Livingstone Relations:  Other Livingstone Families in Blantyre

Livingstone Relations:  Other Livingstone Families of Blantyre

compiled by Steve Wilson, last updated August 19, 2011.
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There were other Livingstone families living in Blantyre at the same time as David Livingstone, the African missionary and explorer, and his parents and grandparents. This page contains information about Donald and Catherine Livingstone and their descendants. In Campbell's history, reference is made to a letter written in 1891 by David's brother John to the historian A. Maclean Sinclair, which included the names Donald and Duncan among the brothers of David's father. Probably on the basis of this letter, Sinclair incorrectly identified Donald and Catherine as the grandparents of David Livingstone. Although they are not David's grandparents, it is very possible that they are related, but we cannot confirm the connections. Any one who has additional information regarding these families should contact Steve Wilson. Primary source information is especially welcomed.

Donald Livingstone & Catherine Livingstone

Donald Livingstone & Janet Grant

According to Carmichael, Donald served with the Fencibles at Oban and Stirling, and his wife Catherine was the daughter of a farmer at Bailemore in Kerrera, near Oban.  Carmichael's article stated that this Donald Livingstone was the grandfather of David Livingstone. The dates make this specific connection impossible, but more information concerning Donald's origins would be welcome.

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Hugh McPhail & Catherine Livingstone

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Donald Livingstone & Margaret Millar

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Duncan Livingstone & Elizabeth Lawrie

Since Duncan's son Donald was living with Catherine Livingstone, the widow of Hugh McPhail, in Blantyre in 1841, it would appear that Duncan is in fact related to Donald Livingstone. We suspect Duncan is Donald's son.

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John Dunn & Flora Livingstone

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Robert Kerr & Catherine McPhail

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John Campbell & Margaret Livingstone

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Thomas Caldwell & Margaret Livingston

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William Bell & Mary Dunn

Malcolm McLean & Mary Dunn

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James McDowall & Flora Bell

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John Dunbar & Elizabeth Campbell

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