Livingstone Relations.  Moffat 2: Mary's Siblings.

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated January 22, 2008.
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Mary Moffat was the wife of David Livingstone.  She was one of ten children.  Two died in infancy, and one never married.  The families of the other six siblings are listed here.

James Vavasseur & Helen Moffat

James Vavasseur was a merchant in Knockholt.  When her father returned to Africa in 1843, Helen remained in England for school.

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Jean Fredoux & Ann Moffat

Jean Fredoux was commended by the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society, and arrived at Motito (now called Bothithong) in 1845.

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Robert Moffat & Ellen Platt

When his father returned to Africa in 1843, Robert remained at school in England, and later studied at Glasgow College.  He returned to Africa in January, 1848. He was appointed surveyor for the Land Commission in the Orange River Sovereignty in 1848 and 1849. He was at Griquatown by 1850, at Harrismith during the next year, and at Little Namaqualand by 1856.

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John Smith Moffat & Emily Unwin

John Smith Moffat went to school at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1850. He then worked as a missionary, and in 1880 turned to government service. He also was the author of the biography of his parents, titled The Lives of Robert and Mary Moffat.

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Roger Price & Isabella Slater

Roger Price & Elizabeth Lees Moffat

Roger Price was a missionary in South Africa. He was one of the survivors of the ill-fated Makololo mission in 1859-60, though he lost his first wife and child. His second wife, Bessie, went to school in England during 1847-54.

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Samuel Robert Fredoux & Maria D. Peake

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Livingstone Moffat & Minnie Pringle

Livingstone Moffat & Janet Forbes

Livingstone Moffat was a farmer at Tarkastad in the Cape Province.

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John Bruce Moffat & Agnes Pringle

John Bruce Moffat entered government service, becoming the Chief Magistrate of Transkei in 1916.

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Richard Moffat & Alice Sophia Susannah Macleod

Richard Moffat became a miner on the Rand in South Africa.

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Benjamin Adolphe Fredoux & Louisa Murray

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Clarkson Henry Tredgold & Emily Ruth Moffat

Clarkson Tredgold was a lawyer in Cape Town and Bulawayo. He also became an Attorney-General in Rhodesia.

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George Henry Peake & Agnes Martha Fredoux

George Henry Peake served with the London Missionary Society in 1893, and served in Madagascar.  His father, Philip George Peake, served with the LMS in Madagascar from 1870 until 1909.

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James S. Loosley & Mary Meta Moffat

James Loosley was a Bechuanaland trader. He settled in Mafeking.

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Roger Price & Ethel Johnston

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Robert Unwin Moffat & Hilda Vavasseur

Robert Unwin Moffat & Alice C. Loeffler

Robert Unwin Moffat practiced medicine in Uganda. He also was the author of the biography of his father, titled John Smith Moffat, A Memoir.

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Frank Henson & Isabella Mary Price

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Henry Alford Moffat & Ada Heath

Henry Alford Moffat was a surgeon in Cape Town.

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Malcolm Moffat & Maria Martha Jackson

Malcolm Moffat was a missionary of the Church of Scotland at Chitambo, in Northern Rhodesia.

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Howard Unwin Moffat & Marion Meikle

Howard Unwin Moffat was a farmer in Rhodesia, and served as Premier and Minister of Native Affairs for Southern Rhodesia from 1927 to 1933. He also wrote a biography of his father.

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