SouthWest Oklahoma History


Oklahoma 1900
1907 - Celebrate Oklahoma's Centennial - 2007

Southwest Oklahoma counties of 1900r
Blaine, Custer, Day, Dewey, Roger Mills, Washita (from Cheyenne and Arapaho lands),
Greer (later subdivided to Beckham, Jackson and Harmon counties),
Wichita land (later Caddo county), and Kiowa, Comanche and Apache land
(later Comanche, Cotton, Kiowa, Tillman counties and part of Stephens county).
Day county was abolished at statehood, becoming the northern portion of
Roger Mills county and southern portion of Ellis county.
SW Oklahoma Counties
Beckham County
Beckham County in OKGenWeb

Beckham County GenForum
Blaine County
Blaine County in OKGenWeb

Blaine County GenForum
Caddo County
Caddo County in OKGenWeb

Caddo County Genealogical Society

Caddo County GenForum
Comanche County
Comanche County in OKGenWeb

Lawton Public Library,
Genealogy & Oklahoma resources

Comanche County GenForum
Cotton County
Cotton County OKGenWeb

Cotton County GenForum

Cemeteries at

Lookups  & Resources
Custer County
Custer County OKGenWeb
History of "G" County
Arapaho Arrow April - May 1892
Arapaho Centennial Book 1892-1992
Trail of 100 Years

Custer County, Oklahoma Pioneers 1892-1906

Western Plains Library System

Custer County GenForum
Old Day County 1892-1907
History & Pioneers

Dewey County
Dewey County OKGenWeb

Western Plains Library System

Dewey County GenForum
Greer County
Greer County OKGenWeb

"Old Greer County" Resources

Greer County Genealogical and Historical Society

Greer County GenForum
Harmon County
Harmon County OKGenWeb

Funeral Records, Hollis, OK 1926-1938

Southern Prairie Library System

Harmon County GenForum
Jackson County
Jackson County OKGenWeb

"Tale of Two Cities" Town of East Duke

Jackson County photos

Western Trails Genealogical Society

Southern Prairie Library System

Museum of Western Prairie, Altus, Oklahoma

Jackson County GenForum
Kiowa County

Kiowa County OKGenWeb

The Story of Frank Lugert

Kiowa County GenForum
Roger Mills County
Roger Mills County OKGenWeb

Western Plains Library System

Roger Mills County GenForum
Tillman County
Tillman County OKGenWeb

Tillman County Historical Museum

Tillman County GenForum
Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands

Cheyenne & Arapaho Lands

Wichita & Caddo

1891 Schedule of Allotments Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation - Native American Research Project

Washita County
Washita County in OKGenWeb

Western Plains Library System

Washita County 1893 Newspaper

Washita County GenForum

Southwest Oklahoma Family History

Oklahoma Land Openeings 1889-1907
Researching Oklahoma Homestead Records

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