Iowa Stotsers

Iowa Stotser Subgroup
From Theodor Von Rauflaub's Family Tree Number: "NA"


From the Illinois/Wisconsin group page
Jakob Stotzer bap. 4/13/1788 Büren an der Aare, canton Bern, Switzerland d.abt.1840 in Illinois.
Note: Jakob shows up on 1830 Belmont County, Ohio on the "Head of Household" list as Jakob "Stotser."
m. Elisabeth Hani bap.4/26/1789 Büren an der Aare d.???? in Wisconsin? on 12/2/1815 in Switzerland.
Children: Johannes b.3/24/1816, Maria b. 8/1/1819 both born Büren an der Aare
Note: Jakob and above entire family emigrated to the USA in 1827. (See BIO below)
New 2007 info: Jacob, Elizabeth, John and Mary Ana Stotzer arrived in New York on June 21, 1824 on a ship called the Aurora. Port of Departure was Le Havre, France.
Records indicate that Johannes (John) "Stotser" above went from Belmont (1830) and Monroes Counties in Ohio to Vermillion County, Indiana; to Stephenson County, Illinois (1840) and lastly founded the "Stotser" clan in Hardin County, Iowa in 1857. His oldest son, William, was killed in the U.S. Civil War.

Here is the Biography of John Stotser above pubished at the Stephenson County, IL website:
"John Stotser, a native of Switzerland, born in 1816, came to the United States with his parents when he was but eleven years age. He first lived in Pittsburg, Pa., then in Vermillion County, Ind.; afterwards in Stephenson county, Ill. and in 1857 came to Hardin County, (Iowa) and became a resident of Etna township. He now owns 200 acres of land. Mr. Stotser, in 1837, married Miss Hannah Hathaway. Their children are: Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Hannah, Maria, Sarah, Louise, George and Mahala. The oldest son, William, enlisted in the United States service, and now fills a soldier's grave having fallen at the battle of Pittsburg Landing" (Union Army-US Civil War).