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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries.

Spooner Book in poor condition. [fc] indicates records were on front cover of book. [lp] indicates loose papers found inside book. Pages 184 blank.

ABERNETHY John Ware 84 80yr 9mo 14da 16 May 1884 Pontotoc County, MS 2 Mar 1929 3 Mar 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Sterling G. Abernethy, b. NC Ware, b. AL Informant: L. S. Abernethy, Hollis, OK.
ALLEN Robert 52 30yr 3mo 17da Burleson, TX 28 June 1928 (burial not given) Will Allen, Burleson, TX Lenora Allen Whooten, b. Sommerville, TX Black. Informant: Will Allen, Hollis, OK
ALLEN William 77 about 54yr Roberson Co, TX 17 Jan 1929 19 Jan 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Buck Allen Kitty Pursey Black.
Wife and Informant: Lenora Allen
AMBURN Floyd 196 1yr 1mo 15da 16 Aug 1930, Hollis, OK 1 Oct 1931 2 Oct 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jacks Amburn, Jack County, TX Ethel Hames, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: Mrs. Jack Amburn, Hollis, OK
ANDERSON Alfred 63 8mo Feb 1928, Hollis, OK 29 Oct 1928 30 Oct 1928 Dryden Cemetery C. E. Anderson Lonia Terrill, b. Durant, OK Informant: Willie Terrell, Hollis, OK
ANDERSON Edna Jane, Mrs. 78 78yr 7mo 20da 27 Mar 1850 Lawrence Co, TN 17 Jan 1929 17 Jan 1929 Dryden Cemetery John Miller Informant: J. R. Tabor
ANDERSON Moody 12 35yr 20da 24 Dec 1891, Morris Co, TX 14 Jan 1927 Daingerfield, TX H. Anderson Black.
ANDERSON Stella 144 about 54yr 1876 MS 21 Oct 1930 21 Oct 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Bonds Black. Informant and Husband: John Anderson
ASHLEY James Oral 146 1yr 11mo 26da 4 Dec 1928 Eldorado, OK 30 Nov 1930 Eldorado, OK 1 Dec 1930 Pleasant Hill Cemetery L. F. Ashley, b. Lone Grove, OK Gertie Etta Taylor, b. TX Informant: L. F. Ashley, Hollis, OK
BABB Thelma 46 21yr 8mo 18da 26 Jul 1925 Atoka Co, OK 14 Apr 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK B. W. Babb, b. AR Pearl Price, b. AR Informant: B. W. Babb
BAILEY Alice, Miss 72 75yr 6mo Jun 1853, MS 17 Dec 1928 17 Dec 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK b. GA b. GA Informant: E. J. Bailey
BATTLES Joseph Eli 148 51yr 7mo 6da 10 May 1979 Izard Co, AR 16 Dec 1930 burial not given Willis Battles, b. Izard County, AR Ila Finley, b. Izard Co, AR Wife: Ella. Informant: J. A. Battles, Hollis, OK
BAXTER unnamed male 81 9 Feb 1929 9 Feb 1929 burial not given S. S. Baxter, b. Marshall Co, AL Anna Cornutt, b. Fannin County, TX Informant: S. S. Baxter, Hollis, OK
BEAVERS baby female 161 18 Mar 1931 Hollis, OK 18 Mar 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Geo. Beavers Ella? Mae Anderson. Informant: Geo. Beavers
BENNETT J. H. fc 28 Jul 1932 b. PN
BENNETT Liza Hanna McFadden (Mrs. J. W.) 193 76yr 1mo 5da b. Stiles, IA 12 Apr 1932 14 Apr 1932 Weatherford, OK Fairfax McFadden, Clinton County, OH Saah Morton, b. Clinton County, OH Informant: Mrs. G. L. Johnson, Hollis, OK
BIBLE Elmira Melinda 123 71yr 10mo 17da 14 Jul 1858 Tyler, TX 1 Jun 1930 1 June 1930 Bethel Cemetery Albert Hendricks Sarah Jons Remarks: Widowed
BIGELOW Lara 90 21yr 1908 Blossom, TX 22 May! 1929 23 Feb! 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Calvert Reynolds, b. Honey Grove, TX Nellie Matthews, b. Paris, TX Black.
BILLINGTON baby 142 19 Aug 1930 19 Aug 1930 19 Aug 1930 Bethel Cemetery Floyd Billington Vera McCubbib, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: R. D. McCubbib, Hollis
BLACK S. B. 121 43 yr 13da 22 Apr 1887 Dardenellee, AR 5 May 1930 6 May 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Fannie Kain Black. Wife &Informant: May Etta Black, Hollis.
