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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from larry_watson@juno.com

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record. Page 140 is blank.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries.
Name Page Age Birth Death Funeral date Burial location Father Mother Comments
ABELES Inf. of Alva 106 31 Jul 1834 McKnight Cemetery Alva Abeles b. OK Willie Wright b. OK
ADAIR Earnest Gayton 61 10yr 3mo 3da 10 Oct 1932 Arlie Cemetery Thos. B. Adair Eustace both born in TX of Dodsonvelle, TX
ANDERSON Allice Mrs 34 62yr 8mo 13 May 1931 14 May 1931 Fairmount, Hollis, OK of Duke OK
ANSEL Thelma Dickenson 95 34yr 1da 07 Feb 1934 09 Feb 1934 Yukon Cemetery, Yukon, OK Claud F Dickerson b. VA Fannie Keyes b. MO
ATCHLEY Laurence 65 18yr 2mo 26da 02 Feb 1933 03 Feb 1933 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK L. H. Atchley b. AR maiden name: Shelby b. Navarro County TX of Gould
BAREFOOT Thomas Jefferson 105 87yr 9mo 27da 30 Jul 1934 31 Jul 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Daniel Barefoot, b AR Mafinda Stone b AR
BAREFOOT Truitt 179 2 months 15 Jan 1936 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. C. Barefoot, b TX Mollie Hendley b TX Record very difficult to read
BATTEN Fred Mrs. 36 24yr 11mo 24da 24 Jun 1931 25 Jun 1931 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK W. W. Crain of Hollis
BEAVERS Clifford 44 9mo 22da 03 Jan 1932 Arlie,Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX Jim Beavers, b. Cook Co., TX maiden name: Irene Covey, b. AR Of Dodsonville, TX
BINKLEY Maude 72 37yr 5mo 26da 16 Mar 1933 16 Mar 1933 Dodsonville Cemetery, Dodsnville, TX Tom Nicholson of Blackwell, OK maiden name: Fannie Peay ? of Dodsonville, TX, d at Hollis, OK
BOYD Infant of Buck 126 28 Mar 1935 29 Mar 1935 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK, B OK Kellison b OK
BRACKET M. H. 15 Age 38 24 Aug 1928 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK
BRANCH Betty Joyce 163 2yr 10mo 14da 07 Sep 1938 21 Jul 1936 22 Jul 1936 O'Dema Cemetery, Eldorado, OK Louis Branch, b Hubbard City, TX Ogles, b Linville, AL b, Eldorado, OK
BRUMLEY Infant of J. F 22 7 da burial Hollis, OK
BYNUM E. J. 114 55yr 1mo 28da 09 Dec 1934 12 Dec 1934 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK F. M. Bynum, b TN Pate, b. TN Children: Alan (28), Lonnie (26), Nathan? (23), Vernon (20) of Coffeville, KS, Katie (23) of Chicago, and Christine (13) of Hollis, OK
BYNUM T. M. 101 79yr 1mo 16da 01 May 1934 02 May 1934 Dodsonville Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX James Bynum Prather, b AL
CAMPBELL Anna Eliza, Mrs. 81 74yr 7mo 20da 12 Dec 1858 02 Jul 1933 03 Jul 1933 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK James Dill b. Augusta, GA maiden name: Archer of Hollis, d. at Ft. Supply, OK
CAMPBELL Susie, Mrs. 2 52yr 11mo 22da 02 Mar 1926 Faremont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. H. Roane, Sunset, TX
CANSLER R. H. 145 24yr 6mo 18da 10 Dec 1935 12 Dec 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis OK C. V. Cansler, b. Smith Co. TX Edna Easley, b Texas
CASH James Bogan 134 43yr 7mo 13 Dec 1898 13 Jul 1935 14 Jul 1935 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis OK Polk Cash, b. TX Ada O. Jones, b. TX of Altus, OK, d at Hollis
CASWELL C. D. 20 Sept 1931 died at Hollis, OK
CHAPMAN Liddy Lee 83 21yr 7da d. Aug-Sept 1933 at Waco, TX
CHATMAN Billie W. 86 5da 24 Nov 1933 Albert Chatman, b. TX Jewell Conicell? b. TX
CLARK Ed 80 25 Apr 1876 10 Jun 1933 11 Jun 1933 Loco-Arlie Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX H. C. Clark, b. Independence Co. AR Jane Colley, b. Independence Co. AR of Loco, TX; d. at Hollis, OK
CLARK Ioay ? Pearl 121 46yr 4mo 14da 26 Aug 1890 10 Feb 1935 11 Feb 1934 Dryden Cemetery H. L. Roland, b MO b MO - w/o of W. D. Clark
CLARK W. D. 165 59yr 3mo 19da 6 Aug 1936 07 Aug 1936 Dryden Cemetery, Gould, OK Drew Clark, b MS Hillier, b MS d at Gould, OK
COLLINS W. H. 27 82yr 2mo 15da 04 Jul 1930 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK
COVEY D. W. 146 72yr 1mo 12da 22 Jan 1936! 2-3 Mar 1932 Arlie Cemetery, Loco, TX Joshua Covey Keeling below d 3-22 -- [Note: This may have been a removal or reburial.]
