Dorcas (—) Andrews & Umbilical Descendants

A Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Project


As evolved from the Cleeve mtDNA Project launched 27 November 2012  z  Page updated 19 July 2013


z Project Purpose


The purpose of this Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Project is to develop a genetic “mtDNA signature” for Dorcas (—) Andrews based on mtDNA test results from multiple umbilical descendants.  By comparing mtDNA from known umbilical descendants of Dorcas with mtDNA from her probable or possible umbilical descendants, we can confirm or refute theoretical or ambiguous lines of descent that have been developed through conventional genealogical research using indirect evidence. Note that Dorcas (—) Andrews, wife of James2 Andrews (Samuel1), is frequently—but incorrectly—identified as a daughter of Michael1 and Elizabeth (Cleeve) Mitton. It was actually Sarah2 Mitton (Michael1) who married James3 Andrews (James2, Samuel1); for more information, please read further below.


Umbilical descendants of Dorcas (—) Andrews, wife of James2 Andrews (Samuel1), include the following (please contact me with any additions or corrections!):



If an mtDNA-based approach to confirming or refuting theories developed through conventional genealogical research sounds far-fetched, rest assured that it has already been done!  For a history-making application of mtDNA testing, please see the following article:


Perry Streeter and Mike Morrissey, “Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Testing of Probable Eighth Cousins Confirms Their Kinship and Proves Their Matrilineal Lines of Descent from Aeltje Cornelis (Cool) (Van Couwenhoven) Stoothoff; Simultaneously Proving Two Long-Held Theories Developed Sequentially Through Conventional Research; Mary (Updike) Richey of Greenwood, Steuben County, New York Was a Heretofore Unidentified Daughter of Roliph5 Updike (John4, Lawrence3, Johannes2, Louris1 Jansen); Eleanor5 “Nelly” Lane (Gizebert4, Mathias3, Gysbrecht2 Laenen, Matthys1 Jansen) Was the Heretofore Unidentified Wife of Roliph5 Updike” (New Netherland Connections; April, May, June 2005; Volume 10, Number 2).


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For more mtDNA success stories, visit this page at the International Society of Genetic Genealogy and scroll down.


z Project Results



z Eligibility for Participation


Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is only transmitted along umbilical lines of inheritance from mothers to their children; click here for more information.  Thus, the only male descendants of Dorcas (—) Andrews eligible for participation in this project are those whose mothers have unbroken lines of umbilical descent from Dorcas. Are you eligible for participation? Regardless of your gender, if each and every ancestor in your line of descent from Dorcas (—) Andrews is female, then you are eligible! Click here to join now!  If you are not eligible, please consider identifying your closest aunt, uncle or cousin who does have an unbroken umbilical line of descent from Dorcas (—) Andrews and asking that person to represent your branch of the family tree.


We are using an ethical and competent testing company, Family Tree DNA. To address any concerns that you may have about privacy, please click here.  To collect an mtDNA sample, a simple, painless cheek-scraping test is used instead of a blood test; the instructions are easy to follow.  Please be aware mtDNA testing can reveal secret adoption in a lineage, so anyone testing his/her mtDNA should be prepared for the possibility that he/she may not be a biological umbilical descendant of Dorcas (—) Andrews, regardless of what conventional genealogical research indicates.


z More on the Mitton Family and Dorcas (―) Andrews from Conventional Genealogical Research


Critical corrections to Robert J. Dunkle, “The Andrews–Cogswell–Page Bible,” Genealogist 3 (1982): 45-95 and The Great Migration are found in John Brooks Threlfall, Twenty-six great migration colonists to New England & their origins (Madison, Wisconsin: John Brooks Threlfall, 1993; 209-213); these corrections include the following:



z How to Participate in the Project


If you have a known, probable or possible unbroken line of umbilical descent from Dorcas (—) Andrews and would like to have your mtDNA tested for comparison with others, simply click on the following link to get started…


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