Livingstone Relations:  Nicol Family.

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated June 2, 2007.
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Grizel Nicol was a great-grandmother of David Livingstone's wife Mary Moffat.  Her family is listed here.

Hugh Nicol & Barbara Bruce

(Sources:  OPR Haddington, OPR Ormiston, OPR Pencaitland, OPRI)

Andrew Cunningham & Mary Nicol

(Sources:  OPR Ormiston, OPRI)

Alexander Dalziel & Barbara Nicol

(Sources:  OPRI)

James Napier & Beatrice Nicol

(Sources:  OPR Ormiston, OPR Pencaitland)

William Nicol & Isabel Burnet

(Sources:  OPRI)

James Forman & Helen Nicol

(Sources:  EdinbSC, ScotAS)

Alexander Paterson & Beatrix Cunningham

(Sources:  OPRI)

William Dawson & Margaret Nicol

(Sources:  OPRI)

John Kemp & Barbara Dalziel

(Sources:  OPRI)

James Blaikie & Beatrix Napier

(Sources:  OPRI)

Richard Borthwick & Janet Nicol

(Sources:  C1841S, OPRI)

John Middlemass & Helen Napier

(Sources:  C1841S, C1861S, C1871S, C1881S, OPRI)

David Dawson & Jean Cunningham

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, OPRI)

William Campbell & Margaret Dawson

(Sources:  OPRI)

John Macmillan & Jean Dalziel

(Sources:  OPRI)

James Borthwick & Isabel Borthwick

(Sources:  C1841S, IGI)

Thomas Middlemas & Agnes Anderson

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, C1861S, C1871S, C1881S, IGI)

Andrew Murray Russell & Helen Middlemass

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, IGI, OtagoWit, StewartNC)

John Dickson & Susan Blaikie

(Sources:  C1841S, C1851S, IGI)

David Brown & Beatrice Dickson

(Sources:  C1871S, C1881S, IGI)

Thomas Middlemass & Helen Robertson

(Sources:  C1871S, C1881S, IGI)

--- --- & Sarah Middlemas

(Sources:  C1881S, IGI)