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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record. Page 140 is blank.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries. Pages 149 and 150 not used.

ORBISON E. C. 13 65yr 5mo 12da 8 May 1867 Hood County, TX 20 Oct 1932 21 Oct 1932 Gould Cemetery Samuel Orbison, b. VA Sarah Strong, b. TN Informant: Sam Orbision, Vernon, TX
OWEN ? Ethel 105 35yr 1899 Smithville, TX 16 Feb 1935 17 Feb 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Anne Jones Black. Husband: Guy Owen? [Surname very difficult to read although it appears on document 3 times. Could be Covan ?]
OXFORD William Bert 129 17 Dec 1935 Vinson, OK 24 Feb 1936 24 Feb 1936 Independence Cemetery William Newell Oxford, b. Montague County, TX Sadie Hughes, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: W. N. Oxford, Hollis, OK
RATH Martha Elizabeth 64 2yr 3mo 22da 29 Sept 1931 Hollis, OK Jan 1934 McKnight Cemetery Lawrence Rath, b. LA Bessie Joh Warner, b. Hollis, OK Informant: Lawrence Rath
RAINS W. T. 62 69yr 10mo 16da 28 Feb 1864 Trousdale, TN 14 Jan 1934 14 Jan 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Thos. Rains, b. TN Elizabeth Wilson, b. TN Informant: Mrs. Ben Kramer, Hollis, OK
READY Joseph Dunlap 130 9 Oct 1861 Collin County, TX 5 Mar 1936 6 Mar 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Frances Marion Ready, b. Barren County, KY Mellisa Jane Bates, b. Barren County, KY Informant: Mrs. J. D. Ready
REAM Lois Jean 14 9mo 10da 11 Jan 1932, Dover, OK 21 Oct 1932 21 Oct 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Arlie Ream, b. Hennessey, OK Clara Bell Mook, b. Noble, OK Informant: Arlie Ream
RICHARDSON infant 75 5 May 1934 5 May 1934 6 May 1934 Bethel Cemetery J. P. Richardson Ethel Mangus
ROBERTS baby male 18 19 Nov 1932 19 Nov 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wm. Roberts, b. Carthage, TX Hattie B. Alexander, b. T ravis County TX Informant: Wm. Roberts, Hollis, OK
ROUTH Vera 111 28 May 1906 Erath County, TX 27 Mar 1935 27 March 1935 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK M. L. Mefford, b. Erath County, TX Sallie Ann Taylor, b. TN Husband: Ray Routh. Informant: M. L. Mefford, Hollis, OK
SALVIA Patrizis 120 17 Mar 1923 Hollis, OK 24 June 1935 25 June 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK [B48 L6 South 1/2] A. R. Salvia, b. Italy Isabella Rossono, b. Italy Informant: A. R. Salvia, Hollis, OK
SAMPIER John Alpheus 65 67yr 6mo 3da 14 Aug 1866 Milan County, TX 17 Feb 1934 18 Feb 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Martin Sampier, TN Mattie Russell, b. OH Informant: Ruth Sampier, Hollis, OK
SANDERS Robert L. 4 about 50yr 28 July 1932 Black. No other information.
SEXTON Curtis 25 3yr 1mo 3da 5 Dec 1929 Harmon County, OK 6 Jan 1932 7 Jan 1932 Cemetery #2, Hollis, OK W. C. Sexton, b. Collin County, TX Birdie Paulk, b. Henderson County, TX Informant: J. T. Sexton, Hollis, OK
SHERRILL John Bedford 6 70yr 8mo 25da 7 Nov 1861 IL 2 Aug 1932 Vinson, OK 4 Aug 1932 S. W. Sherrill, b. TN Mary E. Brown, b. NC Informant: Mrs. B. Hammonds, Vinson, OK
SHERWOOD infant lp 4 Jan 1936 18 Jan 1936 Maude Bell Informant: Jack Sherwood
SHORT Martha Eloise 146 6yr 5mo 18da Washington D. C. 19 Aug 1937 19 Aug 1937 Fairfield, TX Mark Short, b. Red River County, TX Eloise Harding, b. Fairfield, TX Informant: Mark Short, Hollis, OK
SIZEMORE LaVica Ann 134 & lp 79yr 7mo 26da 7 Nov 1856 AR 3 Jul 1936 4 Jul 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Acore Informant: Fred Sizemore
SHIPPEY unnamed 11 9 Oct 1932 9 Oct 1932 9 Oct 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK S. B. Shippey, b. Ellis County, TX Addie, b. Pittsburg County, OK
SMITH Coloma 2 24 Jul 1932 24 Jul 1932 24 Jul 1932 Lincoln Cemetery Fred Smith, b. Gould, OK Thelma Haynes, b. Gould, OK
SMITH Florence A., Mrs. 12 10 Sept 1858 Louisville, KY 18 Oct 1932 North of Gould, OK 19 Oct 1932 Dryden Cemetery C. P. Hendricks Annie Tabel Informant: Mrs. A. W. Johnston, Gould, OK
SMITH O. M. 58 43yr 11mo 8da 6 Jan 1890 Helena, AR 14 Dec 1933 15 Dec 1933 Dryden Cemetery David Smith, b. Nashville, TN Florence A. Hendricks, b. KY Wife: Isora. Informant: E. L. Smith
SPAID Mahoda 104 10mo 14da 26 Mar 1934 Mt. Viw, OK 10 Feb 1935 O. M. Cemetery Lee Spaid, b. OK Della Cox, Quanah, TX Informant: Lee Spaid, Hollis, OK
STARKS Max 76 Smith County, TN 24 May 1934 25 May 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Hiett Starks, b. Smith County, TX Amanda Thompson, b. Smith County, TX Black. Informant: John McGee, Hollis, OK
STEVENS LaQuinta Jane 132 8 Apr 1936 Hollis, OK 9 Apr 1936 9 Apr 1936 #2 Westview Cemetery, Hollis, OK Ernest J. Stephens, b. Harmon County, OK Janeie Moss, b. Harmon County, OK
STOCKTON Lindsey Harrison 116 63yr 6mo 24da 21 Oct 1870 McCall County, AL 15 May 1935 16 May 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Henry H. Stockton Emline Jackson Informant: Mrs. L. H. Stockton, Hollis, OK
STONE Maud 85 26yr 4mo 11da 31 Mar 1905 Potales, NM 12 Aug 1934 Fort Supply, OK 14 Aug 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. H. Stone Alda Bradley, b. Mason County, TX
TICER Lee Smith 82 71yr 5mo 20da 5 Feb 1863 Hopkins County, TX 25 Jul 1934 26 Jul 1934 O. M. Cemetery James M. Ticer, b. TN Mary Bumley, b. AL Informant: Walter Ticer, Hollis, OK
TICE James Troy 142 35yr 4mo 2da 24 Apr 1902 Hollis, OK 28 June 1937 Rio Grande City, TX 1 Jul 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Martin Tice, b. MO Mary E. Blair, b. TX Informant: J. M. Tice, Hollis, OK
THOMAS Wiley 92 70yr 7mo 20da 15 Mar 1864 Panola County, TX 5 Nov 1934 6 Nov 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Lived in black quarters close to old mill.
