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Tips on using Digitalarkivet

Tips on using The Digitalarkivet in Norway


Digitalarkivet is the Norwegian Archives on Web. On this location you can find more than 2900 different databases with historical data. Due to the Person Protection Act no information on the site derives from bases after 1924.

The link to Digitalarkivet is for the Norwegian site:

And the English site is:

I will on these pages attempt to describe what's on Digitalarkivet and give some hints in searching the site.

When you arrive at Digitalarkivet you’ll see the screen below. You can then either choose to go directly to the census by clicking 1801, 1865, 1875 or 1900 in the blue line just beneath the title.  

Or you can choose Database selector and be presented with the screen on the next page.  

There are also some clickable links on the lower blue line. 

Here you can: Change language, Contact Digitalarkivet by mail, Read the debate forums (they are mainly in Norwegian, but if you have a question you can put it in the user forum). If English is your language, then just type it in English as most of the guest there are able to read that. And if someone have any connection with what you ask about then you are certain to get an answer. Digitalarkivet as such rarely answers questions as they do not have the manpower to do that. They only maintain the site.

There is also a Dictionary link, but this is only in Norwegian, but it can be somewhat useful if there is a word you do not understand or able to translate. There may be another word for it that you do understand.

And there is Useful links; this is to places outside of Digitalarkivet. And Help may give you some understanding if you are stuck.