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Source Category

These are all the different types of databases that Digitalarkivet contains. And when you choose here you get a new menu that I’ll comment briefly:


These lists contain information about the citizens in the major towns of Norway who were allowed to do business or work as a craftsman

Branntakstprotokollar/Fire assessment protocols

They were made for buildings in some cities for insurance reasons and are not very useful for genealogy and only cover 4 areas of Norway .


These are the emigration lists from the different cities in Norway . It also contains some ship lists from Drammen and Bergen


Here you have access to all the different censuses that Digitalarkivet have from 1660 and onward.

The earlier ones (before 1801) are very incomplete and didn’t count everyone. Usually only males usable for the military ore those who paid taxes were counted.

Geistelige arkiv/Church records

It contains different databases from church records. Here you’ll find all the different church records that people like me have transcribed from the church books. You have to choose fylke to get access to the different databases.  

Matriklar og jordebøker/Land property tax

These are some lists containing information about owner and the taxable land. Not much info for the genealogist but can tell you about the size of the farm.  

Militærvesenet/The Military

These are records about those who served in different regiment in Norway . Very incomplete.

Rettergang og straff/Legal procedure

Here the subcategories are: Forliksprotokollar/Agreement Protocols,Tingbøker/Courtjournals, Verdict books, Domsakter/Sentecing, Straffanstaltar/Prisons, Tvangsarbeidsanstaltar/Forced Labour Prison and Other

Forliksprotokollar/Agreement Protocols

These records show only the names of the counterparts and where the records can be found about the agreement.


These are records that people have transcribed from the protocols to make them available to read. They contain records about everything that was brought to court from quarrels to actual crimes. Which is very interesting reading, but they are all written in a very difficult Danish/Norwegian language as they are written “as found”

Dombøker/Verdict books

Here you’ll find indexes of verdict made in some areas of Norway


These are some registers over people that were sentenced to jail


Here you’ll find some registers of prisoners in some of the jails

Tvangsarbeidsanstaltar/Forced labour prisons

Here you’ll find names of people being sentenced to prisons with hard labour .


Here you’ll find some indexes over different prisoners in Norway .



Here you’ll find different taxation lists for some areas of Norway . They usually contain a name and how much he had to pay in taxes.


Skifte/Probate registers

These databases are registration of death, and list of names (probate records) and these are very useful in finding the correct probate protocol in the archive. These records usually contain information about inheritance and dividing of property after a death.



These databases contain some list over pupils attending school.


Tinglysing jordeskifte

This is a registry of mortgages on land and as they where made and when land was sold or otherwise changed owner.



Just an index over available maps in the archives

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