TRALLINGER Margaret Emily 95 59yr 8mo 24da 1 Mar 1875 Marshall County, TN 25 Nov 1934 26 Nov 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Andrew Trallinger, b. Bedford County, TN Sarah Ann White, b. Marshall County, TN Informant: MRs. Wm.? Bratten ?, Hollis, OK
TRAYLER Hattie Lee (Mrs. Harry) 60 32yr 3mo 15da 22 Sept 1901 Milam County, TX 7 Jan 1934 8 Jan 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Ike Cryers, b. LA Susan McQueen, b. NC Informant: Harry Trayler, Hollis, OK
VANLANDINGHAM Doyle Ray 145 10 Aug 1937 Hollis, OK 15 Aug 1937 15 Aug 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. D. Vanlandingham, b. Harmon County, OK Mary E. Hollis Informant: J. D. Vanlandingham
VANLANDINGHAM Clarence Albert 77 61yr 2mo 23da 15 Mar 1873 Boone County, TX 8 June 1934 8 June 1934 Russell, OK J. H. Vanlandingham, b. TX Blackman, b. AL Informant: Mrs. C. A. Vanlandingham, Hollis, OK
VANLANDINGHAM unnamed female 148 19 May 1938 19 May 1938 19 May 1938 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. D. Vanlandingham, b. Harmon County, OK Mary E. Hollis Informant: J. D. Vanlandingham, Hollis, OK
VAUGHN James Bennett 119 77yr 8mo 5da 17 Oct 1857 Springfield, IL 23 June 1935 23 June 1935 Kirkland, TX Informant: Oscar Vaughn, Hollis, OK
WERTMAN Johnnie Dan 98 15 Dec 1934 15 Dec 1934 Gould Cemetery Johnnie Wertman, b. Eldorado Springs, MO Vivian Moon, b. Harmon County, OK
WHEELER Sarah 53 78yr 7mo 36da 2 Feb 1855 MO 29 Sept 1933 29 Sept 1933 Dryden Cemetery John Matherson Informant: Arch Wheeler
WHITE infant lp 23 Oct 1937 23 Oct 1937 Opal, OK R. L. White, b. Fannin County, TX Bonnie, b. Opal, OK
WILCOX George Washington 10 55yr 10mo 19da 13 Oct 1876 Polk County, AR 2 Sept 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Jim Wilcox, b MO Francie Thomas, b. MO Informant: Mrs. G. W. Wilcox, Hollis, OK
WHITE Catherine L. 79 80yr 2mo 24da 30 March 1854 Upshur County, TX 24 June 1934 Denton, TX John Davenport, b. SC Geraldine Wilson, b. SC Husband: R. V. White
WHITE Rufus 37 51yr 7mo 5da 5 Aug 1881 Wise County, TX 10 March 1933 11 March 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK John H. White, b. NC Catherine Davenport, b. Upshur County, TX Informant: R. V. White, Hollis, OK
WHITE unnamed 147 24 Oct 1937 R. L. White, b. Fannin County, TX Bonnie Carpenter, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: R. L. White, Vinson, OK
WILLIAMS Jess 80 23yr 4mo 22da 28 June 1911 Harmon County, OK 25 June 1934 25 June 1934 Dryden Cemetery Geo. Williams, b. McClennan County, TX Francis Walker, b. Johnson County, TX Informant: George Williams, Hollis, OK
WILLIAMS Laura 125 2da 12 Oct 1935 14 Oct 1935 15 Oct 1935 Halsmith Cemetery Lee Williams, b Childress, TX Birdie Davis, b. Athen, TX Informant: Lee Williams, Hollis, OK
WILLINGHAM James T. 66 47yr 6mo 7da 10 Aug 1886 Freestone County, TX 17 Feb 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Hally Willingham, b. AL Texas Johnson, b. AL Informant: Thelma Willingham
WOOLDRIDGE Bobbie Joe 67 22 Feb 1934 22 Feb 1934 Arlie Cemetery, Childress County, TX Andy Wooldridge, b. Tarrent County, TX Thelma Aaron, b. Collinsworth County, TX Informant: Andy Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Jolene 47 20 June 1920 20 June 1920 Childress, TX Arlie Cemetery, Dodsonville, TX Andy Wooldridge, b. Tarrent County, TX Thelma Aaron, Collinsworth County, TX

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