Aaron Thompson who lived near the Holmes farm in Edwards in 1880. The census for that year shows Aaron Thompson as a 34 year old farmer. Living with him was his wife Betsey (age 34), two children: Ora (age 10) and Leta (age 8); and Francis Bromaghine (age 18, Stepson, Farm Laborer). Francis would have been 14 years old at the time of the diary entry. Source: 1880 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 193/200.
  42. The Physician/Surgeon for Edwards was Dr. Austin Goodenough. Both the 1870 and 1880 census listings show him living in Edwards with his wife Jane. He would have been 55 years old at the time of the diary entry. Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 85/89. 1880 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 42/44.
  43. Robbie Allen is believed to refer to Robert Allen who lived near the Holmes farm in Edwards and was one year older than Alice. The 1870 census listing showed Robert (age 11) living with his parents Horace J. Allen (54 year old Farmer, real estate=$6800, Personal estate=$1900) and Philinda (age 48) and three older siblings, Sarah (age 18), Horace (age 15), and Charles (age 12). Source: 1870 census for Edwards, Dwelling/Family 200/205.

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