BOOKER Hattie Pedew, Mrs. 120 80yr 5mo 1da 4 Dec 1849 Pike County, AL 5 May 1930 6 May 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Ison Hicks, b. SC Martha White, b. SC Widowed. Husband: J. R. Brooks. Informant: Miss Lena Brooks, Hollis, OK.
BOREN Maxine 87 2yr 6mo 21da 28 Aug 1926 Herford, TX 17 Mar! 1929 17 Feb! 1929 Cemetery #2, Hollis, OK W. T. Boren, b. Indian Territory Laura May Bennett, b. Center, OK Informant: W. T. Boren, Hollis, OK
BOSTON Arlie 156 Hollis, OK 14 Feb 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Roosevelt Boston, Corsicana, TX Espirola Moore, b. Decat, TX Black. Informant: Roosevelt Boston
BOWMAN J. E. 119 30yr 1mo 19da 4 Mar 1900 Tarrant County, TX 23 Apr 1930 24 Apr 1930 Olympus, Childress County, TX J. H. Bowman Pearl Wheeler, Tarrent County, TX Wife: Fay Mitchell. Informant: Mrs. Pearl Mitchell, Hollis, OK
BOYETTE Amos Cling 181 77yr 6mo 25da 19 Apr 1854 Bedford County, TN 14 Nov 1931 15 Nov 1931 Wellington, TX John Boyett, b. TN Katherine Bills, b. TN Informant: J. T. Boyett, Hollis, OK
BRANTLEY Faith Angeline 136 1yr 11mo 24da 4 Aug 1928 Hollis, OK 28 July 1930 29 Jul 1930 Bethel Cemetery W. W. Brantley, b. AR Juanita Miller, b. TX Informant: J. J. Miller, Hollis, OK
BRASHER John Randolph 54 76yr 11mo 26da 26 July 1851, GA 24 July 1928 25 July 1928 Hollis, OK Henry Brasher, b. GA Martha Garrison, b. GA Informant: Miss Lena Brasher, Hollis, OK
BRIDGE Fannie Lee 109 63yr 1mo 2da 16 Nov 1866 Davidson county, TX 18 Dec 1929 18 Dec 1929 Fairmont cemetery, Hollis, OK Simpson Blair, b. TN Mary, b. TN Informant and husband: H. E. Bridges, Hollis, OK
BRYANT Jim 140 91yr 9mo 9da 24 Oct 1838 Beardstown, IL 3 Aug 1930 Corsicana, TX William Bryant, b. Burtie County, NC Nancy White, Bertie County, NC Informant: J. N. Bryant
BURGETT Vivian 170 25yr 1906 TX 23 Aug 1931 Oklahoma City, OK 24 Aug 1931 P. C. Smith, b. GA Cinte Pow, b. TX Husband: Bill Burgett. Shipped from Oklahoma City, Watts and McAtee undertakers there.
BURKS Melvina 6 26yr 11mo 23da 28 Nov 1899 TX 24 Nov 1926 Oklahoma City, OK Green Smith, b. LA Emily Lee, b. Roberson County, TX Black. Informant: Emily Lee, Hollis, OK
BURNETT George 5 38yr 1888 TX 20 Nov 1926 21 Nov 1926 Gould Cemetery W. D, Bennett, SC Seleney, SC Burnett/Bennett?
