Greer County, Texas/Oklahoma - Physicians Register, 1887-1895

Transcribed by: Susan Bradford, Duke, OK
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Certificate of Registered Physicians 1887-1895
Item 6, Microfilm roll 112 Greer County Genealogical and Historical Society (Margaret Carder Library, Mangum, OK 73554)
The page #s refer to the pages that hold physician's certificate. The date is for the earliest certificate. Some physicians renewed certificates. Sometimes they were certified for Greer County by a college, sometimes by a judicial court or medical examining board.
This was during the time Mangum was considered part of Greer County, Texas.

Name Certified by Place Date Page
Breeding, Samuel P. Central University Med. Dept. Louisville, Kentucky 11 March 1892 26
Bruns, F. H., D.D.S. Thirty Second Judicial Dist., Texas Colorado, Texas 1 Feb 1894 41
Chandler, H. S. Third Judicial District, Texas Texas 3 Feb 1890 11
Cherry, G. P. Eighth Judicial District, Texas Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas 19 Feb 1890 12, 35
Cofer, J. E. Academia Medicine Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky 27 Sept 1892 28
Coil, I. B., D.D.S. Thirty Ninth Judicial District, Texas Baylor County, Texas 15 Sept 1891 24
Cranford, W. H. H. Forty Sixth Judicial District, Texas Mangum, Texas 29 Nov 1895 44
Dickey, Jno. T. Louisville Medical College Louisville, Kentucky 21 Feb 1891 20
Dobbs, Stephen Jesse, Jr. Board of Medical Examiners Gainesville, Texas 16 Sept 1891 25
Fergason, H. M. College Medicine Missouri 18 March 1890 7, 13, 14
Ferguson, H. M. Clay County Medical Examiners Henrietta, Clay County, Texas 10 Sept 1887 4
Ferguson, J. F. Forty Sixth Judicial District Vernon, Texas 10 Jan 1894 40
Ford, W. H. Forty Sixth Judicial District Vernon, Texas 13 Aug 1891 19
Fowler, James Edward College Medicine Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee 13 Aug 1890 16
Griffith, Jas. E. Medical Board Examiners Bastrop County, Texas 1 Sept 1893 39
Hardin, Thomas Harvey University of Vanderbilt Nashville, Tennessee 11 Feb 1893 37
Horton, J. T. Central University Medical Department Louisville, Kentucky 1892 27
Kuykendall, Lewis L. University of Louisville Medical Dept. Louisville, Kentucky 15 July 1887 2
McFarlin, James Ealum University of Vanderbilt Nashville, Tennessee 13 August 1889 7
Moorman, J. D. Central University Medical Dept. Louisville, Kentucky 1889 6
Peeples, Elias P. Louisville Medical Societas Louisville, Kentucky 19 August 1891 22
Reagan, N. M. Twelveth Judicial District Texas Comanche, Texas 16 July 1888 5
Redding, H. C. Thirtieth Judicial District Texas Wichita Falls, Texas 19 August 1889 3, 21, 31, 42
Reynolds, Joseph Pinkney Fortysecond Judicial District, Texas Cisco, Eastland Co, Texas 20 Nov 1889 10, 30
Reynolds, Richard Dekalb Fortysecond Judicial District Texas Cisco, Eastland Co, Texas 12 Sept 1889 8, 23
Smith, S. T. Fortysixth Judicial District Texas Vernon, Texas 23 Dec 1890 17
Stovall, J. D. Fortieth Judicial District Texas Waxahachie, Texas 8 April 1895 43
Sullivant, L. R. Medical Examining Board Burnett County, Texas 21 May 1887 1
Taylor, Joseph W. University Louisville Louisville, Kentucky 4 Aug 1892 32
Tutt, J. F. American College Medicine . 11 June 1892 29
Watson, Jas. Philadelphian American Univ. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12 Feb 1891 18
Wiley, J. S. Medical Examining Board Quanah, Hardeman Co., Texas 22 March 1892 27, 38
Wilson, D. E. Forty Sixth Judicial District Vernon, Texas 6 Nov 1889 9, 15, 34

Greer County Physicians in Directory of Physicians, Territory of Oklahoma 1903-1904

