Robert Strain lived around the 1820's in Clonooney Townland, Drummully Parish, Fermanagh/Monaghan. His wife may have been named Elizabeth. His origins are uncertain, probably from somewhere else in Northern Ireland or perhaps Monaghan. They were Protestant farmers. Another family member was Anne who was born around 1767 and died in 1843 at age 76.


Robertís son Henry was married to a Jane (Beavis or Campbell) and they had two childrenóRobert, born in 1829, and Francis in 1833. Henry's brother, William, lived with them and also had several children.



In 1834 Henry, Jane and family emigrated to the USA and arrived in Baltimore on the ship Edwin on Aug. 20. They lived in New York City for awhile and had a daughter Ann there in 1837.By 1839 the family had moved north to Otonabee Township near Peterborough, Ontario. They had a daughter Eliza in 1843. Henry died in 1845 and Jane in 1856.


Sample # 152025 was contributed by Robert Strainís great-great-great-grandson, currently living in Canada.


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