Livingstone Relations:  Gardiner Family.

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated December 24, 2007.
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Ann Gardiner was the paternal grandmother of David Livingstone's wife Mary Moffat.  Her family is listed here.

William Gardiner & Helen Johnstone

William Gardiner was a servant in the service of the Earl of Hopetoun.

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James Mein & Helen Gardiner

(Sources:  OPR Ormiston, OPRI)

James Smith & Elizabeth Gardiner

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Thomas Hogg & Agnes Mein

(Sources:  C1841S, OPRI)

Charles Hope Johnston Smith & Una Cameron

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Joseph Philip & Jane Hogg

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David Philip & Grace York

(Sources:  C1881S, C1891S, C1901S, IGI)

Alexander Henderson Philip & Jane ---

(Sources:  C1891S, C1901S)