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Megquier Hill, West Poland, Maine

The West Poland Freewill Baptist Church on Megquier Hill, with the Highland Cemetery at the right. Sprague Keene helped construct this first house of worship on the hill. This building has been called "The Keene Church". In the cemetery are the graves of many Keenes.

Local Government

Local Businesses

Poland Churches:

Poland Baptist Church

Poland Community Church

Mechanic Falls Congregational Church

West Poland Community Church history

The All Souls Chapel

The Poland Congregational Society history

Empire Methodist Church

Local Newspaper:

The Advertiser-Democrat, a local Poland Newspaper Online

The New Gloucester News Online

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 Part 1

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 the Election

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 East Poland and Empire Doings

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 about Town

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 Edes Falls, West Minot, Rumford Falls, Baldwin & Casco

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 Mechanic Falls, & West Poland Doings

The Oracle Newspaper March 14, 1900 Oxford & Minot Doings


Poland High School and Bruce M Whittier Middle School

Poland Community School

Union#29 School, Mechanic Falls

Poland Town Library:

Ricker Memorial Library

The Industries of Poland

The Old Leather board Mill

The Railroads and Poland

History of Bailey Brothers Store and Grain Mill, East Poland, Maine


A Centennial Thought

Local Business:

Local Businesses


Poland Sno Travelers  


Country Poland Springs Inn

Country Abundance Bed and Breakfast

Wolf Cove Inn Bed and Breakfast

Poland's Hotels

Poland Water:

The History of its Discovery in 1845 as a Remedial Agent

Analyses of Poland Spring Water


Tripp Lake Girls Camp

On the Lake at Poland Springs Campground

Camp Omni Poland Springs

Empire Grove Campground Part 1

Poland Cemeteries:

Local Cemeteries Map

Black Cat District Cemetery

Shaker Family Cemetery

Estes Family Cemetery

Verrill Family Cemetery

Megquier Hill Cemetery

Purinton Family Cemetery

Old Cemetery in the woods

Promised Land Cemetery

Highland Cemetery

Ricker Family Cemetery

Hersey Cemetery in Minot

White Oak Hill Cemetery

Lane Cemetery, East Poland

Methodist Church Cemetery

Locust Grove Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery

Old Cemetery, Mechanic Falls

Raymond Cemeteries:

Longley Cemetery

Mains Cemetery

North Rd Cemetery

Mountain Road Cemetery

Baptist Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

Raymond Village



Some other cemeteries that have been transcribed for Androscoggin County can be found at: Androscoggin County Cemeteries

For a list of cemeteries in Androscoggin County go to: List of Androscoggin County Cemeteries

1790 Census of the towns near Poland:



1790 Turner

1790 Raymond town Plantation

1790 Plantation #4

1790 Bridgton

1790 Butterfield Plantation

1790 Flintstown Plantation

1790 Waterford Plantation

1790 Rusfield Gore

1790 Otisfield Plantation



1790 Census of Poland, Maine

1800 Census of Poland, Maine

1810 Census of Poland, Maine

1820 Census of Poland, Maine

1830 Census of Poland, Maine

1840 Census of Poland, Maine

1850 Census of Poland, Maine

1860 Census of Poland, Maine

1870 Census of Poland, Maine

1880 Census of Poland, Maine

1890 Census not available

1900 Census of Poland, Maine

1910 Census of Poland, Maine

1920 Census of Poland, Maine

         History of Poland:

         Read about Poland in Androscoggin County

         East Poland History Part 1

         West Poland History Part 1

         Poland Corner

         South Poland

         Central Poland(coming soon)

         Map of Bailey and Harris Hills Drawn by Annie Gary

         Representatives From Poland 1820-1969

         Poland in 1995

         "Poland The Indian Chief"

         Historical Highlights of Poland

         Poland Veterans:

         Poland Men in the Wars

         Poland Men in the Civil War

         Civil War Substitutes for Poland Soldiers

         World War I Veterans

         World War II Veterans

         Korean War Veterans

         Vital Records

         Early birth records (more soon)

         Early marriage records 1796-1819 from Poland and later Minot


         Universalist Society

         Friends of the Library

         Poland Garden Club

         The Advent Society

         The Second First Baptist Church

         The Shakers

         The Poland Historical Society

Prominent People of Poland:

         Luther Perkins

         Daniel W True

         Richard Tripp's Family

         William Schellinger

         The Chipman Family

         Notes of Poland & Durham families of 1790 compiled by David Young

         Poland: Past and Present Chapter 1

         Place of the First Keene Reunion

         [Keene Home Page]

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