John Strain of District 96, South Carolina (173?-1765) is believed to have immigrated from Northern Ireland to America around 1750.   His wife’s name is unknown.  His children included John Jr., William, David, Thomas, Sarah, James, and Samuel.


Much is recorded about Samuel, who had 4 wives and 21 or 22 children.  Samuel was born in Augusta County, Virginia in 1762 and the family lived in the Long Cane Settlement, Ninety-Six District, Abbeville Co., South Carolina until the early 1800s.  It is believed that Thomas died young and never married. James was killed in the Revolutionary War in a battle at Thickety Fork, South Carolina.  John Jr., David, William, Thomas, James, and Samuel all served in the Revolutionary War.  Sarah married Joseph Robinson and moved to Indiana.  David, Samuel and the sons of John Jr. immigrated to Highland Co., Ohio about 1810.  David died in Ohio about 1824.  Samuel died in Ohio on April 29, 1845.


Sample #9647 comes from a descendant of David Strain while sample #29681 was contributed by a descendant of David's brother, Samuel Strain.

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