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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from larry_watson@juno.com

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record. Page 140 is blank.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to cemetery gravestones or obituaries.
Name Page Age Birth Death Funeral date Burial location Father Mother Comments
LANCE Floy Jeane 85 2yr 10mo 20da 21 Sep 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK W. C. Lance Effie Patterson
LANGFORD Abbie, Mrs. 66 48 yrs 17 Feb 1933 Husband: W. L. Langford
LEASE Donald 83B 5 yr 13 Sep 1933 Pleasant Hill Cemetery Robert Lease Louella Lindley, b. TX
LEE A. E., Mrs. 10 72yr 17 June 1926 W. Ragan of TX
LEE Cloma Lavern 51 3da 21 Mar 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK L. T. Lee, b. LA DeLooche, Sereglet, b. LA
LEE G. C. 96 57yr 1mo 3da 21 Feb 1934 Willow Cemetery, Mangum, OK S. H. Lee, b. AL Mattie Welch, b. AL
LEWIS infant 50 2 Feb 1932 Roy Lewis Mother's maiden name: Caswell
LEWIS Ella, Mrs. 37 36yr 8mo 11da 7 July 1931, Hollis, OK 8 July 1931 Cemetery #2, Hollis, OK J. D. Blagg Husband: J. A. Lewis
LINDSEY Ina Audrey 17 15yr died Oklahoma City 29 April 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Vernus M. Lidsey Mother's maiden name: Pringle
LOWE Melvin Lee 153 1mo 26da 2 Feb 1936 28 Mar 1936 29 Mar 1936 O. M. Cemetery, Hollis, OK Joe Lowe, b. Glendale, TX Ruby Cox, b. Hollis, OK Bros. Billye Joe, James Roy. Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Cox
LONG James Frank 43 54yr 8mo 9da 17 Nov 1931 18 Nov 1931 Number 2 Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. C. Long, b. TN Mother's maiden name: Thoup, b. AR
LONG John C. 188 51yr 9mo 22da 14 May 1937, Clinton, OK 16 May 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. C. long, b. TN Mother: Thorpe, b. TX Pallbearers and flower girls given in record
LUCK G. H. 57 73yr 6mo 2da 7 July 1932 Sandy Cemetery . . of Hanly, TX
LYNCH infant of Dr. Russell 76 9 May 1933 9 May 1933 Fairmont Cemetery Dr. Russell Mother's maiden name: Briscoe both parents born in OK
McCLENDON Jim W. 148 54yr 10da 8 Feb 1936, Wellington, TX Loco or Dryden Cemetery born at Alonzo, AR Lamb, b. AR
McCUBBIN Doris Zelma 91 3da 20 Dec 1933 24 Dec 1933 cemetery not listed H. W. McCubbin Vida Irons
McDOWELL Emily Josephine Riding 78 82yr 8mo 2da 22 Sep 1856 24 May 1933 Funeral at Harmony Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Parents born in SC and NC. Married J. C. McDowell at Spartenburg, SC 13 Dec 1868. Eleven Children were born to this union. Nine boys and two girls. Four boys died in infancy. One girl lived to age 26, th other Mrs. W. T. Snow passed away 8 years ago. ? B., J. F. & D. E. of Hollis, unreadable of Amarillo, TX, and W. F. of Whiterite, TX.