Including towns now part of Harmon, Jackson and southern part of Beckham counties
Name Town medical education (state & year) or practice
Kendrick, Robert M. Blair (Jackson County) Mo 26-'97
Kirksey, Robert Blake Col. of Phys. and Surg., Balto., '91; res physc Nursery & Child's Hosp, '92; visiting physican Pickens County, S.C. hosp, '93-'97; examr Woodsmen of World; Life Insurance examr.
Meredith, James S. Coralea (Harmon County) Okla 40-'99
Wells, Thomas J. Delhi (Beckham County) O. 12-'99
Griffith, J. E. Duke (Jackson County) Okla. 40-'93
Rutland, William H. Duke (Jackson County) Tenn. 4-'00
Buck, De Witt C. Eldorado (Jackson County) Ky 8-'93
Scarborough, James W. Eldorado (Jackson County)
Wiley, J. S. Eldorado (Jackson County)
Bradbrook, Henry Erick (Beckham County) Mo. 1-'02
Dodson, William O. Erick (Beckham County) Okla. 40.
Doss, George Erick (Beckham County) Ga. 6-'87
Warford, J. D. Erick (Beckham County) Ia. 1-'81
Austin, Charles W. Granite Tenn. 4-'89
Hooper, W. H. Granite O. 27-'88
McCoy, J. W. Granite Tex. 1-'00
Spears, Claude Granite Tex. 1-'01
Stovall, John D. Granite Okla 40-'90
Wiley, George W. Granite Tex 1-'00
Jones, J. E. Hollis (Harmon County) Mo. 16-'91
Lindley, David Hollis (Harmon County) Ga. 11-'88
Lindley, Hill Hollis (Harmon County) Ga. 11-'90
Pendergraft, W. C. Hollis (Harmon County) Mo. 26-'92
Ray, William T. Kelly (Harmon County) O. 12-'92
Baird, W. D. Leger (Jackson County) Ga. 2-'95
Black, Walter E. Leger (Jackson County) Tenn. 4-'01
Fowler, James E. Leger (Jackson County) Tenn. 4-'97
Newton, B. N. Leger (Jackson County)
Pipkin, Thomas Leger (Jackson County) Ky. 5-'86
Sanderson, W. E. Leger (Jackson County) Ky. 8-'91
Spears, W. D. Leger (Jackson County)
Rawls, S. P. Lock La. 1-'72
Beauchamp, F. D. Mangum Tex. 1-'97
Border, G. F. Mangum St Louis Col. P & S '90; surg. Mangum hosp; local surg C. R. I. & P. Ry Co; ex-chief surg Denison & Northern Ry Co; vice-pres Greer County Board of Health; territorial del. to Amer. Con. of Med., Washington D. C. '02; assoc. editor Oklahoma Med. News-Journal; mem Intnl Assoc. Ry Surg, American M. A., Territorial M.A., Greer County M.A., Central Okla. M.A., and Ky state M.A.; intern Louisville (Ky) City Hosp '94; post-grad New York Polyclinic '97; honorary diploma Louisville M.C. '95; special course in Ry Surg, St. Louis Col. P & S '00; examr Manhatten Life, Equitable Life of N.Y.; Fidelity, Prudential, Mut., Benefit, Pacific Mut. Life Ins. Cos.
Dawson, William D. Mangum Occidental M.C. '87; Univ. of Dallas '02; post-grad from Chicago Clinical School '01; Co. phys; mem Board of Insane Ark. Eclectic M. A.; examr N.Y. Life, K of H., W.O.W., W. C., R. of J., etc.
Dodson, F. J. Mangum Tenn. 10-'91
Jones, Howard G. Mangum Ill. 17-'00
Ney, Neal Mangum Tex. 40.
Johnson, James J. Martha (Jackson County) Tenn. 4-'97
Street, Oscar J. Martin (Harmon County) Tenn. 11-'00
Redding, Henry C. Navajoe (Jackson County) Mo 1-'94
Tollson, Robert E. Navajoe (Jackson County) Ark. 1-'98
Campbell, J. F. Olustee (Jackson County)
Stults, J. S. Olustee (Jackson County)
Allen, J. W. Reed Tex 1-'96
Bennett, Allison Teacross (Harmon County) Ill. '02
Hatcher, Abram L. Texola (Beckham County) Tenn 10-'92
Bruhnson, Carl Warren (Jackson County) Prussia '52
Bowden, J. T. J. Willow Ky. 5-'93
De Arman, Milton M. Willow Tenn 10-'01
Jones, James E. Witt (Harmon County) Mo 16-'00
Colliet, J. W. Yeldell (Jackson County) Tenn 4-'01
McConnel, L. A. Yeldell (Jackson County) Tenn 1-'01
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