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Carroll Links

Carroll Family Tree
Family tree tracing the descendants of the author's 4x great grand-father, John Carroll, down to John's great-grandchildren, and the direct line to himself

CARROLL Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project
Website of the Carroll DNA Project run by Kevin Carroll and set up to 'distinguish between CARROLL ancestral lines, worldwide'
[On the Y-DNA Results page the author's results are Kit No. 107055.]

Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT)
A 'free online resource for Irish history, literature and politics' including a translation into English of the Annals of the Four Masters which contain many references to the O'Carrolls of Ely as well as those of Oriel

Clare County Library (Genealogy Section)
Excellent resource for those researching ancestry in Co. Clare, with lots of references to the Carrolls who lived there, provided absolutely free by the Clare County Library

Ordnance Survey Letters for Offaly in 1838
Ordnance Survey Letters for Offaly in 1838 available on the Offaly History and Archealogical Society's website, including a number of letters concerning the territory of Ely O'Carroll and the O'Carroll sept after which it was named.

Clan Cian of Eile
Website of the self-proclaimed chief of the O'Carrolls, Frederick A.J. O'Carroll of Fairfield, Iowa

Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies
Website maintained by Sean J. Murphy containing, amongst other things, a Directory of Irish Genealogy and a section on Irish Chiefs, including the previous, disputed chief of the O'Carrolls, Frederick James O'Carroll (R.I.P.)

Clan Cian Research
The website of researchers into the Clan Cian Group of California and the Cianachta tribe of ancient Ireland

Birr Historical Society
A succinct history of the Ely O'Carroll territory and the O'Carroll clan after which it was named