PA-NJ Stotzers

Pennsylvania/New Jersey Subgroup
From Theodor Von Rauflaub's Family Tree Number 2 ("Stamm II")

From The Texas Group which branches from the Cleveland Ohio Group tree.
Samuel Stotzer b.7/8/1798 Büren an der Aare, Switzerland d.9/4/1832 Bern, Switzerland
Married: Anna Maria Kocher (b.7/23/1801 Büren an der Aare, Switzerland d.???? in USA) on 8/3/1827
Children: Johannes Samuel Stotzer b.9/1/1827
Notes: Anna emigrated to the USA with son John in 1834.
She may have later married a "Carolus Bles in 1837" in Haycock Twp., Bucks County, Pa.