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Discussions1: Jacob or Christian or both or ????

Much confusion and many data conflicts exist over the children of (and final fate of) both the orginal Jacob, Christian and Mathias Schneder, Schneider (or even Snyder/Snider!) that arrived in 1729 on the ship "Allen." Here are the details of the differences in the two primary accounts from references (1) and (2) (data that matches between the accounts is colored the same for clarity):

1. The Reference (1) Version: (Research by Allan Stiles, New Holland) lists this as the original "Schneider" or "Schnader" family tree:
Christian Schnader 1708-1793
m. Susanna Margaretha Ranck 1707-1767 (born in Germany)
Children: Margaretha (2/2/1729) Elisabetha (7/13/1732) Johan Jacob (3/25/1735) Johan Christian (3/8/1738) Johan Phillip (2/15/1741) (Johan?) Michael (1745)

Note1: In a phone conversation I had 12/30/2000 with Alan stiles he stated the following:
He's never been able to find ANY original data (in Lancaster or Berks Counties I assume) on the original Jacob Schneider. He believes this "myth" (propogated by later writers like Mr. Spotts) began from an interview given years ago by the above noted "Aaron W. Snader, Esquire, once member of the Legislature of Pennsylvania." In his part of reference (1) he flatly states "There is no record of (the original) Jacob."

Note2: Mr. Stiles, in his text in (1) says this about the fate of the orginal Mathias: "A deed in the Lancaster County Courthouse shows Mathias Schneider and wife Magdalena of Philadelphia selling their land in Earl Township to Emanuel Carpenter (Zimmerman) in 1740."

2. The Reference (2) (and to some degree 3-6) Version: (Mr.Spotts refernces are listed at the bottom of his article) Lists this as the original "Schneider" or "Schnader" family tree:
Jacob Schneder b.1700-1710? d. ????
m. Unknown
Children: Jacob (+others?)

Note1: The author, Charles R. Spotts, explained his version (above) as follows:
"Of the three Schneders, Christian remained in Weaverland and became the progenitor, among many others, of the late Aaron W. Snader, Esquire, (see Discussion3 below) once member of the Legislature of Pennsylvania. Mathias and Jacob went northeast (to the "Bowmansvile area??-MDS) and took up, by patent, 250 acres of land about where Center Church now stands, two miles south of Bowmansville. Jacob also purchased land from William Morris, the Welshman who received one of the first warrants for land within Brecknock Township. Mr. Spotts mentions nothing more of the fate of the original Christian or Mathias.

Note2: This below source seems to indicate that the original Jacob "Snyder" (Schneider) may have had quite a different future: From website:

  Immigrant's surname: SNYDER
  Immigrant's given name(s): Jacob
  Ship name: Allen
  U.S. arrival date: 15 Sep 1729
  Port: Philadelphia, PA
  Place of origin: Don't know. Perhaps Swiss German
  Source: Book: Pennsylvania German Pioneers

Jacob Snyder and his wife Magdelin farmed in the Mount Bethel area of Northampton Pa. They had several children of whom, Martin, Peter, Christian Elias and Baltus sided with the British at the time of the War of Independence. All brothers settled in New Brunswick in 1783. Martin moved to York, Ontario in 1810 and farmed there. The rest of the family remained in New Brunswick. My uncle, H. Elgin Snider, collaborated with Alice and Stanley Cox, Utah, members of the LDS, on an extensive genealogy of this family.

  Submitted by: Patricia Snider Armstrong
  Email address: [email protected]
  Address: #39-1330 Mississauga Valley Blvd.
  Mississauga, ON L5A 3T1

Note3: Another related theory-see The Descendants of Joseph Snider II website by Fisher (Did the original Christian's son Jacob go to Maryland?)

Discussion2: Which John Schnader?

