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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries.

Spooner Book in poor condition. [fc] indicates records were on front cover of book. [lp] indicates loose papers found inside book. Page 184 blank.

LACASSE Julia 152 51yr 10mo 7da 27 Mar 1879 TX? 4 Feb 1931 5 Feb 1931 Independence Cemetery Willie Wisdom Elizabeth Bryan Ethel LaCasse, Hollis, OK
LANNING Homer 69 25yr 10mo 16da 18 Jan 1903 4 Dec 1928 4 Dec 1928 Vinson, OK W. M. Lanning, b. NC Informant: O. C. Jones, Vinson, OK
LAUGHLIN baby 190 12 Feb 1932 12 Feb 1932 Hollis, OK 12 Feb 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Bill Laughlin Hazel Higgins Informant: Bill Laughlin
LAWSON Herman Howard 159 1mo 21da 18 Feb 1931 Vinson Cemetery, OK Ira Lawson, b. Dallas County, TX Anna May, b. Dallas County, TX Informant: Ira Lawson, Vinson, OK.
LEE James Irving 64 1yr 9mo 13da 18 Jan 1927, Orr, Love County, OK 31 Oct 1928 31 Oct 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Irving Lee, b. TX Eula Russum, b. TX
LEONARD James 135 about 42yr about 1888 Caldwell, TX 19 Jul 1930 20 Jul 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wade Bullard Lucy Leonard Black. Informant: Espin Leonard. Elphin Leonard, Rt 1 Box 28, Ponta TX
LEWIS Marorie Nell 131 4mo 26da 6 Feb 1929 Frederick, OK 2 Jul 1930 3 Jul 1930 Dryden Cemetery J. W. Lewis, b. Quannah, TX Dora May Richey, b.Bonham, TX Informant: J. W. Lewis, Hollis, OK
LIVINGSTON Will 60 48yr 24 Sep 1928 25 Sep 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Black.
LONGLEY L. E. 197 65yr 3mo 24da 13 Jan 1867 Berry County, MS [MO?] 7 May 1932 8 May 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Arnold Longley, b. MO Fannie J. Rogers, b. MO Informant: Mrs. T. E. Longley, Hollis, OK
McCULLOCK Fred 17 31yr 11mo 16da 5 June 1895, Fannin County, TX 21 May 1927 Vinson, OK 22 May 1927 Vinson Cemetery J. B. McCullock, b. AL Sarah Lane, b. AL
McHAM Van J. 96 64yr 7mo 27da 2 Dec 1864 Paris, TX 29 Jul 1929 30 Jul 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Martin McHam, b. TN Mary Booth, b. TN Wife: Mrs. Nina McHam. Informant: Mrs. V. J. McHam
MALLOY J. R. 100 55yr 3mo 17da 30 May 1874 Spencer, Van Buren County, TN 17 Sep 1929 18 Sep 1929 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
MEEKS Edgar Ferren 85 10mo 12da 20 Apr 1928 Hollis, OK 2 Mar 1929 2 Mar 1929 Pleasant Hill Cemetery William Oscar Meeks, b. Yeell County, AR Leona Blevins, b. Grayson County, TX Informant: W. O. Meeks, Hollis, OK
MELVIN Lucy A. 106 84yr 10mo Jan 1845 Carrol County, GA 13 Nov 1929 14 Nov 1929 Arlie Cemetery, Arlie, TX John McMichael, b. Carrol County, GA Carmichael Widowed. Informant: C. M. Loving, Hollis, OK
MITCHELL J. Warren 36 77yrs 1850 NC 15 Aug 1927 16 Aug 1927 Gilbert Mitchell, b. NC T[unreadable] Pate, b. NC Wife: Pearl
MOORE Arthur Alexander 42 73yr 2mo 7da 21 Nov 1854 Henry County, GA 30 Jan 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Bill Moore, b. 1828 Jack County, AL Nancy Edlemond, b. Henry County, GA Informant: Mrs. A. A. Moore
MOORE Rachel M. Summers 166 74yr 3mo 10da 14 Mar 1857 Tyler County, TX 24 Jun 1931 25 June 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK James J. Summers Amanda M. Thigpen, b. GA Informant: Mrs. Simmons, Hollis, OK
MORRIS Adelene Elizabeth 83 1mo 11da 6 Jan 1929 Hollis, OK 17 Feb 1929 17 Feb 1929 Robert Morris Stella Informant: Robert Morris
MORRIS Glendale 147 2da 1 Dec 1930 Hollis OK 3 Dec 1930 3 Dec 1930 O. M. Cemetery Robert Morris, b. Harmon County, OK Ponder, b. Reed, OK Informant: Robert Morris
MORRIS Harold Dean 31 11mo 3da 13 Oct 1926 Hollis, OK 16Sep 1927 17 Sep 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Arch Allen Morris, b. Wise County, TX Estella, b. Montague County, TX Informant: A. A. Morris, Hollis, OK
MORRIS Robert G. lp 68yr 8mo 10da 6 Jan 1863 TN 16 Oct 1931 Oklahoma City, OK 18 Oct 1931 Hollis, OK Hiram Morris, b. TN Dennis, b. TN Wife lived at Sulphur, OK. Transit Permit.
MORRIS Robert Noah 55 1yr 1mo 5da 18 June 1927 Hollis, OK 23 Jul 1928 23 Jul 1928 O. M. Cemetery, Hollis, OK Robert Morris, b. Harmon County, OK Stella Ponder, Greer County, OK Informant: Robert Morris, Hollis, OK
MYERS Annis Abbie 115 45yr 3mo 17da 19 Nov 1884 Rusk County, TX 6 Mar 1930 9 Mar 1930 Lindale, Smith County, TX Clifton Ruston, b. AL b. AL Informant and Husband: G. A. Myers
