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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries.

Spooner Book in poor condition. [fc] indicates records were on front cover of book. [lp] indicates loose papers found inside book. Page 184 blank.

Name Page Age Birth Death Funeral Date Burial Location Father Mother Comments
DANIEL William R. 165 80yr 2mo 7da 30 Mar 1852 Dallas County, TX 7 June 1931 8 June 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK John Daniel Rebecca Ray Informant: Benton Daniel, Hollis, OK
DARNELL Kate Young 104 63yr 3mo 20da 19 July 1866 Gungville, France 9 Nov 1929 11 Nov 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Nicholas Young, b. Gungville, France Informant and Husband: R. Y. Darnell, Hollis, OK
DEARING Alonzo Boyett 20 19 Dec 1926 Louis, OK 14 June 1927 Louis, OK 15 June 1927 Louis Cemetery, Louis, OK B. L. Dearing, b. Lamar County, TX Ethel B. McCutcheon, Bryan County, OK
DEFORD Wyona 23 1yr 11mo Aug 1925 Hollis, OK 27 Jul 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Dessie Hickman
DENNIS Doyle Clinton 92 1yr 7mo 12da 7 Sep 1927 Hollis, OK 18 June 1929 19 June 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK R. C. Dennis Jewel Teague
DESPAIN J. A. 188 44yr 5mo 16da 14 Aug 1887 Sulphur Springs. TX 30 Jan 1932 30 Jan 1932 Russell Hollow Cemetery J. N. Despain, b. TN Calhigo, b. MS
DEUPRE Dorothy Lee 25 9mo 7da 9 Oct 1926 Hollis, OK 3 Aug 1927 3 Aug 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK R. L. Deupre, Wesbur, TX b. Whiteright, TX
DOYEL Elma Irene 58 1da 10 Sep 1928 Hollis, OK 11 Sep 1928 11 Sep 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Cleatus Doyle Elsie Luttrell, b. Marlow, OK Informant: C. Wilkerson, Hollis, OK
DRISKELL George Thomas 62 1yr 6mo 21da 16 Mar 1927 Hollis, OK 7 Oct 1928 8 Oct 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Woody Driskell Murl Chism
DRISKELL Mary Ellis 67 1yr 4mo 25da 1 Jul 1927 Rush Springs, OK 26 Nov 1928 27 Nov 1928 Gould, OK Andy Driskell, b. TX Newberry, b. OK Informant: E. E. Ketclaid, Hollis, OK
DURHAM L. H., Mrs. 164 49yr 13da 3 May 1882 Ontorio, Canada 16 May 1931 18 May 1931 Eldorado, OK Phillips Downing, b. Devonshire, England Emerly, Devonshire, England Informant: L. H. Durham, Hollis, OK
EDMONSON Lula 89 52yr 3mo 25da 17 Jan 1877 Marshall, County, AL 12 May 1929 13 May 1929 Dryden Cemetery Webster Johnson, Marshall County, AL Mary Elsy Armstrong, b. DeKalb County, AL Husband and informant: J. H. Edmonson, Hollis, OK
EDWARDS Fanne, Mrs. 41 78yr 8mo 20da 11 Apr 1849 Columbus, GA 1 Jan 1928 1 Jan 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Bradfield, b. GA Informant: H. B. Edwards
ELLIS baby 154 16 Jan 1931 16 Jan 1931 Hollis, OK 16 Jan 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. A. Ellis, b. Newton County, AR Nellie Mae Wood, b. Ellis County, [OK?} Informant: Wm. A. Ellis, city [Hollis, OK]
ELMORE Nancy Jane 117 80yr 5mo 11da 22 Sep 1849 New Market, AL 13 Mar 1930 14 Mar 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Shedrick Golden Informant: W. W. Elmore, Hollis, OK
FARMER Robert Roy 158 18yr 9mo 11da 17 May 1912 Wellington, Collingsworth County, TX 28 Feb 1931 Gould, OK 1 March 1931 Antioch Cemetery, Jackson County, OK William Ross Farmer Alice Cook, b. Taylor County, [TX?] Informant: R. H. Bryant, Eldorado, OK