COX J. B. 56 68yr 11mo 18da 24 Jul 1932 26 Jul 1932 Fairmount, Hollis, OK
COZART Dianitha Jane 144 76 yr 06 Dec 1935, 8 Dec 1935 Mounds, OK
CRABB Twin girls 175 lived 6 hours 10 Dec 1936 10 Dec 1936 11 Dec 1936 place not given C. H. Crabb, of Hollis, OK Ruby Nelson, of Hollis, OK Twin girls of C. H.
CRADDOCK R. L., Mrs. 69 34yr 11mo 13da 02 Mar 1933 Hollis Cemetery Caswell?, native of TX native of TX
CRAIN W. W. 82 61yr 1mo 2da 07 Jul 1872 09 Aug 1933 09 Aug 1933 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK W. W. Crain of TX Fannie Noel of TX Children: Mrs. G. A. Gordon, G. W. Crain, L. L. Crain, of Amarillo, TX, L. B. Crain, of Ackerly, TX, Mrs Dora Burnett of Boger, TX, Beula (Deceased) and Mrs. Nina Royal.
CROWDER John M. 162 64yr 22da 26 Jun 1872 18 Jul 1936 Arlie Cemetery, Childress Co., TX Hampton Green Crowder, b McNairy, TN not given b. AL; d Arlie, TX
CUNNINGHAM Brucie Lee 136 31 yr 10 Sep 1935 10 Sep 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Claude Bradley, b TX b TX of Nacona, TX; Husband: Pete? Cunningham.
CUNNINGHAM Jerry Jack, Jr 157 4yr 6mo 24da 07 Nov 1931 02 Jun 1936 03 Jun 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jack Cunningham, b Hollis Juanita Taylor, b Sulphur Springs, TX
DAVIS Inf. of G. E. 20 19 Apr 1930 Bethel Cemetery d at Louis,OK
DAVIS G. E., Mrs. 21 26 Apr 1930 Bethel Cemetery died at Hollis, OK
DAY J. 139 07 Nov 1935 08 Nov 1935 Dryden Cemetery J. R. S. Day b GA Weaver b GA [age not given] date of 29 Jul 1866 on Record -- Remarks:: [Meaning not clear] Moved from Bosque Co.Texas [Collin above Bosque] 1905- Winslow at side of Jim, Frank, Sherman TX; Mrs. Effie Lease, Mrs Hall, Ariz; unknown dead Eldorado, Hughes Spgs Tx; John, Joy Mary Ethel Bertha Stallings Altus
DEAN Tom M. 54 65yr 4mo 3da 10 Feb 1867 24 Apr 1932 25 Apr 1932 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK
DEERING J. W. 115 24 Dec 1934 Bethel Cemetery no ages given, old age cited
DICKERSON Ada, Mrs. 137 48yr 6mo 18da 18 Oct 1935 19 Oct 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. W. Darnell Godden parents both b TN.
DILL Eliza 108 71yr 2mo 3da 11 Jun 1863 14 Aug 1934 15 Aug 1934 Dryden Cemetery Albert Jones of Haleysville, AL Scruggs b AL died at Dryden
DUVALL J. P. 38 67yr 4mo and 0da 18 Jul 1931 19 Jul 1931 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK.