NANCE Pierce Winfield 150 60yr 1mo 29da 17 Nov 1870 Magnolia, AR 16 Jan 1931 17 Jan 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. L. Nance, b. GA Elizabeth Mullins, b. AR Informant: Mildred Nance Abernethy, Hollis, OK
NELMS Sarah Jane 192 59yr 3mo 5da 1 Jan 1873 Dade County, MO 6 Apr 1932 7 Apr 1932 Cemetery #2, Hollis, OK William Campbell, b. MO Sarah Brewer, b. MO Informant and Husband: J. W. Nelms
NELSON Dave 118 44yr 6mo 12da 4 Sep 1885 La Flore! County, OK 16 Mar 1930 17 Mar 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. A. Nelson Widowed.
NORMAN Vernon 132 7da 27 June 1930 4 Jul 1930 5 Jul 1930 Arlie, TX Homar Clinton Norman Marie McCornish Informant: H. C. Norman
ORR Nellie Florence 143 40yr 7mo 7da 9 Feb 1890 Benton County, AR 16 Sep 1930 17 Sep 1930 J. M. Setser, b. NC b. McDonald County, MO Informant and husband: W. H. Orr, Hollis, OK
PATTERSON Lorenzo 27 6mo 7da 20 Apr 1927 Hollis, OK 27 Oct 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Johnnie Patterson, b. LA Velma, b. LA Black.
PATTERSON Lucy 126 46yr 4mo 18da 30 Jan 1884 Montague County, TX 18 June 1930 19 June 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Geo. Ayers, b. KY Josephine Rippetoe, b. MO Widowed. Husband: S. J. Patterson. Informant: Tom Ayres, Hollis, OK.
PATTERSON Robert Lee 175 55yr 10mo 9da 22 May 1876 Eureka Springs, AR 15 Sep 1931 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Robert Lee Patterson, b. TN Mary Thomas, b. TN Informant: Mrs. R. L. Patterson
PATTERSON S. J. 66 57yr 10mo 9da 8 Jan 1871 Madison County, AR 17 Nov 1928 18 Nov 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK R. W. Patterson, b. TN McMinn, b. Morrow, TN Informant: R. L. Patterson, Hollis, OK
PROCK George W. 68 56yr 1mo 26da 1 Oct 1872 27 Nov 1928 27 Nov 1928 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Franklin Prock Wife: Nettie
RACENDO Julien 103 20 Sep 1929 Amarillo, TX 20 Sep 1929 20 Sep 1929 Dodsonville, TX Antonio Racendo Adorduna Mexican. Informant: Antonio Racendo.
RAMONES Juan 110 about 60yr 15 Jan 1930 15 Jan 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Mexican. Widowed.
RAY Margaret Elizabeth 122 68yr 4mo 25da 25 Dec 1861 White County, AR 26 May 1930 27 May 1930 McKnight Cemetery William Henderson Henly, Yowell County, AR Informant: Mrs. G. Brown, Hollis, OK
READY Anna Sue 37 1yr 20da 17 Nov 1926 Hollis, OK 6 Dec 1927 7 Dec 1927 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Frank Ready, b. Denton County, TX Tilly Thomas, b. Denton County, TX
READY unnamed male 128 21 June 1930 21 June 1930 21 June 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Frank Ready Thomas
REECE Rosa, Mrs. 3 37yr 1889 Delta County, TX 28 Nov 1926 Dryden Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. Hensley
RENEAU Veta Loews? 114 1yr 2mo 11da 14 Dec 1928 Hollis, OK 15 Feb 1930 16 Feb 1930 Bitter Fork Cemetery, Harmon County, OK Maloy Edwin Reneau Gabor Harmon Informant: T. J. Harmon, Hollis, OK
RICHARDS Evelynne 47 1mo 8da 22 Feb 1928 Hollis, OK 1 Apr 1928 Dryden Cemetery Earl Richards, b. Fannin County, TX Wena Hammons, b. Fannin County, TX Informant: Earl Richards
RILES Lee 134 8 Jul 1930 8 Jul 1930 9 Jul 1930 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Norman Riles, b. Alta, TX Electr, b. Houston, TX Black. Informant: Norman Riles.
RIVERS Robert Luther 157 50yr 10mo 22 Apr 1881 Meggs County, TN 22 Feb 1931 Gould, OK 22 Feb 1931 Bethel Cemetery Tom Rivers, b. TN Jennie Cates, b. TN Informant and wife: Mrs. Pearl Rivers
ROAM Sarah Frances 151 65yr 5mo 12da 7 Aug 1865 Poplar Bluff, MO 19 Jan 1931 Quanah, TX Bill Ingram, b.AR Margaret Martin, b. TN Widowed. Informant: B. F. Ingram, Rt 1, Eldorado, OK.
ROBERTS baby 18 18 Nov 1931 Childress County, TX 29 Nov 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. Roberts, Carthage, TX Hattie B. Alexander, b. Travis County, TX Black.
ROBERTS Tina Joy 191 3mo 23da 18 Nov 1931 Childress County, TX 11 Mar 1932 11 Mar 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. Roberts, Carthage, TX Hattiee B. Alexander, b. Travis County, TX Black. Informant: Wm. Roberts, Hollis, OK
ROBINSON Alice, Mrs. 61 72yr 4mo 14da 16 May 1856 MS 30 Sep 1928 1 Oct 1928 Gould Cemetery Mack Lee, b. MS Mary Eubanks, b. MS Informant: Mrs. J. B. Cox, Hollis, OK
ROLLINS Charles Luther 9 9 Jan 1873 McClelland County, TX 27 Sep 1926 28 Sep 1926 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK

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