Livingstone Relations.  Moffat 4: Mary's Paternal Granduncles and Grandaunts.

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated June 1, 2007.
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Robert Moffat was the paternal grandfather of David Livingstone's wife Mary Moffat.  His siblings and their families are listed here.

David Forrest & Barbara Moffat

(Sources:  C1851, C1861, C1871, Northcott, OPR Ormiston, ScotAS)

Alexander Moffat & Elizabeth MacEwen

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, IGI)

John Johnston & Grizel Forrest

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, OPRI)

Matthew Dobson & Margaret Forrest

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, OPRI)

Robert Forrest & Marion MacEwen

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, C1861S, C1871S, C1881S, OPR Ormiston, ScotAS, ScotRD)

Alexander Johnston & Janet Inglis

(Sources:  C1861S, C1871S, C1881S, C1891S, IGI, OPRI)

Alexander Moffat & Lilias Pringle Fortune

(Sources:  C1870, C1880, IGI)

David Dobson & Annie ---

(Sources:  C1871E, C1881E)

Archibald Forrest & Tamar Vicars Dickson

(Sources:  IGI, ScotAS, ScotRD)