McKEOWN Inf. Male 26 1mo Vinson cemetery Wade E. McKeown of Vinson, OK
McNABB Hattie, Mrs. 154 33yr 4mo 26da 11 Nov 1902 8 Apr 1936 Goadlet, TX Cemetery S. Daniel Margurit Hooper
MARGRAES Eliza 45 56yr 2mo 20da 31 Dec 1931 1 Jan 1932 Pleasant Hill, Eldorado, OK Wyley McCauley, b. TN Mary Ann Mills, b. TN Husband: S. J. Margraaves
MARTIN L. F. 58 died at Mangum, OK 16 Aug 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
MAYHUGH Inf. Of John A. 187 9 hours 9 May 1937 3pm 10 May 1937 6am O. M. Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. A. Mayhugh, b. TX Perry, b. TX
MEFFORD Joseph Neil 129 18yr 5mo 10da died at Gould, OK 24 Apr 1934 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK M. L. Mefford, TX Sallie Taylor, b. TN
MELTON Jackie Jane 149 8mo 3da 9 Feb 1936 10 Feb 1936 Mangum Cemetery, Mangum, OK L. D. Melton, b. TX Oleta Blanche Witty, b. Brinkman, OK
MENCHAM Melissie Atchley 167 born AR 24 Aug 1936, Gould, OK 25 Aug 1936 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK F. M. Atchley, b. AR Veazey, b. AR
MILLER Sarah Matilder 180 48yr 7mo 26da 19 Jan 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK John Burroughs, b. TN Thomas, b. MO
MITCHELL Myrtle (Mrs. W.A.) 171 49yr 6mo 12da 14 Oct 1936 Hollis Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. A. Ring, b. TX Linton, b. LA Turned over to Mangum undertaker. Sister: Mrs. W. A. Hudson
MITCHELL Opal, Mrs. 73 19yr 3mo 24da 19 Mar 1933 20 Mar 1933 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK Dal Day, b. OK, of Gilgore, TX Sneed, of OK
MOORE Randall George 156 30 Apr 1936 1 May 1936 Floyd R. Moore, b. OK Florence Lawrence of Dodsonville, TX
MOORE Thad Duarwood 178 15 Dec 1936 28 Dec 1936 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK Thad Moore, b. TX Loretta Alexander, b. TX
MORRIS infant of M. E. 131 9 May 1935 9 May 1935 Dryden Cemetery b. OK Lois Peden, b. OK
MORRIS Zula, Mrs. 63 died at Hollis, OK 6 Nov 1932 B. F. Smith, b. TN Ana Moore, b. TN of Paducah, TX. Husband: T. E. Morris.
NELSON S. E., Mrs. 23 72yr 6mo 10da 16 Feb 1929 No. 2 Cemetery, Hollis, OK
NEWMAN Savilla Ann 98 53yr 1mo 28da 20 Mar 1934 at Loco, TX 21 Feb 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK E. P. Burgess, of Dixie, OK, b. MO Eliza Harmon, b. MO
NEWTON Aedilla Harrison 100 74yr 10mo 1da 22 Apr 1934 at Dodsonville, TX 23 Apr 1934 no cemetery listed Levi Newton, b. TN Winnie Savage, b. MO wife: Nannie E. Fl(unreadable)
NORVELL John, Mrs. 195 73yr 16da 31 Aug 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
NOWELL Dortham 124 5yr 15da 8 Mar 1935 9 Mar 1935 cemetery not listed Wade Nowell, b. OK
OVERALL W. G. 5 46yr 10da 10 April 1926 Residence: Gould, OK
OWENS Oleta 64 23yr 2mo 1da 10 Nov 1932 Shipped to Dodsonville, TX H. T. Owens, b. TX mother's maiden name: Long, TX
PALING Mary Carolyn 182 19 Feb 1937 19 Feb 1937 19 Feb 1937 Artlie, TX Cemetery Dillian Poling, b. Childress County, TX Brownie Mitchell, b. Childress County, TX
PARKER Jewel Lewis 151 14 Feb 1936 15 Feb 1936 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK R. H. Lewis, b. AR Fannie Cousler, b. TX
PARR Fannie E. 39 64yr 9mo 29da 5 Aug 1931 6 Aug 1931 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK Tice
PATRICK Aubrey 120 31yr 11mo 5da 8 Feb 1935 9 Feb 1935 Liberty Cemetery H. E. Patrick, b. TN Neely Norris, b. TN
PATRICK Ronea Bell 41 32yr 10mo 11da 6 Sep 1931 6 Sep 1931 Liberty Cemetery of Bethel, OK. Husband: Roy Patrick. Maiden name: Sercy
PEARSON Louis H. 127 91yr 3mo 6da 1 Jan 1844 7 Apr 1935 at Gould, OK 8 Apr 1936 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK Father born Brussells, Belgium Mother born Brussells, Belgium Louis Peason, Marlow, OK; Lilie Eagar, Crossplains, TX; J. F. Pearson. (Relationship not given)
PEASE F. M. 170 53yr 7mo 22da 23 Aug? 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK F. L. Pease, b. OH Spruitt, b. OH
PEEVY inf. 12 2yr 6mo Hal Smith cemetery, Hollis, OK
PETTY C. R., Mrs.(widow) 197 75yr 6mo 9da 31 Mar1862 9 Oct 1937 10 Oct 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK David W. Peauler, b. TN Hariot Stuffle, b. TN
PETTY Colonel Rufus 139 77yr 5mo 22da 30/31 Jan 1859 23 June 1936 24 June 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK G. W. Petty, b. TN Susan Hames, b. TN
PICKENS Margaret Jane 128 74yr 9mo 24da 13 Apr 1935 Hollis Cemetery A. J. Cross, b. TN Sarah Sibley, b. TN
PIERCE inf of Riley E. 92 29 Dec 1933 Hollis Cemetery R. E. Pierce, b. Hollis, OK Coswelle, b. OK
POWELL Rosa, Mrs. 70 61yr 11mo 18da 12 Mar 1933 Erick Cemetery, Erick, OK W. W. Newton, b. NC, of Eric, OK Mother's maiden name: Brock, b. GA
PRICE Elmer Roy 113 24yr 1mo 25da 18 Sep 1910 12 Nov 1934 at Boger, TX 14 Nov 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK both parents born in TX.
