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CAUTION: All data listed herein should be verified from second and perhaps third sources.

Abbreviations used herein are listed at the beginning of index.






@Innnn@ = Identification number from GEDCOM files.
** = alternate spelling = finding aid
+ = male and female living together; see below under 'Plus sign'
# = numbers assigned to Descendants of
.....Wilhelm Friedrich BAUERLE 1836-1878
(Annn) - Brown Scrap Books; A = Volume letter; nnn = page #
AFB = US Air Force Base
Alx = American Legion Auxiliary, bi-monthly paper.
ad = Army Draft, 1918
adnnn = Army Draft, 1918; (E7-8-9-10-12-14) nnn - draft number
AF = Armed Forces
ahc = Ash Hollow Cemetery, Lewellen, Garden Co NE
....first number is the Block No.; second number is the Lot No.;
....Third No. is the grave space.
ap = adoptive parents
atv:nn = Arabell Terwilliger scrapbook; v = vol#; nn = page#
b - Born
C. = child in that family group
ca - about - usually used with dates (years)
CAP - Civil Air Patrol 1941-1958?
CC = Chase County as related to burials in Mt Hope Cemetery
(Cnnn) = Brown Scrap Book; C = Volume letter; nnn = page #
CG = Coast Guard
Ccc - Chase County Champion, newspaper
CCC = Civilian Conservation Corp - 1933-1940?
CcDR = Chase County Death Records - These were Death Record Books
that were kept by the coundy. They gradually gave way to "Funeral Home Records"
Cce - Chase County Enterprise, newspaper
cchs = Chase County High School
CCHn:nn - Chase County History Vol #; page nn
Ccs = Chase County Schools
Cct = Chase County Tribune, newspaper
ce = Conrad Eagan
cem = Cemetery
The cemetery land and lot discriptions usually follow somewhat standard
US Land Descriptions, i.e., Blocks, East Half = E/2; West Half; W/2;
North Half; N/2; S Half; S/2; etc
. Grave space descriptions vary,
but it is common for the spaces on the west side of the block (20 Ft square)
to be S1, S2, S3, S4, starting with S1 on the southwest corner. chs - Culbertson High School.
CVLC = Champion Valley Luth Cem, near center of S side, S15 T5N R39W
(Dnnn) = Brown Scrap Book; D = Volumn letter; nnn = page #
cx = criminal
d - Died
dchs = Dundy County High School
DI = Declaration of Intent - Naturalization. Sometimes followed by
..... Cert #
(Fnnn) - Brown Scrap Book; F = Volume letter; nnn = page #
(f) - female
fc or FC = foster child
ff = Funeral Folder
flb = Rev. Francis L. Baker
fr = Funeral Record, from Funeral Home at Imperial
fp - foster parent
FPO = Fleet Post Office
gb = Garneta Bauerle obituary file, about 1965-2010 (Gnnn) - Brown Scrap Book; G = Volume letter; nnn = page #
gns - Grant (NE) News-Sentinal, newspaper
(Hnnn) - Brown Scrap Book; H = Volume letter; nnn = page #
HC = Hayes Center Times Republican, newspaper, Hayes Center NE.
hchs = Hayes Center High School
HH = Hamilton Herald, newspaper, published where Champion now is.
hx = Handicapped
ibc = inside back cover
ifc - inside front cover
ifc would also designate: Imperial Funeral Home Records, Book "C" with
pages numbers 1 through 100 to 300
ifxnnn = Imperial Funeral Home Record Books, x = Vol No.; nnn = Page #
ifhxnnn = Imperial Funeral Home
igs = Imperial Grade School
Ime = Imperial Methodist Church
Imperial cem = Mount Hope cemetery in Imperial, Nebraska
IR - Imperial Republican newspaper
I#nn = Interment Number, Champion Cem; jf. = Who is Who in THE JAEGER family
jx = jail term
k = confirmed (in some churches)
kbk = signature; Kermit Bernard Karns
kcn = Keith County News - Ogallala NE
kia or KIA - Killed in Action (Military) kpnnn = The Kilpatrick Family; 1930; with page number
kxnn = KITT Book; nn = page No.
Ljw - Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star, newspaper;
m - Marriage
(m) - male
Mem = Memorial
mia - MIA - Missing in Action; Military
ms - Ed McGuire Scrapbook, followed by page No. Stored in Museum. mthc = Mt Hope Cemetery, Imperial NE;
.....notaion includes Block. Cluster, Lot, Grave No.
Mcg - MG - McCook (NE) Daily Gazette
mm20 - Millennium Magic 2000. Children's dance recital, 21 May 2000;
N = Naturalized
npt = North Platte Telegraph newspaper
O#nnnnn = Order Number, Draft Registration; IR 1942 Apr 2
.....Chase County, Nebraska
O#nnnnn/N-nnn = Order Number and Serial Number, Youth registered 30 June 1942
.....Chase County, Nebraska; IR 1942 Jun 23
ob = ordered by: (name) (funeral)
OW = born out of wedlock. (or (ow))
PA = Port of Arrival and Date.
Percent sign - % - usually used at the end of names to refer to
.....a census, listed in the same family group.
Plus sign - + , usually used to show a male and female who lived together
.....without being married, especially if children were produced.
Pleasant Valley cem, Phillips Co CO; see State Line cem = slc;
Pv - People's Voice newspaper
p: - Parents
r: - Resided
rg - Register-Guard, newspaper pub in Eugene OR
rpp - Rainbow Promise Preschool; Methodist Church, Imperial NE
sc = school census.
sc = step child
scnn = School Census, from County Supt office. nn = District #
sjcc = St John Cath cem; NW part of Hayes Co NE
slc = State Line Cemetery (Pleasant Valley);
.....Photoed: 24 May 2002, KBKarns;
located: Center, W Side, Sec 30, T7N, R42W, Phillips Co CO
splc = St Paul Lutheran Church/Cemetery, N side, S5 R37W T4N, Dundy Co NE;
ssn = Social Security Number
sx = suicide
T-nnn = Third Selectiv Service Registration, Chase Co NE, Feb 15-16 1942
.....Changed to Order Number - O#nnnnn; IR 1942 Apr 2
trc = The Rouze Connection - 1998;
UL = unlisted
U-nnn = Men age 45-65, registered Chase County NE 1945 Apr 27
USA = US Army
USAF = US Air Force
USMC = US Marine Corp
USN = US Navy
V-nnn = Army Draft Number 1941
vfb = Vicki Fanning-Baker
WAC = Women's Army Corp (military)
WB or wb - Wauneta (NE) Breeze, newspaper
wccnnn - Wauneta City cemetery,
......followed by listing number of grave, done in 1975
wfl-nnn = Wauneta Funeral Home Record Book (letter) - page number
WFH-Lxxx = Wauneta Funereal Home Record Book #L; xxx = page number
wrc = Wauneta Riverside Cemetery (same as Wauneta City Cemetery)
wfxnnn = Wauneta NE Funeral home records;
.....x = volume letter; nnn = page #
wphs = Waunita - Palisade NE High School
WWII - World War II 1941-1945
x = following last character of grave space, indicates photograph of
of tombstone posted to nebraskagavestones site under the listed county and cemetery







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