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Our Snader, Schnader, Schneder, Schneider, Snyder Roots

I've posted this for reference for those of us researching the
Snader, Schnader, Schneder, Schneider, Snyder
and related families in Lancaster and Berks County, Pennsylvania 1700-Present
Updated October 15, 2018

DISCLAIMER: The family tree shown from here down to (but not including) John Schnader below is based on old and possibly inaccurate online and other sources and should be considered my "best guess." References should always be considered with care.
III. (Johan) Christian Schnadter (Schnader or Schneider or even Snyder) (1) (References) b.abt.1707 in Kirchdorf, Argau, Switzerland(?) in the "Palatine" area on the Swiss/German border. Settled in the "Weaverland" area of Lancaster County, Pa. He died in 2/1793.
m. Susanna Margaretha Ranck b.1707 in Germany d.2/1767 (death recorded at Seltenreich Reformed Church) in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pa. Johan may have been her second husband.
Children: Per reference (1) (Records of the below (except Johann Michael) births/baptisms recorded at the Trinity Lutheran Church in New Holland, Pa.):

  1. Margaretha b.2/2/1729 in Europe Baptized 6/8/1735 d.1801 m.Frederick Sparr (b.1725-Germany d.1787) on 4/16/1750.
  2. Elisabetha b.7/15/1732 Baptized 6/8/1735 m.Henry Weber(?).
  3. (Johann) Jacob b.3/25/1735 Baptized 6/8/1735 d.1829 m.Anna Maria <Unknown> Reference (1) follows this branch many more generations, the Dale Beavans family tree even farther.
  4. (Johann) Christian b.3/8/1738 Baptized 4/3/1738 d.1824 m.Elizabeth <Unknown> See IV-A below.
  5. (Johann) Philipp b.2/15/1741 Baptized 4/17/1741 d.1799 m.Dorothy Miller or Meuller (sister of Eleanor below).
  6. (Johann?) Michael 5/9/1745 Baptised <Unknown> d.9/2/1831 (buried at the New Holland Cemetary) m.Eleanor Miller or Meuller (sister of Dorothy above). See IV-B Below!!


  1. Johan Christian (and many others) were part of the "Palatine" migration from the area defined by the German/Swiss border in Europe in the early 1700s. He died in 1793 (per a filed Will) in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pa. Johan Christian and Susanna are buried at the New Holland Cemetary.
  2. Christian emigrated on the ship "Allen" (2) (3) and arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam (via Cowes on the Isle of Wright, England) in September, 1729 with Jacob (Discussion1); "Matheis" (Mathias); "Magdelin"; and Susanna Schneider (Snyder) and many others.
  3. There is some conflicting data in references (1) and (2) versus (3) (4) (5) and (6) with repect to which Schneiders/Snyders emigrated when. This can be clarified by reviewing the transcripts of the ship lists (3) and (7).
  4. To confuse the issue even further, another "Christian Schneider" had already arrived in Pennsylvania in 1727 on the ship "William and Sarah" (7) (He settled in New Jersey?) and is sometimes confused with the Christian noted above.
  5. A "Jacob Schneider" arrived on ship "Phoenix" in 1749.
  6. Lastly, reference (15) lists a "Johannes Schneder" arriving on ship "Anderson" in Philadelphia (from Rotterdam via Portsmouth) on September 27, 1752.

Issues: There is much confusion about the arrival and subsequent fate of the five above listed Schneiders. It is not known if the three men were brothers (or related at all) but Susanna (Ranck) Christian's wife. Magdelin was probably Mathias' wife. In any case, there is almost no factual information on the fate of Jacob or Mathias. See Discussion1.



DISCLAIMER: The family tree shown from here up is based on old and possibly inaccurate online and other sources and should be considered my "best guess." References should always be considered with care. The data that follows below can be considered reliable and accurate:

Harry Walter

John Leman

William Albert

Samuel Emerson

Ira Wilson *

Alvin Harrison *

Cora Ann *

Daniel Arthur *

Lillian Agnes *

Adam Franklin

Rufus Elmer

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