According to Allan Stiles 12/30/2000 and 1/13/2001, there were two John Schnaders born in the same geographic area in 1798. Here is the factual data (The key is looking at the 1850 PA Lancaster County census):
Family#1: Earl Township:
House or entry number 125-134
Note: The father John Schnader is not listed!
Michael Schnader age 26 Head of Household-Farmer
Catherine Schnader age 48 (nee Killian-was wife of John#1 a widow or was John elsewhere? CA Gold Rush?)
Rudy age 23-Laborer
John age 21-Carpenter
Daniel age 12 (fits into my family tree like a glove)
Isreal age 8
Susanna Killian age 76 (mother of Catherine above and probably a widow)
Family#2: West Earl Township:
John Schnader age 53 (b.abt.1797-98) Head of Household-Shoemaker
Catherine Schnader age 59 (b.abt.1791-92) (Actually Mary Catherine Burkholder)
Mary Ann Severling age 8 (can't read the last name-but it's not Schnader)
Other useful West Earl entries:
126-133 (found right below the above entry)
Jonathan B. Schnader age 23 Head of Household
Sarah Schnader age 23
Levi (B.?) Schnader age 22-Carpenter-Living with a Levi Sowers(sp?) age 36 Head of Household-Carpenter
1. Family#1-Are definitely my (wife's) ancestors. The "missing" John Schnader was probably the son of a Michael Schander.
2. Family#2- This one must be the John Schnader (son of Christian and Elizabeth Schneder) born 2/1798 (Seltenreich Church) and (with wife) buried in Voganville Union Cemetary and also a sister to Bob Dargitz's ancestor Rebecca Schneder b.1800.
In studying all the 1850 census records and reviewing the long version of Daniel Schnader's (1838-1824) obituary-here's how I believe the families were composed (Daniel Schnader's obituary says he was "the last of a family of nine"):
Family#1: (My ancestors)
John Schnader b. bet.1800-1805 and place unknown.
m. Catherine Killian b. 10/3/1802 in Lebanon d.4/24/1872 buried in Ephrata.
1. Michael b.abt. 1824
2. Rudy b.abt.1827
3. John b.abt. 1829
4. Daniel b.abt. 1838
5. Isreal b.abt. 1842
Where are the other four children? Some may have been born in the "gap" betwen 1829-38 and died young. Others, may be living with other families-for example:
On sameEarl Twp. census page as the above entry 130-141:
6. Maria Schnader b.abt. 1832 living with the George Dehaven(sp?) (a farmer) family?
7. Sarah-b.abt.1826 whereabouts unknown
John Schnader b.2/18/1798 d.3/14/1871-buried in Voganville Union Cemetary.
m. (Mary) Catherine Burkholder b.1791-92 d.9/25/1872-also buried in Voganville.
1. Jonathan b.abt. 1827
2. Levi b.abt. 1828
Other possible children listed in the West Earl 1850 census:
Entry 348-372
3. Catherine Schnader b.abt.1830 living with the John Oberholzer (a farmer) family.
Entry 122-129:
4. Catherine C. or E. Schnader b.abt. 1838 living with the Henry Stauffer (a storekeeper) family
5. Margaret Schnader b.abt. 1831 also living with the same Stauffer family.
Entry 232-248:
6. Elizabeth Schnader b.abt.1833 living with the Chritian Bare or Beam (a farmer) family.
Entry 22-22:
7. Sylvanas Schnader a.abt.1826? Cabinet Maker living with the Samuel Reimsnyder (a mechanic) family

Discussion 3-Who was Aaron W. Snader?

Just who was Aaron W. Snader mentioned by Mr. Spotts and others (noted above) and what was his family lineage?
Per Reference (12) " stone (I list below-MDS) is located in the New Holland Cemetary 216 East Main Street, New Holland, Pennsylvania."

"In Sacred Memory of
John Christian Schneider
and his wife
Susanna Margaret
who arrived in America
September 15, 1729, on ship Allen

Their son
John Michael Schneider
and his wife
Eleanora Meuller

Their son
Christian Schnader
and his wife
Margreta Diller

Their son
Isaac Schnader
and his wife
Susanna Weaver

Their son
Aaron Weaver Snader
and his wife
Sarah White Huffman
and their family"

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