Hughes Relations:  Hadley Family

Hughes Relations:  Hadley Family

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated February 23, 2016.
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The early origins of this Hadley family are most likely in England. The Hadley Society has some information on current research into the ancestry of the immigrant Simon Hadley (1675-1756). The conjecture that he was from Somersetshire, with noble ancestry through the Courtenays and Audleys, is almost certainly wrong. More likely, but still a conjecture, is that his roots were in Quatt parish in Shropshire.


Our Descent


Clarence Elmer Hadley (1872-1956): m. Orl Edna McCombs (1880-1953)
Edna Belle Hadley (1914-2004), and sister Ruby Ella Hadley (1916-2008)
James Saunders Hadley (1845-1905): m. Mary Elizabeth Byerly (1849-1918)
Jeremiah Hadley (1741-1786): m. Mary Dickey (1744-1835)
Jeremiah A. Hadley (1809-1874): 1m. Rachel Cox (1809-1835), 2m. Mary Julian (1812-1864)
John Hadley (1782-1859): m. Hannah Allen (1785-1849)
Joshua Hadley (1703-1760): 1m. Mary Rowland (1706-1733), 2p. Margery Lindley (c1710--), 3m. Patience Brown (1712-1783)
Samuel Hadley (1870-1951): m. Mary Alice Robinson (1880-1946)
Simon Hadley (c1640-1711): 1m. Catherine Talbot (c1650-c1710), 2m. Elizabeth ---
Simon Hadley (1675-1756): 1m. Ruth Miller (c1677-1751), 2m. Phoebe Grubb (1695-1769)

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