FORESYTH John 162 63yr 4mo 2da 28 Dec 1867 Van Buren County, TN 30 Apr 1931 O. M. Cemetery W. Henry Forsyth, b. Van Buren County, TN Margaret Gamble, b. Van Buren County, TN Informant: E. L. Holly, Hollis, OK
FOSTER Steve A. Douglas 13 7 Nov 1885 16 Jan 1927 21 Jan 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Informant: Henry Foster, Ada, OK
FOWLER John Washington 102 64yr 7mo 12da Nov 1864 Syracuse, MO 6 Nov 1929 8 Nov 1929 Springfield, MO George Washington Fowler, b. PN Parmelia Hodges, b. PN Informant, Teed dFrazier, Hollis, OK
FOWLER Will 34 62yr 1855 AL 8 Nov 1927 8 Nov 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Black
FRITZ A. D. 199 2da 7 July 1932 9 Jul 1932 9 July 1932 Fairmont Cemetery Fritz Annie Belle Hicks, age 2, Freestone County, TX Black. Male. Informant: D. Griffin, Hollis, OK
GAMBLE John McGrady 112 29yr 5mo 28da 16 Aug 1900 Van Buren County, TN 14 Feb 1930 15 Feb 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. M. Gamble, b. Van Buren County, TN Cora Cummins, b. Van Buren County, TN Informant: J. M. Gamble, Hollis, OK
GIBBS baby 124 22 May 1930 22 May 1930 22 May 1930 Wellington Cemetery, TX Urban Gibbs Driskell
GRANT J. F. 65 79yr Jan 1849 TN 13 Nov 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis OK Informant: L. D. Sheward, McQueeen, OK
GRAVES Kenneth Hershel 179 5yr 7mo 15da 20 Mar 1926 Weatherford, OK 5 Nov 1931 6 Nov 1931 Cave Creek Cemetery Jno. Graves, b. Leon, OK Donnie, b. Leon, OK Informant: Mrs. Jno. Graves, Hollis, OK
GREEN Sallie, Mrs. 80 27yr 1902 Hopkins County, TX 1 Feb 1929 2 Feb 1929 Arlie Cemetery, Arlie, TX J. J. Ferguson Husband: Tom Green. Informant: C. N. Green, Hollis, OK
HALE Lily 33 12 Jul 1861 Caldwell County, TX 29 Oct 1927 Wyatt Brown Georgia Black. Informant: Lafayette Hale, Hollis, OK.
HAMES A. S. 1 65yr 3mo 4da 8 Oct 1861, Yell County, AR 12 Jan 1927 12 Jan 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, Ok Milton Hames Elizabeth Huckaby, b. MS
HANKS Edmond Harry 86 5mo 14da 18 Sep 1928 Harmon County, OK 2 Mar 1929 Eldorado, OK 3 Mar 1929 McKnight Cemetery Carl Hanks, b. LA Madie Treadway, b. Denton county, TX Informant: H. Treadway, Hollis, OK
HART J. W., Jr. fc 7mo 19 Jan 1928 20 Jan 1928 Black.
HAWKINS Henry fc 47yr Ohio 18 Jul 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Black.
HAYS infant 94 4 Jul 1929 4 Jul 1929 Albert Hays Verona
HENSON William W. 93 36yr 4mo 13da 19 Feb 1892 Freestone county, TX 2 Jul 1929 3 Jul 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wesley Henson Ella Dunes wife: Debby Worrell Henson. Informant: Mrs. W. W. Henson
HIGHTOWER Oleta 186 1yr 10mo Mar 1930 Harmon County, OK 6 Jan 1932 7 Jan 1932 Dryden Cemetery J. C. Hightower, b. Forkner county, AR Maudie Hinsley, b. Indian Territory Informant: J. C. Hightower
HILL Luther Creed lp 3 Apr 1886 10 Oct 1932 11 Oct 1932 Arlie, TX Cemetery [letter edged in black]
HOWARD Virginia Abrgail (Abbie, Mrs.) 167 about 84yrs 1847 Cleveland, TN 2 Jun 1931 29! June 1931 Eldorado, OK Armstrong Atchley Widowed. Informant: Mrs. H. T. Rexrode, Hollis, OK
HUCKABEE infant 95 Gould, OK W. T. Huckbee [no other information]
