John Strain of Washington County, Tennessee was born Feb. 21, 1759, probably in or near Pennsylvania.  Nothing definite is known of his parents, though some evidence suggests that his mother was named Mary Woods.  According to some accounts, he moved to York County (PA?) in the fall of 1766, and to North Carolina in the fall of 1775.  His pension application states that he served in the Orange County, NC militia as an “artificer”, or harness-maker, during the winter of 1779/80, and as a scout during the winter of 1780/81.   He moved to Washington County (North Carolina, later to become Tennessee) in the fall of 1781 and settled on the Muddy Fork of the Big Limestone River.  On December 20, 1787 he married Isabella Allison.  The couple had seven children:  Mary W. Strain, Robert Woods Strain, Fanny Jane Strain, Annalinah Strain, John Allison Strain, William B. Strain and Margaret Strain.  John Strain died on March 21, 1840.  Isabella died Jan. 10, 1847.

Sample # 9275 was contributed by John Strain’s great-great-great-grandson (five transmission events)

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