EDWARDS Boyd C., Jr. 118 20 da. 01 Jan 1935 20 Jan 1935 21 Jan 1935 Dodsonville, Cemetery, Dosonville, TX Boyd C. Edward, Sr., b Jackson, MS [unreaadable] Smith, b. Columbia, MS [birth calculated]
ELLIS Wanda Lois 150 4yr 27da 14 Jan 1836 10 Feb 1936 11 Feb 1936 McKnight Cemetery, Bynum Ellis b Cumby TX Ruby Goodman, b Groverton, TX funeral at home
EVANS Inf of B. F. 112 B. F. Evans b. Forrestburg, TX Eva Mae McClanahan, b Hollis, OK. No dates abt Oct 1934
EVANS Frankie May, 67 05 Feb 1933 17 Feb 1933 17 Feb 1933 Dryden Cemetery McCalahan Inf. Dau of B. F. and Eva Mae Evans
FIELDS Ida Mae, Mrs. Lester (widow) 161 30 Oct 1889 06 Jun 1936 07 Jun 1936 Arlie Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX W. D. West, b GA Anna Bell, b GA
FIELDS Lester 125 60 yr 1mo 10da 30 Jan 1875 10 Mar 1935 11 Mar 1935 Arlie Cemetery, [Arlie, TX] Stephens Fields, b Maine Martha Pyle, b. IL
FRAZIER Lee 4 50yr 11 Apr 1926 no cemetey listed
FULCHER John S., Jr. 6 90 yr 5mo 10da Farmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK John S. Fulcher, Sr, lived at Meridian TX
GABLE Mrs. 60 Burlin Cemetery, Burlin, OK of Bursom, OK
GALBRAITH H. E., Mrs. 84 47 yr 5mo 20da 17 Sept 1933 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK W. M. Willis b. TX of Victory, OK Hicks b. TX
GALBRATH S. A. 185 76 yr 9mo 22da 26 Apr 1937 27 Apr 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Andrew Galbrath, b IN Minerva Fix, b IN b Hope, IN
GALLOP Infant of E. T. 83A 14 Sep 1933 15 Sep 1933 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK Mother: Bynum of Gould, OK
GARRISON J. B. 18 25 Apr 1930 at Amarillo, TX 27 Apr 1930 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK
GARRISON Wm. Riley 97 49 yr 11mo 20da 25 Feb 1934 27 Feb 1934 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK Father: D. Garrison, b AL Clebourne, b AL
GEE Georgian 14 73 28 May 1928 29 May 1928 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK
GILLENTINE Baby 16 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK Tom Gillentine, b. TN
GILLENTINE Mary, Mrs.(widow) 189 84yr 1mo 20da 21 May 1937 22 May 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis OK Logan Seitz, b TN Wallines ? b TN Remarks: Sons: Tom Jim [of]Hollis, John Ft. Myers, FL, Logan (deceased) Daughters: Mary, Sallie of Hollis, Mrs. Clyde Potter, Mc Millinville, TN, Mrs A. K Ramsey, Amite, LA, Mrs Ralph Moffit, Chattanooga, TN
GILLENTINE Richard Lynn 184 15 yr 5mo 14da 15 Aug ____ 10 Mar 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis OK J. A. Gillentine, b TN Elizabeth Gamble, b TN Remarks: Lois, May Beth, Weatherford, Ralph deceased
GOODWIN V. L. (Mrs.) 32 75yr 2mo 28da 08 Oct 1930 Wellington Cemetery, Wellington, TX Birthplace of mother: CobbCo., GA
GRAVES Mae, Mrs. 48 50yr 1mo 31 Jan 1932 McKnight Cemetery C. H. Hundly b. TX maiden name: Carr, b. TX
GROFF B. Price 99 70yr 2mo 13da 20 Jan 1864 03 Apr 1934 West View Cemetery, Hollis, OK S. B. Groff, b MO Elizabeth Anderson, b MO
GROFF Frances Katherine 166 69 yr 8mo 14da 23 Aug 1936 24 Aug 1936 Number 2 Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jim St. Clair, b TX Fannie Bates, b TX
GUEST Henry S. 71 58 yr 28da 13 Mar 1933 14 Mar 1933 Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK Benjamin Franklin Guest of GA maiden name: Permelia Elizabeth Cromer, of Georgia b. at Franklin Co., GA
HARMON W. H. 173 78 yr 1mo 13da 28 Nov 1936 29 Nov 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis OK Thos. Harmon, b AR Nancy Robins? b AR
HARRIS P. E. 176 61 yr 3mo 1da 18 Dec 1936 19 Dec 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Benj. Earl Harris, b MS Amanda Pratt, b Charleston, SC b Tupelo, MS
HARTWELL Nannie E. 24 21 Jun 1930 22 Jun 1930 Independence Cemetery, Vinson, OK of Vinson, OK
HAYS A. D., Mrs. 9 44 yr 2mo 17 Jun 1926 Number 2 Cemetery A. V. Baker, born TN
HAYS Albert 8 15 May -17 Jun 1926 ?? Albert Hays maiden name: West
HAYS Clara Waller 104 41 yr 1mo 3da 10 Jun 1893 13 Jul 1934 13 Jul 1934 Burial McKnight Cemetery Chas. Waller, b. Mich Bradley
HENDRICKS Henry Martin 109 60 yr 8mo 23da 07 Dec 1873 01 Sep 1934 02 Sep 1934 Prairie Hill, Duke, OK Henry K. Hendricks, b IN Nancy Rest, b. PN of Duke, OK; died at Hollis, OK -- Remarks: Wife Fannie.. One son killed in France, Bro of J. A. Hendricks, Mrs Bolin Braswell's great uncle.
