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CAUTION: All data listed herein should be verified from second and perhaps third sources.

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This file was started about 1962 by Kermit B. Karns using library catalog cards
for recording data in a family group format. It was continued by members of the
Chase County Genealogical Society, notably Mary Luhrs, Dennis Batterman, and
others, using data from various sources. At this writing (2006) the card file is
being continued with card data copied to this Freepages file.


Cemetery lot descriptions: N2 = North half; S2 = South half
E2 = East half; W2 = West half; NE4 = northeast quarter, etc.
Lots are usually 20 x 20 feet square.
Grave space = 5 x 10 ft, oriented east-west, usually
Grave spaces usually numbered, starting from south:
.....East 1, etc., thus: E1, E2, E3, E4; W1, W2, W3, W4

Ash Hollow; Center, West side, S11, T3N; R36W, - error

Eden cemetery is at center of N side, S18 T4N R35W Hitchcock Co NE
1/2 mile E of Dundy Co line; 2 miles S of Hayes Co line.
Quad sheet, Wauneta SE, NE<BR>

Where is 3-36 cemetery? see GREEN, Female

Hiawatha, Center, Sec 7, T4N; R38W, Dundy County

Mt Zion; Center, E Side, S13, T4N; R37W, Dundy County

Ough; Center, N Side, S17, T4N, R37W, Dundy County

St. Paul; Center, N Side, S25, T4N, R37W, Dundy County

SW Corner, S19, T5N, R36W, Dundy County

Center, W Side, S13, T4N; R38W, Dundy County

Elmer (Antelope); NW Corner, S28, T7N; R35W, Hayes County

St. Center, E Side, S6, T7N, R35W, Hayes County





Copy made for Linda Banks, from HHH to end,

Finished entering Mrs. Clyde Brown Book F, 30 Oct 2001. kbk

Finished entering Mrs. Clyde Brown Book G, 28 Dec 2001. kbk

Made copy for Nancy Weir; who is to maintain master; kbk

30 May 2003; made copies of all disks for Willard Rouze; kbk

10 Dec 2005; started web page, (swnegen), with Nelda Percival

2 Jan 2006; finished merging SW NE Genealogy files with FAX files. kbk

Jan 2006; Mr. Karns started working with Jolene Skalsky on Freepages Web Site,
Southwest Nebraska Genealogy (swnegen), using Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

2006 May 15; made copy of WordStar swnegen file for Pat Cramer of Wauneta.
.....She working on Eden Cemetery. k

2006 Aug 12; Updated (to include Lied Library). KBK and JRS

2006 Oct 18; worked Imperial funeral home records to December 1979. kbk

24 October 2006; Uploaded swnegen to Internet site. Jolene Skalsky

2006 Nov 19, Finished Imperial Funeral Home Book K 1980-1985 into text. kbk

2007 Jan 5, finished clearing overextended lines in computer copy. kbk

2007 Jan 1?, finished updating from Imperial Mt Hope Cem, Div A. kbk
2007 Jan 28, finished updating from Imperial Mt Hope Cem; Div B. kbk
2007 Feb 13; finished updating from Imperial Mt Hope Cem; Div C,D,E.H. kbk
2007 Feb 24; finished updating web site. kbk
2007 Feb 27: updated remote web site, except MAU file shows 'conflict'; kbk
2007 Feb 28; republished web site, including KITT book, by Patricia KITT; kbk
2007 Mar 2; started adding Ash Hollow Cemetery, Lewellen NE. kbk
2007 Mar 4; broke off Ash Hollow at start of Block 4; kbk
2007 Mar 13; updated web site; kbk
2007 Mar 18; updated web site; kbk
2007 Mar 20; updated web site; kbk
2007 Mar 23; finished entering Imperial Funeral Home Book L 1986-1991 into text. kbk
2007 Mar 28; updated site. kbk
2007 Mar 29; updated; added part of Crete Cemetery; kbk
2007 Mar 31; Lisa Fortkamp visited. kbk
2007 Apr 1; Blaine Spady visited. site updated; kbk
2007 Apr 13; update site; KBKarns
2007 Apr 16; update site; KBKarns
2007 Apr 21; finish entry Wauneta Funeral Home book L, 1992-2005; Update site; KBKarns
2007 Apr 23; Add Lamar Cemetery from 1964; KBKarns
2007 May 14: Add Imperial Mt Hope Cemetery; H block; KBKarns
2007 May 15; Add Imperial Mt Hope Cemetery; E block; KBKarns
2007 May 17; Added data from Kory Kitt; KBKarns
2007 May 17; added more data from Kory Kitt; KBKarns
2007 May 20; added all data, A Division Mt Hop Cem; KBKarns
2007 May 22; update files; KBKarns
2007 Jun 12; added all data, D Division Mt Hope Cem; KBK
2007 Sep 29; update - back in service after serious problems. kbk
2008 May 1; Lisa Fortkamp cleared up problem with web site. kbk
.....found there were two swnegen files on computer, so she deleted one. kbk
2011 Jun 6; Updated all genealogical data. kbk
2011 Sep 9; Jorge Cardoso restored most of material lost, except:
Files for: PETA-POSZ; TAAA-TICZ; WAOA-WEIZ; Bottom missing:
File WEJA-WIDZ; Top Missing. KBKarns; 9 Sep 2011
2011 Sep 9; 4pm. Jorge Cardosa restored the PETA, TAAA, WAOA, WEJA files; kbk
2011 Oct 27 9pm. KBK updated web site
2012 Oct 13 updated files


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