PRICHARD Alford 196 15yr 5mo 8da 2 Oct 1937 Hollis, OK 3 Oct 1937 Dodson, TX J. L. Pritchard, b. TX Carpenter, b. TX
PURCELL Eliza Ella 123 82yr 26da 8 Mar 1935 No. 2 Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. Bell, b. TN Woodell, b. TN
PYLAND A. G. 62 78yr 2mo 19da 24 Oct 1932 26 Oct 1932 Capps Cemetery, Abilene, TX of Gould, OK
RILEY Paul 107 17yr 9mo 14da between 1-14 Aug 1934 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK F. K. Riley, b. TX Edna Good, b. OK
RILEY Winnie Gale 177 8da 23 Dec 1936 24 Dec 1936 Dryden Cemetery, Gould, OK F. K. Riley, b. TX Good, b. OK
RING James Andrew 130 77yr 8mo 10da 1 May 1935 1 May 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Joseph Ring, b. TN Caroline Smith, b. TN
ROBINSON Paulina J. 28 83yr 11mo 2da 6 July 1930 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK
ROYAL Georgia, Mrs. 7 15 May 1926 Farmount Cemetery Waler S. Royal, St. Joe, TX Nellie Sphere, St. Joe, TX
ROYAL Inf. male of Scott 88 3 Dec 1933 Hollis Cemetery Scott Royal, b. TX Nina Crain, b. Harmon Co, OK
SANDERS Etta, Mrs. 164 13 Nov 1905 5 Aug 1936, Mangum, OK 6 Aug 1936 Dodsonville, TX Tom Moots, b. TN Garrison, b. TN Husband: L. H. Sanders
SATCHER Sarah 169 75yr 10mo 10da 2 Nov 1860 12 Sep 1936 13 Sep 1936 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK Rufus Husband, b. TX Rington, b. MS remarks: J. D. & H. B. Satcher, Laura Richardson, Berdie Grison of Gould, Mattie Satcher [Brothers & Sisters?]
SCOTT Lizzie Anna 119 80yr 4mo 24da 3 Feb 1935 Hollis, OK John Moore, b. TX Hanah - , b. TX
SCRUGGS Hattie I.?, Mrs. 68 58yr 7mo 11da 26 Feb 1933 27 Feb 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Thos. J. Hayton, b. VA, living in TX Blair, b. VA. Husband: J. H. Scruggs
SESSION Anna May 3 11mo 15da 31 Mar 1926 1 Apr 1926 no cemetery listed J. M. Session
SESSION inf. Daughter of E. V. 87 30 Nov 1933 Dryden Cemetery E. V. Sessions, b. TX Jessie Lee, b. TX
SKINNER W. F. 142 74yr 8da 29 Nov 1935 Pleasant Hill, Eldorado, OK A. W. C. Skinner, b. MS Shearer, b. AL
SNAPP Billy Joe 74 6yr 11mo 1da 23 Mar 1933 24 Mar 1933 Liberty Cemetery, Gould, OK T. E. Snapp, b. Grayson Co, TX Johnson, b. TX of Gould, OK. Siblings: Toney Jr., 9, Coylynn, 3.
SNIDER Geo. W. 135 74yr 8mo 14da 9 Dec 1860 23 Aug 1933 24 Aug 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jno. Snider, b. MO Leslie, b. MO
SPRUITT Ira 110 1 Mar 1874 11 Sep 1934 no burial place listed Peter Spruitt, of Holland Deboon, of Holland
STRONG Mame 158 58yr 9mo 7da 9 June 1936 Dodsonville Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX G. W. Bradley, b. MS Marha Hall, b. MS Husband, W. H. Strong.