HODGE Lucy Jane, Mrs. 79 yr 9mo 24da 07 Feb 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Joseph Allen, b. MO Jean Self, b MO Husband: R. C. Hodge ?.
HUNDLEY Nancy Jane 132 75 yr 6mo 22 May 1935 23 May 1935 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK John Carr, b IL Thornton, b IL Remarks: Mrs Mary May Graves, Hollis; Clara Elizabeth West, [?], TX; Dora Olna Grady, Hollis; Alice Leona McNabb, Sudan, TX; Mattie Victor Lewis, Hollis, OK; James E. Hundley, Hollis; John W. Hundley, Wichita Falls, TX; Chas D. Hundley, Hollis, OK. [Relationships not given.]
HURST Billie Ben Infant ? 49 01 Feb 1932 Russell Cemetery Bill Hurst, b. OK Stillborn
HUSBAND Ida, Mrs. 53 28 Mar 1937 Isom Collier, b. TN maiden name: Jordan, b. TN Collier may have lived at Montague, TX (See Sarah Elizabeth Husband record)
HUSBAND Sarah Elizabeth Sallie, Mrs. 93 74yr 11mo 4da 16 Jan 1934 17 Jan 1934 Bethel-Louis Cemetery, Hollis, OK Isom Collier, b. TN Jordan, b. MO (See Ida Husband record)
JACKSON Wm. M. 55 23 Mar 1864 7 May 1932 8 May 1932 Hollis, OK
JAMES Mae 89 59 yr
11 mo
15 da
5 Dec 1933 7 Dec 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK C. C. Wood, b. Bedford Co, TN Gambell, b. TN
JOHNSON Belle, Mrs. 190 38 yr
7 mo
29 da
9 June 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Frank Grimes, of Sunset, TX, b. TX b. TX Husband: J. T. Johnson. Her sons: Elton Sanders, Valton Sanders, His children by former marriage: J. S. Margart Paul Lewis Lowell Fay Inez (no puctuations)
JOHNSON Inf. 191 9 June 1937 9 June 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jack Johnson Belle Grimes, Sunset, TX
JOHNSON Juanita 21 yr
2 mo
1 da
6 July 1930 Dryden Cem, Hollis, OK Barney Kenney?, of Plainview, TX
JOHNSON Mathew 43 yr
12 June 1930? Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
JONES W. C., Mrs. 1 40 yr
10 da
14 Feb 1926 Hollis, No. 2. J. J. Miller
JORDAN D. B. 155 77 yr
6 mo
12 Apr 1936 13 Apr 1936 Dodsonville Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX J. R. Jordan, b. TX Campbell, b. TX
KEITH Lillie, Mrs. 77 39 yr 30 da 18 May 1933 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK Husband: W. R. Keith, Sr. Children: Louise, Olan, Syliva, Maxine, W. J., Bonnie Mae, W. R. Jr.
KELLISON Charles Nathan 94 10 yr 9 da 17 Jan 1934 17 Jan 1934 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. R. Kellison, b. TX Defore, b. TX
KILPATRICK Floyd A. 143 36 yr 1 mo 4 Dec 1935 6 Dec 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK P. T. Kilpatrick, b. MS Nancy Ella Long, b. MS 3 brothers, 6 sisters, parents dead. Born McCool, MS. Lived here since 1923.
KIRKLAND H. M. 90 60 yr 10 mo 6 da 19 Dec 1933 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK Isac K. Kirkland, b. TX Walker, b. TX
KIRKLAND Hiram Densel 102 18 da 6 May 1934 7 May 1934 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK Ike Kirkland, b. TX Bulah McClure, b. OK
KING Inf. Of A. E. 11 31 Oct 1926
KIZER Wm. Franklin 141 66 yr 9mo 16 da 16 Nov 1935 Ora?, Hollis, OK G. W. Kizer, b. MS Ward, b. MS
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