Buyer and Related Families

Buyer and Related Families



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My grandparents--

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Samuel Buyer Edith Selma Michael Buyer


On my father's (Edward Michael Buyer) side, families include:

Buyer-Feldman Family

bulletmy great-grandfather Edward Bayer (later Buyer), son of Samuel Bayer and Theresa Feldman, born in Kasejovice, Bohemia, 1846
bulletincludes Bayer/Buyer,  Feldman, Weisskopf, Loewy, Reich
and related families in Bohemia and New York

Stein-Grunbaum Family

bulletmy great-grandmother Louise Stein, daughter of Sampson Stein and Elisabeth Grunbaum, born in Tschestitz, Bohemia, 1850 (or similar village name)
bulletincludes Stein and Grunbaum families in Bohemia and New York

Hamerschlag-Brummel Family

bulletmy great-grandmother Annie Hamerschlag, daughter of William Hamerschlag and Fannie Brummel, born in New York, NY, 1868
bulletincludes Hamerschlag and Brummel families in Bohemia and New York
bulletHamerschlag from northern Bohemia (Sudetenland)
bulletBrummel and Beck from Neu Wallisdorf, Wallisgruen, and Wellhotten, near Cista and Pilsen, Bohemia

Michael-Abrahams Family

bulletmy great-grandfather Bernard Michael, son of Solomon Michael and Esther Abrahams, born in New York, NY, 1866
bulletincludes Michael and Abrahams families in Wrzesnia, Poland (then known as then Wreschen, Prussia), and New York

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Buyer, Stier, and Related Families

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