BURNS Emma Jane 1p 13 Apr 1852 Jack County, TX 20 Nov 1935 21 Nov 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jim Wilson resident of Hollis 37 yrs
BURNS unnamed 70 6 Dec 1928 Louis, OK 6 Dec 1928 Bethel Cemetery C. C. Burns, Jack County, TX b. Jack County, TX Informant: J. A. Ainsworth, Hollis, OK
BYERS Ed 15 39yr 2mo 1 Mar 1888 Choctaw Nation, I.T. 1 May 1927 4 May 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK William Byers Annie Informant: Sister
CAMPBELL Robert Howard 168 1yr 3mo 13da 25 Apr 1930 Corinth, MS 8 Aug 1931 9 Aug 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Robert Howard Campbell, b. Corinth, MS Lucille Cummins, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: Mrs. Walter Cummins, Hollis, OK
CARPENTER Walter M. 107 31yr 10mo 19da 7 Jn 1898 Hot Springs, AR 26 Nov 1929 shipped to Hot Springs, AR Welas Carpenter Nancy Jane Johnson Wife & informant: Mrs. W. W. Carpenter
CARTER Esther May 127 29yr 5mo 11da 10 Jan 1901 Hugo, OK 21 June 1930 22 June 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. N. Austin, b. TN Luana, b. AR
CARY J. L. 29 9mo 15 da 8 Nov 1926 Hollis, OK 23 Aug 1927 23 Aug 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. M. Cary
CHAPMAN Amanda Lucy 79 77yr 5mo 25da 31 Jul 1851, MS 26 Jan 1929 27 Jan 1929 Medicine Mound, Hardeman County, TX Robt. Booth Informant: R. B. Chapman, Hollis, OK
CHEATWOOD J. T. 173 44yr 4mo 9da 27 Apr 1887 AL 6 Sep 1931 6 Sep 1931 McKnight Cemetery Sam Cheatwood, b. MS Willie Olem, b. AL
CHILTON Henrietta, Mrs. 21 56yr 1mo 5da b. Colo. 20 Jul 1927 21 Jul 1927 Dryden Cemetery Bonds Parks, b. MO Husband: W. J. Chilton
COGGINS Margaret 75 80yr 2mo 9da 16 Oct 1848 Decatur County, TN 5 Jan 1929 6 Jan 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Baalum Rains, NC Informant: Mrs. G. T. Matley, Hollis, OK
COLECLASURE Mollie, Mrs. 101 69yr 11mo 11da 25 oct 1859 KY 6 Oct 1929 burial not given Daniel Gregory Widowed. Informant: Ed Loper.
COOK E., Mrs. 49 62yr 1 Jun 1928 1 June 1928 Liberty Cemetery
CORNING Marvin & Melvin (twins) 76 1 Dec 1928 Hollis, OK 17 Jan 1929 Gould, OK 17 Jan 1929 Dryden Cemetery Geo. Corning Eva Cornutt, b. Denton County, TX Informant: Mrs. H. M. Newberry, Gould, OK
COUCH Christine 1p 16yr 6mo 5da 27 July 1917 24 Jan 1934 Enid, OK 23! Jan 1934 Hollis, OK John Couch Transit permit.
COUCH E. G. 57 52yr 1mo 19da 11 Jul 1876 Grayson Co, TX 30 Aug 1928 31 Aug 1928 Zephyr, TX Cemetery P. J. Couch, b. MO Margaret Brewer, b. TN Informant: E. D. Couch, Hollis, OK
CRAVEN Goldie 4 35yr Kansas 15 Nov 1926 16 Nov 1926 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Black, male.
CREDILLE Clarence 113 25yr 5mo 16da 14 Oct 1904 Ellis County, TX 3 Mar 1930 4 Mar 1930 Gould Cemetery H. A. Credille, b. Perkins County, AL Alberta Newcomb, b. TN Informant: H. A. Credille, Gould, OK
CROSSLAND B. F. 177 75yr 1mo 13da 1 Sep 1856 AL 14 Oct 1931 16 Oct 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK John Crossland Betsy Pinson Informant: Mrs. J. W. Norman, Post, TX
CRUMB Martin Oliver 153 50yr 1mo 28da 7 Dec 1880 Franklin County, AR 6 Feb 1931 6 Feb 1931 Bethel Cemetery Martin Crumb, b. Ireland b. Georgia Married. Informant: Mrs. M. O. Crumb, Hollis. OK.
CUMMENS Claudie Paralee, Mrs. 32 61yr 25da 28 Sept 1866, IL 22 Oct 1927 22 Oct 1927 J. C. Mangus, b. TN Eliza, b. TN Husband: W. A. Cummens
CUMMINGS Martha Emily 130 71yr 2mo 17da 14 Apr 1859 AR 1 Jul 1930 3 Jul 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Holyfield Informant:
Ivy Gladys Cummings, Hollis, OK
CUMMINS William Louis 88 10yr 1mo 25da 10 Feb 1919 Hollis, OK 5 Apr 1929 6 Apr 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Robert G. Cummins, b. Indian Territory Lola Grton, b. Hill County, TX Informant: R. G. Cummins, Hollis, OK
CUNNINGHAM baby 171 28 Aug 1931 28 Aug 1931 28 Aug 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Sid Cunningham, b. Hollis, OK Ruby Evans Informant: W. T. Cunningham, Hollis, OK
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