The Military scrolls

Rolls, meaning lists of officers and other ranks for each military unit, are preserved from about 1650. The oldest rolls are very sketchy. In the rolls from the 18th and 19th centuries, however, much detailed personal information is given. In fact, sometimes there is so much information that its equivalent cannot be found in any other source. The preservation of the rolls, however, has been very much a matter of chance, and for certain districts or units the rolls may be missing entirely. The rolls that have been preserved are kept partly in the National Archives, partly in the regional archives (especially Bergen and Trondheim).

Rolls may be found not only in the strictly military archives, but in civil archives as well, for instance among the amt or fylke (county) records.

Useful biographical and genealogical information can be found in the military probate and trustee administration records, in the archives concerning the military administration of justice, and in various accounts. Most of these records are kept in the National Archives.

Lists of seamen (annotasjonsruller or hovedruller), including information about emigrating "deserters," are found in the archives of the enlistment officers (innrulleringssjefen), which are now kept in the regional archives. Of course, these runaway seamen are not registered in the emigration lists.


These are most of the military registers available on Digitalarkivet

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