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Stotzer and Stotser Family Home Page


By Mark D. Stotzer-Pacific Grove, California, USA
See my Stotzer/Snader Family website at FamilyTreemaker
Last Updated: October 15, 2018

The family tree files below are now easier to download-much smaller!

Most US STOTZER families descend from the area of the city of Büren an der Aare, canton Bern, Switzerland
Here's a location Map and a Postcard from Büren an der Aare
First recorded "Stotzer" was around 1395/1396 in the area of what is now Rottweil, Germany.
Our Official Swiss Family Crest dates back to 1549
Here's the Crest alone and a Wallhanging version.
These major "groups" of Stotzers of Swiss origin have been discovered in the USA:
* My group (shared with Helen Stotzer and family in Switzerland) who settled in the area of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. One branch of my Stotzer family tree connects to the Texas US Stotzers. Other branchs of my tree lead to Stotzer groups that emigrated to and settled in Mineral City, Ohio (Easton) Pennsylvania/New Jersey to a Nicole Stotzer and her family in Switzerland, and lastly the Stetchers (formerly Stotzers) of Illinois.
 * The Archbold, Ohio group shares their Stotzer family tree with Willy Stotzer (Switzerland) and Ottawa, Ohio groups.
Note: The Cleveland and Archbold groups are connected by a Stotzer-Stotzer marriage in the 1800s!
Other Groups not yet totally connected to the above groups:
* The Illinois/Wisconsin group. One branch of this large group became the Stotsers of Iowa
Note: The Illinois/Wisconsin and Pennsylvania/New Jersey groups are connected by a marriage in 2001!
* A small group in upstate New York.
We are still searching for the final connections between all the above Stotzer groups-See the Missing Links page!
See my tabular Roadmap to the above Stotzer/Stotser family groups
Also see the US Stotzer and Swiss/European Stotzer Mystery Pages

Stotzer Family News and Notes

Von Lerber Stotzer Family Tree

Stotzers or Stotzer Groups shown on this tree


1/"Zweig des Emanuel, 1802-1873"

Download this Family Tree (700KB)
Download Color Version (1.2MB)
To download: Right click on the link.
Choose "Save File as.." or "Save Link as.."
Save it on your hard drive.


 Nicole Stotzer's Swiss Group

NOTE: The downloadable copies of the trees are large. Use the zoom in feature of your grpahics program
to view the details!

Note: Trees 1, 2 and 3 share a common ancestor:
Jakob Stotzer b.abt.1660-1670 who
married (m.) an Elisabeth Bader
Connects to tree 5 via this marriage: Alexander Stotzer b. 1843 (tree 2) married Maria Luise Stotzer b.1846 (tree 5). Connects to tree 8 via this ancestor: Jakob Stotzer b.1769 d.1841.

2/"Zweig des Rudolph, 1773-1849"

Download this Tree (1.0MB)

US Cleveland, Ohio, Pennsylvania/New Jersey Groups
plus the "Stetchers" of Chicago.

Same as above note. Also connects to the Illinois/Wisconsin (I/W) group via this marriage: John Stotzer (I/W) with Edith Owen (tree 2) from the PA/NJ group.

3/"Zweig des Rudolph, 1772-1848"

Download this Tree (1.2MB)

US Texas Group

Same as above note. Also connects to tree number 6 below via this marriage: Ernst Rudolph Stotzer b.1887 (tree 3) married Anna Stotzer b.1886 (tree 6).

4/"Zweig des Joh. Jakob, 1759-1821"

Download this Tree (1.6MB)

US New York Group

No connection to others trees yet.

5/"Zweig des Rudolph, 1751-1817"

Download this Tree (1.5MB)

US Archbold and Ottawa, Ohio plus
Willy Stotzer's Swiss Family Groups

Connection to Trees 1-3 via this marriage: Alexander Stotzer (tree 2) b.1843 married Maria Luise Stotzer (tree 5) b.1846

6/"Zweig des Samuel, 1796-1869"

Download this Tree (1.5MB)

All Swiss family members-no USA

Connects to tree number 3 above via this marriage: Ernst Rudolph Stotzer b.1887 (tree 3) married Anna Stotzer b.1886 (tree 6).


Download Tree 2 above (See Notes--->>)

All Swiss family members-no USA

The data on this tree is a subset of what is contained in tree 2 above.


Download this Tree (Soon!)

US Mineral City, Ohio Group

Connects to trees 1-3 via this ancestor: Jakob Stotzer b.1769 d.1841.


Download this Tree (Soon!)

US Illinois/Wisconsin (I/W) Group plus the Iowa "Stotsers"

There is no von Lerber Stotzer family tree or data for this the US Illinois/Wisconsin Group. This group, however, connects to tree 2 (PA/NJ) via this marriage: John Stotzer (I/W) with Edith Owen from the PA/NJ group.

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