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    Other Surnames associated with our tree

  • Standridge
  • Morr
  • Pritchard
  • Pollard
  • Crafts ......... McCoy
  • Williamson ..... Coy
  • Flanagan ....... Hayman
  • Renninger ...... Dewald
  • Beistle ........ Dieffenbach
  • Batdorf ........ Wiseman
  • Eberhard ....... Sell
  • Baumgardner...... Piland Hershey..... Marshall
  • Elwell.......Butts
  • Craft .......Chesser
  • Butterworth ......Coakley
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Thanks for visiting this site: PLEASE NOTE: This site will be under heavy construction. If you should have any questions please email me. Please feel free to contact me for copies of information or if you should have any questions on info posted on this site. I also can help with any research you may need done or look~ups in my area.

Sweet Potato's Genealogy Page !!


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