Falk Relations:  Campbell Family

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated December 20, 2015.
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Our Descent


David Campbell (c1721-1777)
William Campbell (1751-1840): m. Hannah Johnson (c1756-1847)

Possible Issues

Looking at the quotations from the various sources listed for David Campbell, one can easily spot contradictory information. Did David Campbell die at age 56 or 85? Was he born in 1692 or 1721?

More subtly, the William Campbell who was born in 1751 in Litchfield is said to be the son of William Campbell Sr. and grandson of David Campbell. The 1810 appearance of William Campbell Jr. gives his age as at most 45, so the William Campbell born in 1751 must be the William Sr. of 1810, and undoubtedly of 1806 as well.

David Campbell appears in the records of Litchfield between (at least) 1746 and 1772. But we have no evidence for an adult William Campbell before 1776. The theory that the William born 1751 was the son of a William Sr. would imply that an adult William Campbell ought to have been living in Litchfield in the 1750s, but we find no evidence that such an individual even existed.

Some family historians have already assumed that David (born 1759) and Elizabeth (born 1763) were children of David Campbell. Although other family historians have reported that William (born 1751) was a son of William Sr. (for whom no evidence has been found), we have decided that he was more likely a son of David Campbell. According to Revolutionary War pension applications, Sarah (born 1760) is definitely a brother of William (born 1751), and therefore should be a daughter of David Campbell. We have not seen any conjecture for the parents of Mary (born 1748), but given that she also was born in Litchfield, it seems likely that she was also a daughter of David Campbell.