James Strain (1791-abt 1859) was born in Lancaster County, South Carolina. His lineage can be traced back to Waxhaw Settlement of South Carolina. The name of James’ wife was probably Emeline. The couple had three sons—James, John and W.W.—and daughter Mary.


Son James married Elizabeth Huff and had three children—John/James, D.W. and Sara Ann. He died around 1847. His widow remarried and moved to Alabama in 1854 with the children and her new husband. 


After the Civil War sons John and W.W. left South Carolina. John married Mary Huff, the sister of brother’s wife, and the family moved to Mississippi. W.W. Strain married Missouri Inou and moved to Mecklenburg, NC.


James’ father was likely James Strain (abt 1750-1809) of Lancaster Country, SC.  His grandfather may have been John Strain (abt 1730-1789) of Waxhaw Settlement, and his great-grandfather was likely Adam Strain (abt 1700-1774) of Fredricksburg Township, Waxhaw Settlement.


Sample #188999 was contributed by the great-great-great-great-grandson of James Strain


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