Wilson's Family History

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated October 17, 2014.

Falk Relations

Ancestors of George Washington Falk and Elsie Laura Higgins, who were married in Mandan, North Dakota, in 1915.  The Falk family immigrated from Germany in 1890, while the Higgins family lived in America during colonial times.   Surnames include:  Agee, Falk, Felch, Hanssen, Higgins, and Popplewell.

Hughes Relations

Ancestors and cousins of Magnus Hughes and Dollie Hadley, who were married in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1925.  Their known ancestors and relatives are almost all found in the United States.  Surnames include:  Bates, Bird, Bowman, Dillman, Gramm, Hadley, Hughes, McCombs, Roush, and Wolph.

Livingstone Relations

Ancestors, descendants, and cousins of David Livingstone, the famous African explorer and missionary, and his wife Mary Moffat.  Family members can be found in Africa, Europe, and North America. The most common surnames include:  Gardiner, Hunter, Livingstone, Moffat, Morrison, Nicol, Price, Smith, and Wilson.  Also includes other Livingstone families of Blantyre, of Lismore, and of Kilbride.

Schueler Relations

Ancestors of William Schueler and Hildagarde Wenk, who were married in Chicago, Illinois, in 1925.  Family members immigrated from Germany between 1875 and 1905. The most common surnames include:  Dzickiewicz, Fickendei, Jurkiewicz, Remisch, Schueler, Wenk, and Wisniewski.

Wilson Relations

Ancestors and cousins of John George Wilson and Mary Ellen Ford, who were married in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1904.  Family members came from Ireland and Scotland (many from East Lothian County). Surnames include:  Anderson, Begarno, Bell, Cowe, Dickson, Dobie, Donaldson, Ford, Grieve, Henderson, Kerr, Lawrie, Lugton, Manderson, McGovern, Moffat, Morton, Murray, Punton, Rankin, Runciman, Russell, Slight, Tod, Walton, Whitecross, Wilson, and Wood.  Also included is an ahnentafel for Andrew Conley Wilson and Louise Alvina Schueler, their son and his wife.


For privacy reasons, I have generally not included family information for persons born after 1900. I would be pleased to hear from any lost relatives, any researchers working on these lines, or anyone who can offer additional information, corrections to the information, etc. To email me, see my contact information.