Livingstone Relations:  Morrison Family.

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated November 12, 2006.
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David Livingstone's paternal grandmother was Mary Morrison.  This page contains information about her family.

Charles Morrison & Margaret McDougall

Charles Morrison lived at Achleanan, Morvern, Argyllshire, Scotland.

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Hector Morrison & Marion McLean

Hector Morrison moved from Scotland to Prince Edward Island in 1810, and settled in Belfast.

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Laughlin Morrison & Margaret Mackenzie

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Roderick Campbell & Ann Morrison

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Donald Morrison & Mary MacAulay

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Neil Morrison & Catherine Gillies

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Charles Morrison & Catherine Mackenzie

Charles Morrison lived at Flat River West, and was a member of the Belfast Congregation.

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John Gillies & Catherine Morrison

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Roderick Morrison & Mary MacRae

Roderick Morrison lived on Montague Road, and was a member of the Belfast Congregation.

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John Morrison & Elizabeth Smith

John Morrison lived at Flat River West, and was a member of the Belfast Congregation.

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Donald Macrae & Mary Campbell

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Neil Morrison & Ann McKenzie

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Finlay McDonald & Mary Morrison

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John Morrison & Elizabeth McKinnon

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Charles Morrison & Flora Bell

(Sources:  C1881C, Sinclair1, SJBelfCBI)

Donald McDonald & Ann Morrison

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Kenneth Ware & Mary Gillies

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Murdoch Morrison & Ann McRae

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Hiram Martin & Jessie Morrison

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John P. Hopkins & Margaret Gillies

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John J. Gillies & Catherine Finlayson

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Hector Morrison & Flora McRae

(Sources:  C1881C, C1901C, Sinclair1)

Hector D. Morrison & Isabel Nicholson

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Charles Morrison & Betsy ---

(Sources:  C1881C)

David McLeod & Ann Morrison

(Sources:  C1881C, Sinclair1)

Charles C. Morrison & Sarah Morrison

(Sources:  C1881C, C1901C, Sinclair1)

Laughlin Morrison & Christina Isabel Gillies

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Benjamin McLeod & Catherine Morrison

(Sources:  C1901C)

Peter Eagan & Christina Morrison

(Sources:  C1901C)

John Campbell & Fanny Gillies

(Sources:  C1901C, Sinclair1)

Hector J. Morrison & Susan ---

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Kenneth Morrison & Edith Higgins

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Thomas Wilmot Morrison & Sarah Gillies

(Sources:  C1901C)