HUNT C. R. 195 59yr 2mo 18da 3 Feb 1873 Dewitt County, TX 21 Apr 1932 22 Apr 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Felix Hunt, b. AL Henrietta Byers, Dewitt County, TX Informant: Mrs. C. R. Hunt, Hollis, OK
HUNTER David Oscar 105 52yr 9mo 24da 18 Jan 1877 AL 11 Nov 1929 Dryden Cemetery Judson Hunter, b. AL Mary Pounds, b. AL Wife: Mrs. Hattie Hunter. Informant: W. R. Hunter, Hollis, OK
HUNTER unnamed male 187 24 Jan 1932 24 Jan 1932 25 Jan 1932 Hollis, OK Clark Hunter, b. Harmon County, OK Vala Bagwell, b. Antlers, OK Informant: Clark Hunter, R. 3, Hollis, OK
HYSAW Mollie, Mrs. 180 about 79yr 1852 AR 11 Nov 1931 Gould, OK 11 Nov 1931 Gould Cemetery Joe West, b. MS Sarah Kelly Informant: Mrs. Fannie Martin, Gould, OK
ICE Blooming Houhston 155 79yr 1mo 18da 29 Dec 1851 Marshall County, AL 17 Feb 1931 18 Feb 1931 Bonita, Montague County, TX b. AL Informant: Mrs. T. E. Longley, Hollis, OK
IVEY Lillian Judson (C. L., Mrs.) 198 40yr 1mo 12da 31 Mar 1892 Grayson County, TX 13 May 1932 14 May 1932 Eldorado Cemetery, Eldorado, OK John J. Johnston, b. Rome, Georgia Mengee Wright, b. Jackson County, AL Informant: Mrs. J. J. Lawrence, Eldorado, OK
JACKSON Emma 40 20yr 10mo 9da 18 Feb 1907 Richmond, Little River County, AR 27 Dec 1927 28 Dec 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Rosa Madden
JACKSON unnamed male 183 18 Dec 1931 18 Dec 1931 Dec 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Henry C. Jackson, b. Haris County, GA Alice Jackson, b. Van Zant county, TX Black. Informant: Henry C. Jackson, Hollis, OK
JOHNSON Illa Francis (C. K., Mrs.) 137 37yr 6mo 6da 33 Jan 1893 TN 27 Jul 1930 30 Jul 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK L. A. Gatlin, b. TN Nuroy Cable, b. TN Informant: C. K. Johnson, Hollis, OK
JOHNSTON T. W. 73 89yr 4mo 19da 8 Aug 1839 SC 27 Dec 1928 27 Dec 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Thomas Johnston, b. VA Cost Informant: D. T. Johnston, Hollis, OK
JONES Harry Cleason lp 26yr 28 Apr 1932, Pampa TX O. M. Cemetery, Hollis, OK Transit Permit.
JONES Rebecca 139 about 42yr about 1888 Roanoke, TX 30 Jul 1930 31 Jul 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, HOllis, OK Black. Husband: Ed Jones
KEITH W. R., Jr. 99 1mo 15da 12 Jul 1929 Hollis, OK 27 Aug 1929 27 Aug 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK W. R. Keith
KECK Milo 45 36yr 1879 Hugo, OK 1 Apr 1928 2 Apr 1928 Gould Cemetery, Gould OK Informant: F. M. Atchley, employer
KENT Mattie 19 18 Sep 1901 Hunt County, TX 29 Nov 1932 30 Nov 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Albert White, b. LA Louise, b. LA Black. Husband: Harold Kent, Hollis, OK.
KING Bammer Delia (C. R., Mrs.) 53 28yr 2da 9 Jul 1900 Cache, OK 11 Jul 1928 12 Jul 1928 O. M. Cemetery, Hollis, OK M. W. Morris, b. Wood County, TX Emma Smith, b. TN Informant: M. W. Morris, Hollis, OK
KING Lucy Marie, Mrs. 56 81yr 11mo 8da 12 Sep 1846 Chickasaw County, MS 20 Aug 1928 22 Aug 1928 Cornish Cemetery, Ringling, OK Cluk Smith, b. AL Informant: W. C. Baird, Hollis, OK
KNIGHT unnamed male 99 6da 30 Nov 1929 Hollis, OK 6 Dec 1929 6 Dec 1929 Dryden Cemetery Edgar Knight, b. Madill, OK Iszora Mitchell, b. Van Zant County, TX Informant: Edgar Knight, Hollis, OK

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