David Strain/Strayhorn of County Antrim, Ireland was born in 1743 and died 13 Jan 1826.  He and wife Mary McClurkan (b. 1759, d. 26 Apr 1844) are buried in Connor Cemetery, Antrim, Ireland.  Curiously some of his children retained the Strain surname while others chose the Strayhorn surname.


Among the couple’s children were the following:


David Strain (b. 1790, m. Mary Holton)

Robert Strain (b. 1792, d. bef. 1864, m. Mary Carnochen)

Jenny Strain  (b.1795, d. 21 Dec 1881, m. abt. 1821 John Barkley, buried Connor Cemetery, Antrim, Ireland)

Andrew Strain (b. 1796, m. 1830 Fanny McClurkan, d. 25 Dec 1884, Gilgad, Antrim, Ireland)

Joseph Strayhorn, (b. 1798, m. Agnes, d. 17 Aug 1878)

Thomas Strayhorn, (b. 1800, m. Jane McAllister, d. bef. 1864, Connor, Antrim, Ireland)

Hugh Strain (b. 1802, unmarried, d. 5 Fed 1876, Connor, Antrim, Ireland)

Elizabeth Strain (b. 1804, m. Matthew Cathcart, d. 22 Oct 1882)

James Strain (b. 1806, m Frances Tinley 1844, d. 18 Jan. 1894, Connor, Antrim, Ireland)


The family arrived in America bet. 1853 - 1855 from Tullaghgarley, Antrim, Ireland.  (Grandson?) John Strain and his wife Elizabeth (nee Gardiner, of Belfast) brought their three children David, Robert, and Elizabeth with them and were living in Pennsylvania by 1855, where they had another child in that year.  The participant descends from the eldest child, David.



(Source: LDS: "Family of James McClurkan of Ballymena, Ireland and Descendants", compiled by Miss Lois Myer, Film No. 0599 424)

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