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Swiss Stotzer Mysteries

Swiss/European Stotzer Mysteries

Note: The STOTZER name is frequently misspelled STOZER or STOTSER in some offical records.


Date(s)-FTM CD#


Chounrat Stuce

Resided 1149

Zurich, Switzerland

Konrad Stuzer

Resided 1343

Biberach, Germany?

Hans der Stotzer

Born 1395 (Oldest known Stotzer)

Rottwiel, Germany (near Zurich)

Welti Stützer

Died 1515

Marignano, Switzerland

Caspar Stützer

Beheaded 8/5/1519!

Muehlhausen, Germany

Ernst Stützer

Beheaded 6/16/1525!

Hoengeda, Germany

Hans Stotzer Sr

Born 1538/Died 1631-WFT21

Schonau von dem Walde, Thuringen, Germany

Katherina Stotzer

Born 1587/880-WFT21

Schonau von dem Walde, Thuringen, Germany

Hans Stotzer Jr

Born 1602/Died 1681-WFT21

Schonau von dem Walde, Thuringen, Germany

Margaretha Stotzer

Born 1641/Died 1687-WFT21

Schonau von dem Walde, Thuringen, Germany

Barbara Stotzer

Born 1682

Erdweiss Bei Gmuend, L A, Austria

Eve Elisabeth Stotzer

Born 1693/Married 1720

Saarland, Germany

Johann Philipp Stotzer

Born 1717/Married 1739

Saarland, Germany

Marie Catherine Stotzer

Born 1740/Married 1767

Saarland, Germany

Johann Valentin STÖTZER

Born 1750?

Tabarz, Thuringen, Germany

Fredrich Cristoph STÖTZER

Born 1777/Died 1843

Tabarz, Thuringen, Germany


Born 1812/Died 1857

Grosstabarz. Thuringen, Germany

Maria Wilhelmina STÖTZER

Born 1820-29?-WFT2



Born 1854/Died 1916

Manebach, Thuringen, Germany

Moshe Stotzer

Died in the Holcaust in the 1940s

Tlumach, Ukraine


Born 1920-29?-WFT2
Born 195x: WFT2