Andrew Strain, Sr. was born prior to 1755 and died in 1826 in Haywood County, North Carolina.  Though the identities of his parents are not known for certain, some evidence suggests that Andrew’s father was David Strain of Rowan County, North Carolina and that his grandfather was John Strayn of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (d. 1752).  The 1782 and 1783 tax lists for Rowan County name a Henry Strain and James Strain, possibly brothers of Andrew.

Andrew served in the Revolutionary War and married Mary Reed Strain.  His name appears in the records of Iredell County, North Carolina and later in Burke County.  Andrew and Mary are thought to have had thirteen children—James, Margaret, Lucinda, Rachel, Rozine, Richard, Mary, Thomas, John Frederick, Sarah, Nancy, Eleanor, and Andrew Jr.—all apparently born in Iredell County.

(Source:  “The Strain Family:  A Genealogy of the Descendants of Andrew Strain, Sr. of North Carolina”, by James C. Parker, Lawrence. E. Wood, and Willard E. Strain.)


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Sample # 16739 was contributed by Andrew Strain, Sr.’s great, great grandson (four transmission events)


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