SULLIVAN Islean Mary Walden 172 19yr 17 Nov 1936 18 Nov 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. L.? Walden Lillie Horton, b. OK Husband: Joe Sullivan
SULLIVAN Marvin Roy 75 11yr 6mo 11da . 15 Apr 1933 at Gould, OK 15 Apr 1933 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK C. E. Sullivan, b. Denton Co, TX Anne McGregory, b. TX
SWAFFAR Agnes 13 32yr 1mo 10da Arlie Cemetery Wm. Ford mother's maiden name: Hogan Residence: Childress, TX
TAYLOR LaQueta Joy 117 5da 27 Dec 1934 Dryden Cemetery Geo. Taylor, b. OK Belva Jean Broton, b. TX
THOMAS A. D. 138 40yr 2mo 3da 21 Oct 1935 cemetery not listed birthplace of father: TX (black)
THOMPSON Fern, Mrs. 174 50yr 4mo 9da born in Michigan 6 Dec 1936 at Ryan, OK Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Alfred Ball, b. Mich. Stella Butler, b. Mich. Husband: Leach Thompson
TOLAR Dalors Dawn 181 4 Feb 1937 4 Feb 1937 4 Feb 1937 Bethel (Louis) Cemetery Matt L. Tolar, b. Hill County, TX Mable Dickerson, b. Harmon County, OK
TRAMMEL John W. 186 75yr 2mo 4da b. 5 Mar 1862 TN 9 May 1937 at La Casa 10 May 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. W. Trammel, b. AL Liles, b. AL Remarks: Here since 1901; sons: Walter L., Barnes C., J. Vinson, John L., A. Cecil, L. Forrest, Willie M.; Brothers: U. S.
TREADWELL A. M. 59 15 June 1876 25 Sep 1932 at Childress, TX Bellvue Cemetery, Bellvue, TX
TUCKER Russian 172 54yr 6mo 27da 17 Nov 1882 14 June 1937 at Gould, OK 15 June 1937 Dryden Cemetery, Gould, OK R. H. Tucker, b. AL Bradford, b. AL (overwritten with MS)
TURNER Hulda 111 34yr 9mo 6da (Before 26 Oct 1934. No dates readable) Fairmount Cemetery, Hollis, OK C. H. Wilkerson, b. Iowa M. L. Pennington, b. AR Yewell Turner paid for funeral
TURNER inf. Of H. W. 46 25 Jan 1932 Hollis, OK
VANN G. H., Mrs. 19   22 Apr 1930 Eldorado Eldorado Cemetery
VANDERBURG R.A. 103 75yr 7mo 15da 24 Feb 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Geo. Vanderburg, b. TX Cooley, b. TX
WALDEN Wm. Edward 116 21yr 8mo 9da 24 Dec 1934 25 Dec 1934 cemetery not listed J. M. Walden, b. AL Lillie Horton
WELDON Alma Valentine, Mrs. (Vister) 133 39yr 5mo 19da 2 July 1935 3 July 1935 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. A. Tarpley, b. AL Billingsley, b. AL Husband: V. W. Weldon
WELDON J. Clinton 152 9yr 2mo 4da 27 Feb 1936 McKnight Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. L. Weldon Caswell
WEST inf. Of J. E. 52 23 March 1932 J. E. West Mother's maiden name: Rollins
WEST Nannie Wilma 25 23 June 1930, Eldorado, OK 24 June 1930 Purvis Hill, Eldorado, OK D. S. Bilcher
WHEELER Helen Louise 40 2mo 17da 9 Aug 1931 10 Aug 1931 Dryden Cemetery, Gould, OK Velmer Wheeler Jewel Connar
WHITESIDE Albert K. 122 17 Aug 1890 25 Feb 1935 at El Paso, TX 28 Feb 1935 West View Cemetery, Hollis, OK Frank Whitesides, b. TN Kennedy, b. TN
WHORTON inf. Of J. A. 79 1 June 1933 2 June 1933 Dryden Cemetery J. W. Whorton, b. Dryden, OK Rachel Carrick, b. Metcalf, OK
WILLINGHAM Julia, Mrs. 35 1 June 1931 no burial listed of Gould, OK
WILSON Lois 168 28yr 8mo 13da 25 Aug 1936! 27 Aug 1937! Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK A. F. Wilson, b. AR Sue Williams, b. TN
WORTHAM Alex 33 14 Feb 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
YORK Zane Gaylon 49 7yr 5mo 6da 28 Jan! 1932 27 Feb! 1932 Number 2, Hollis, OK Payton York
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