Texas Stotzers

Texas Subgroup
From Theodor Von Rauflaub's Family Tree Number 3 ("Stamm III")

This group branches from the top of the Cleveland Group
Rudolph Stotzer b.2/26/1699 Buren A/A d.5/9/1769
Married: Anna Barbara Schmalz
Children: Johannes b.1728, others?
Siblings: Unknown.

Children of Emil Stotzer and Anna Barbra Sieber from above:
Rudolf b.1884 d.1885
Rudolph b.1885 d.1941 in Buren
Fritz b.1886
Mina b. 1888? m. Martin Gees in 1915
Marie b. 1890 m. Fritz Schwab in 1919
Hans b. 1892 d. 1922
Emil b.1894 m.Martha Junker in ???? d. 1954
Rosa b.1896 m. Karl Gottfried Muhlheim in 1919
Elise b.1897 m. Hans Weyeneth
Jakob Arnold b.1898
Lina b. 1900 d.????
Otto b. 1902 d. 1979